Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 150

Calcilast-sama continued moving his legs as he looked forward.

He wasn’t saying anything. Had he come to hate me?

A fulfilling, yet empty time passed by.

Will my story have a happy ending? Or…

No, thinking like that is the straight way to a gloomy mood!

I have to smile brightly. At least in front of Calcilast-sama…

Yup, let’s do my best with that spirit. Fight, me!

At that moment, a droplet hit my cheek. What is it? I looked up at the sky to see small, sparse raindrops falling down.

The sky is crying. At least from my point of view. I hope the rain doesn’t get stronger…

Is it enough to evacuate to a coffee shop? A raindrop fell on my nose. It tickled.

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