Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 139

That’s an unchangeable truth. I really hate it.

If I could emerge from the pupa…

If I could change like replacing milk teeth with permanent teeth… How happy would I be.

A middle-aged storekeeper wearing a towel on his forehead and a baseball cap backwards rubbed his hands and asked.

“Welcome! How can I help you? Do you want freshly these freshly-picked apples…?”

The words of the man with wrinkles at the corner of his eyes sounded like a passing breeze.

Calcilast-sama answered, “Then we’ll have a taste.”

Calcilast-sama stuck a toothpick into a piece of cut apple.

I wonder if it’s delicious. Suddenly I became interested. He brought it near my mouth and said, “Ahh?”

Eeh! Wait a moment!

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