Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 146

We joined our hands together.

Having my hand grasped, I felt like I’d fly off to the world of dreams…

That shouldn’t happen though. I firmly stepped on the white cobblestone. Even though it wasn’t night, the streetlights were lit.

Calcilast-sama gave a soldier precise orders.

The soldier nodded and ran off. Ah, he dropped his spear. It clanked.

He picked it up in a fluster, apologized, and dashed off.

Well, it’s natural he’d be subservient to a member of his employer’s family. It couldn’t be helped.

While looking at Calcilast-sama, I casually asked.

“Do you like hyuganatsu? You were eating them so happily.”

Calcilast-sama’s face reddened as if it was lit on fire and he turned around.

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2 thoughts on “Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 146

  1. Usually I’m okay with harem and polygamy. But somehow it’s really annoyed right now. But I guess it’s depends on the situation.


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