Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 140

When I flinched back from his attempt to feed me, Calcilast-sama looked like a dog sadly dropping its ears.

He glanced at me with downcast look. I have to say something.

“I’ll eat! I’ll eat, so… don’t make that face…”

When he opened his eyes wide, I said, “Aah!” and attacked the apple.

It crunched as I chewed it. It had quite decent sugar content. How sweet.

Calcilast-sama presented me with a toothpick with a grape on it. Err? Munch, chew.

He looked like he received a shock. Was he struck by a lightning?

This time I was handed a melon. Om nom nom. Yup, delicious!

Calcilast-sama’s mouth opened wide and his shoulders dropped.

Eh, what the heck? What is going on?

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