Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 148

But they better be careful about car and carriages… I walked up to them while paying attention myself.

I heard a sound of air being cut to the side above. When I looked that way, a blue L-shaped boomerang that deviated from its owner’s intentions came this way… It’ll hit!

I reflexively defended my face with my hands. However, pain didn’t come.

I opened my eyes and gingerly looked around. Calcilast-sama was holding a boomerang.

While holding me with the other arm, Calcilast-sama whispered, “I’m glad you’re safe,” and crushed the boomerang with terrible strength.

Then with raised eyebrows he told the owner of the destroyed boomerang, “Buy yourself a new one,” and gave him a large sum of money.

For Calcilast-sama to make such a face…

How surprising. But, it’s manly…

He discarded the crushed boomerang in a trash can on the roadside.

I caught him saying, “I won’t forgive… laying hands on… my treasure.”

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2 thoughts on “Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 148

  1. Thank you for the chapter!!!

    I was confused because I got notifications of the updates but when I tried opening the glossary it’s still at chapter 130, I hadn’t noticed that the “next” link was already enabled hahaha


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