Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 143

I pointed at them and said, “Please… about five of those.” The storekeeper packed them in a bag.

After paying, I stole a glance at Calcilast-sama. He bought three boxes of hyuganatsu and handed them to soldiers.

He bought a lot. No, he bought an appropriate amount for a prince. I felt a little envious.

I also left my bag to the soldiers. Please eat it with pleasure.

I wonder if my father is picky about fruits. I hope… that he’s not too much…

Well, whatever. What will be, will be.

Ara, I’m being reasonable. Way to go, Marikana.

A flock of white doves crossed through the blue sky.

I wonder how many days it has been since I was in the library. It’s a wonderful building.

We slightly quickened our pace. Go go go.

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