Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! What if They Met as Children 2 Part 1

I Want to Touch

―― Time flew since I met Freed, and already over five years had passed.

I was ten, and Freed was celebrating his fourteenth birthday today.

The birthday party for the successor prince was grand, and the whole time people were coming to Freed to congratulate him.

Having already gone through his first battle, he continued growing as an ideal prince – and as ever, he didn’t separate from me.

Even now he was holding my waist and did not miss to show me off as his fiancée.

No, I’m not his fiancée yet!

I tried my best to resist him. But one of the nobles said with a smile upon seeing Freed’s arm around my waist.

“Oh dear, Your Highness is infatuated with Princess Lydiana as ever. I’m looking forward to the engagement announcement.”

“Thank you. I also want to quickly make her my fiancée and monopolize her, but Lidi is shy. Could you wait a while longer?”

“Indeed, there’s no need to rush. There’s still four years until Your Highness becomes an adult. Of course, Your Highness plans to marry her at the same time as becoming an adult, right?”

“Naturally. The time will be announced when we get engaged, but I have no plans to change the wedding date.”

“Your Highness sure is devoted to Princess Lydiana. Then, excuse me.”

The noble left while laughing.

Freed’s wish to marry me has become common knowledge across the Royal Capital.

At first, a severe tremor ran through the Royal Capital.

Freed, the next king, fell in love at first sight and said he wanted to marry a woman, so it was only natural.

Nobles who thought they could crush the unknown competitor and make their daughters Freed’s consort all went into a frenzy.

―― But the matter immediately settled down.

When they identified the other party as the daughter of the preeminent ducal house, everybody one after another raised white flags upon certain defeat.

Now it’s said, “I might have been saved trouble since His Highness’s partner has been decided from the start. She’s from the Vivoir house, so it can’t be helped.”

It would not have happened if the partner were a lower-class noble, but regretfully my status is good and I fulfill all requirements, so my circumstances are too excellent. A girl with no faults. That is me.

Moreover, Freed is obsessed with me, so butting in is absurd.

Nowadays they must be aiming at the position of concubine, but it’s basically a rule that concubines only come after the princess consort.

Things might be happening behind the scenes, but so far there’s been no open movement to be seen.

However, I don’t want to be criticized for doing nothing.

I also did my best… All for nothing.

First of all, I asked my father five years ago.

That I wouldn’t complain about anyone who was not a royal, so I at least didn’t want to marry Freed.

But he of course didn’t accept. My father has approved this marriage from the beginning, and more importantly, his lord’s son, Freed, desires it.

What foolish thing are you saying? Your opinion should change when you’re at the marriageable age. Anyway, accept His Highness’s proposal. My father admonished me. Apparently, the King approves of our marriage too.

Once I learned that, I understood I had no choice.

Moreover, Freed is being clingy every day.

The agreement to come to the Royal Castle has continued for these five years, and Freed and me walking side by side in the Royal Castle has already been recognized as natural.

Since then I came in contact with various people and tried to search for marriage partners myself, but they were all shut off before anything could happen.

At first, I didn’t notice, but apparently the culprit of not allowing anybody to lay their hands on me was Freed.

I learned about that from my brother and Will. I was shocked when I first heard of it.

“Freed, don’t do something so stupid.”

There was a time I couldn’t endure and reproached Freed, but it just led to me being reproached.

“What’s stupid? Certainly nothing that I do about you, Lidi. It’s already decided that you’ll marry me. You have no other choice. I won’t hand you over. You have no choice but to become my consort. Give up and agree to become my wife.”


“Why? I love you so much. I only want you, Lidi. Why won’t you believe me?”

Believe or whatever, he’ll marry concubines after me anyway.

Even if he’s not willing to, he’d have no choice to accept if one was recommended by an influential noble.

Knowing that, I was untouched by his words.

“Lidi. The party is over. You’ll naturally come to my room before going home, right?”

While I was absent-minded, I heard Freed’s voice from next to me.

The birthday party was already closing and it seemed I could withdraw.

In the distance I could see my father and brother, as well as Will. My brother and Will were already at the age of appearing in high society.

I wasn’t at the social debut age yet, but somehow, I was here. Of course, it’s all thanks to Freed. Since he proposed to me, he makes me attend every party with him and introduces me as his partner.

Thanks to that, I had to desperately learn court etiquette. No matter what, I didn’t want to be embarrassed.

Thanks to that, my court etiquette was perfect at the mere age of ten, but I held a grudge for Freed hurrying me so needlessly.

I looked up at Freed and nodded.

“Yes, if that’s what Your Highness desires.”

“Yep, then could you wait just a minute? I need to speak to my father.”

“Yes. Um… I’ll wait outside.”

I implied I wanted to go to a restroom and, being as sensible as he is, Freed nodded.

“Got it. Go.”

Feeling relieved, I exited the circle of people. I left the venue and headed for the restroom.

I was a little sweaty, so I wanted to look in the mirror.

“Oi, you.”


While I was walking through a fully familiar corridor, I heard a voice.

The way of speaking was incredibly crude, completely different from Freed’s, Will’s, or even my brother’s, who’s rough but properly educated. I was so surprised I stopped walking. It seemed I was the one called out to.

A boy slightly older than me clad in evening wear glared at me.

I immediately recognized his identity. The eldest son of Marquis Jerry, Erto von Jerry, a boy three years older than me.

Thinking about our respective status, his tone and attitude was improper even when considering the difference between the sexes.

While feeling a little offended, I politely returned.

“What might you want from me, Lord Erto, son of Marquis Jerry.”

When I spoke his name, Erto’s eyes widened a little.

“So you know me. You don’t seem stupid. Rejoice. I’ll make you my fiancée.”


I unconsciously made a ridiculous voice. Because, what is this saying? He’ll make me his fiancée?

Erto was a boy with black hair and eyes and quite well-ordered features, but the unpleasant atmosphere of looking down on others he was exuding made it impossible to hold a favorable impression of him.

“I don’t understand what you are talking about. Excuse me.”

It’s just a bother to be involved with such a man.

I pretended not to understand and tried to quickly pass by Erto.

But Erto stood before me, blocking my way.

“… Could you step aside?”

“I told you to become my fiancée. We’ll get married, so answer at once.”

I couldn’t suppress my displeasure with Erto being certain I’d accept.

I smiled and told him.

“I’d like to refuse. If you want it no matter what, please go through my father. That’s the proper course of action.”

“… The Duke refused. But, if you nod, it will be settled.”

“Do you really believe I’ll agree when my father refused? If you do, you really are a clueless person.”

“What was that!?”

Noticing I made fun of him, Erto flushed.

However, I didn’t flinch. In the first place, I refuse Freed’s courtship almost every day now, so I’m very skilled at refusing.

I can say, “No,” like an assembly line worker.

“Women mustn’t go against men!”

“Certainly, I am not a man, but I’m still the daughter of the preeminent ducal house. I don’t understand why a Marquis’s son should look down on me. I don’t want to be engaged to someone who lacks common sense like this.”

“How dare you!”

I knew I was adding fuel to the fire, but I didn’t stop my words.

That’s how much the man’s attitude rubbed me the wrong way.

“I’ve heard you keep refusing His Highness’s courtship. If you become engaged with me, it’ll mean I’m a better man than him! Cut it out and nod your head at once!”

“No. I have no reason to go along with your nonsensical pride.”

“Nonsensical, you say!? What do you even know of me!?”

Erto furiously raised his fist. I thought I’d be hit, but I didn’t close my eyes.

On the contrary, I glared at Erto.

The arm he raised was caught by another person.

“… Can you explain the reason why you raised your hand at my Lidi?”


Who grabbed Erto’s arm was the expected person, Freed. He glared at Erto with sharp eyes and said in a rumbling voice.

“I thought everyone in the Royal Capital knew I chose Lidi as my marriage partner. Did you try to make a move on Lidi knowing that?”


Freed put strength into his grip on Erto’s arm. Perhaps it hurt so much that Erto grimaced.

“F-Freed. It’s enough.”

“How is this enough? Not only did he try to make a move on you, Lidi, he even raised his hand against you. It’s unforgivable.”

“I-I haven’t made… a move on her.”


I blinked my eyes at Erto’s words. Freed too looked taken aback.

After his arm was released, Erto immediately fell on his knees.

“I wasn’t thinking of doing anything to Your Highness’s dear princess. She was just so beautiful I couldn’t help myself from talking to her. I’m sorry if she’s found it uncomfortable. My deepest apologies.”


I was flabbergasted by the 180 degrees turn of his attitude from before.

I turned my eyes to Freed. He looked astounded from the bottom of his heart.

“… You have guts to think you can gloss over it.”

“I’m not glossing over anything. I am only stating the truth.”

“Enough. Leave. Never show yourself to us again.”

“Excuse me.”

Erto lowered his head and turned around. For only an instant our eyes met.

His eyes seemed to tell me to remember him. Realizing that, Freed stood in front of me to protect me.

“Leave at once.”

“… Yes.”

Heeding Freed’s order, Erto went back.

I was relieved he was gone.

Then, Freed tightly hugged me.

“I tried to go to you since you were slow to come back… I was worried.”

“Sorry. He suddenly talked to me…”

“Yep. Lidi, I don’t think you’d talk to him yourself…However, I’ve been so thorough to make sure nobody would make a move on Lidi, and yet…”


I heard strange words.

I curiously looked up at Freed muttering to himself.

“Have I not made it common knowledge enough? No, but he should understand plenty enough that he’d make an enemy of me by making a move on Lidi. And yet that attitude…”


Somehow, strength left my body.

I’d noticed Freed trying to remove obstacles out of his way, but I couldn’t help but be amazed as he unashamedly said that. But, what is it? Looking at Freed, whose attitude remained unchanged, was all it took for the strange tension to leave my body.

“… It’s become silly.”

“If you think that, quickly accept my marriage proposal. The earlier situation too could’ve been prevented if we were engaged, Lidi.”


Exactly as he said. It would have ended if I had just said, “I’m His Highness the Crown Prince’s fiancée.”

However, I can’t do that.

That said, I don’t want to marry a man like the one before no matter what.

I told my father that I’d marry anyone else no matter who he was, but I’m really grateful he refused Erto.

If I were told to marry that, I’d just feel despair.

“Anyway, let’s go back to my room first.”


At Freed’s urging, I went back to his room with him. As soon as we entered, I was strongly hugged.

“Lidi… I’m glad you’re safe.”

“Nn… Thanks. I’m happy you came.”

I was prepared to be hit if the worst came to the worst, but I was still relieved Freed came.

Freed put strength into his embrace.

“Lidi, you’re mine. Don’t recklessly talk with other men.”

“… You’ve got rid of them all anyway.”

“Still, things like before happen. It’s really unpleasant. The next time it happens, I won’t be so lenient.”

Saying that, Freed brought his lips closer. I was kissed like it was natural.


Having been corrupted by Freed kissing me almost every day since that day five years ago, I accepted it without any resistance.

Every day, every day.

Freed says he loves me and kisses me as if not to allow me to run away.

Having this done every day, even though I want to escape, I can’t.

I’m subtly aware that I love him, and having it repeated like hypnotism that he loves me and wants to marry me, makes me gradually feel like doing it.

Scared by that, I’ve tried to escape many times. However, every time this prince displays a terrifying perceptiveness and catches me. What awaits me afterwards is a long, passionate kiss like right now.

“Why are you running away?”

Regrettably, it’s already become a usual event that when I’m scolded, I can’t endure it because I don’t dislike him and apologize, “I’m sorry.”

Even so, I still don’t agree to his marriage proposal and keep running away.

After living like that for over five years, I’ll seriously be bound to him soon. It’s something I want to avoid no matter what.

When he does unnecessary things like before, it really makes me disheartened that I may not be able to marry anyone but him.


The passionate kiss finished, and Freed finally separated his lips. As he grew, Freed’s kisses have become more skillful, and my knees give in in no time. As I desperately tried to remain standing, Freed hugged me. Then he whispered into my ear.

“Lidi. Hey, could I have a birthday present? … I don’t want the thing from before to repeat ever again, so your name would be good, Lidi. Your full name. Is it impossible?”

“I-It’s impossible…”

He always proposes, so what’s with him wanting it as a present today?

I was slightly shaken, but I rebuked myself and shook my head.

“I gave you the present yesterday, right?”

“Yep, but you know, I’m almost at my limit. Lidi, even though you’re at my side, I’m not allowed anything beyond kissing… I can’t even get you to agree to my marriage proposal. The thing before happened because of that too. Lidi, if you were my fiancée, I could protect you better. It’s painful that I can’t do that. Lidi, I desire you so much…”


For an instant I wanted to ask him how he can kiss me every day without being lovers, but I endured.

In fact, during this not short period of time, he never compelled me to do more. I noticed he sometimes seemed like he wanted to touch me, but even so, he kept the bare minimum of appropriateness.

I might allow him to kiss me because I understand that.

“Hey Lidi, it’s been over five years already since we met, hasn’t it? I keep repeating it, but I really want you to agree to my marriage proposal. Lidi, I only want you. I keep telling you that I love you, so what am I missing? How can I make you my bride? Lidi, I’ll never give up on you. In four years, I’ll definitely make you my princess consort on my eighteenth birthday, Lidi.”

“I don’t want to marry a royal. Sorry.”

I said the truth, but Freed didn’t understand.

“I can’t help being a royal. Or what? Will you accept me if I relinquish my position as the Crown Prince, Lidi?”

I became outraged.

“Don’t say something so stupid! Freed, you’ll be this country’s king. Everybody wishes for that!”

Certainly, that would get rid of the polygyny problem, but it’s ridiculous he’d refuse being a royal for my sake.

“… You’re right. The people wish for me to become the King… Lidi, do you wish for that too?”

“… Obviously.”

Freed will make a good king for sure. Having long watched him from his side, I can affirm that.

This country needs him.

“Then why? Lidi, you’re absolutely necessary for me becoming the King, you know?”

“It doesn’t have to be me, right?”

“I wouldn’t want anyone else, Lidi.”

Freed declared so with scary clearness and looked at me.

“Lidi, I can’t see any woman other than you as a woman. I don’t want anybody but you. How many times do I have to say it until you believe me? I only love you, Lidi. Are my words so unbelievable?”

His miserable face made my chest hurt. Despite my shock, I shook my head.

“Wrong… Freed, I believe you.”

“Then, why?”

Polygyny. It’s the problem that’s independent of a person’s will.

Even the current King has one concubine. The previous King has numerous concubines.

Even Freed will one day follow in their footsteps. I couldn’t stand it.

“―― Okay.”

As I stubbornly shook my head, Freed released me.

Then he muttered.

“… Lidi, I’ve been keeping it a secret from you, but I’ll be getting a new tutor today.”


I blinked my eyes at the sudden topic change. Freed showed a tired, defeated smile.

“It seems she’s a bedroom teacher… In other words, I’m told to embrace her.”


I was so surprised by the words told to me that I gasped.

―― Bedroom teacher.

Thinking about it, it’s natural there’d be one, but my heart was terribly astir.

Freed is the legitimate successor to the country. And it’s desired of him to leave behind the next generation.

It’s his duty to satisfy the princess consort and concubines he’ll welcome and conceive a child.

A teacher who’d teach a prince about bedroom matters. No matter how much I think about it, it’s natural.

“Of course, I don’t want to do that. However, I can’t refuse. I’m the Crown Prince after all.”


Looking at me, who couldn’t say anything, with lonely eyes, Freed continued.

“Actually, I was supposed to do it three years ago. Saying it was impossible, I delayed it until now. But, this is the limit. As the night grows late, a woman will come to this room and I’ll embrace her here. I cannot refuse. I have to prove that I can embrace a woman.”

I just stared at Freed as he talked dispassionately. Since Freed weakly smiled while talking about delaying it for three years, I unconsciously asked.

“Why…? Why did you delay it for three years…?”

“… It’s obvious. Because I love you, Lidi. I don’t want to embrace anyone but you. That’s why I delayed it until I won you over, Lidi. However, today is the time limit. My father told me it can’t wait anymore.”

Freed’s words went around my head over and over. I couldn’t understand at all how embracing a woman and winning me over were related.

“The purpose is to know a woman’s body… That’s why, if I had an official fiancée, I’d be permitted to choose her as the partner. I wouldn’t be told to embrace another woman in such a situation. It would be too discourteous.”

That’s why I wanted you to agree earlier, said Freed as he sadly narrowed his eyes.

I felt somewhat guilty, so I desperately made an excuse.

“H-However… I-I’m only ten… That…”

“Age doesn’t matter. All that matters is if I have an official fiancée or not.”

Saying that, Freed looked up at the clock.

“Aah, it’s so late already. It’s regrettable, but could you go back for today? I… have to prepare. I don’t think something like before will happen, but take care. I’ll have royal guards escort you.”


I muttered back in a daze. Prepare, how?

Is Freed driving me out… in preparation to embrace a woman who’s not me?

“N… No.”

I gripped Freed’s coat on the spur of the moment. It was completely unconscious.

My voice was dry. It was hoarse, yet Freed seemed to hear it.

Freed looked at me gripping his coat in surprise.


His eyes were asking about my motive.

What do you want from me? His eyes were questioning me like this.

I grasped so tightly it felt like I could rip off the hem of his clothes.

My mind was in turmoil, but there was one thing I wanted to say.

“No. Freed, I don’t want you to embrace another woman.”

I couldn’t accept that.

Hearing my words, Freed made a troubled face and persuadingly stroked my head.

“Sorry… But, it’s already decided.”

I shook my head.

“No. Absolutely not. If you do it… I’ll never marry you, Freed.”


Freed’s eyes went round, and while staring at me, he asked.

“Why? Why do you say that? Answer, Lidi. Do you dislike me embracing another woman?”

Presented with that question, I nodded without thinking.

“… Yup. I don’t want it.”

I hate them embracing or even touching him. Still firmly gripping the hem of Freed’s clothes, I looked him into the eyes.

“I’m the only one who should be able to touch you, Freed. Nobody else can. No way.”

I felt sick just imagining it. Freed too agreed with a serious face.

“I think so too. But look… This much is the custom. I can’t do anything with it. Or Lidi… Will you become my fiancée? I could refuse then. And I’d be happy. Because all I want and ever wanted is Lidi.”

It was like a devil was whispering into my ear.

But, for me right now it seemed like a good plan.

I was about to agree to bend my policy of refusing his marriage proposals… when I suddenly noticed.

“… Freed, you say I’m all you want, but… what about concubines? Royalty is polygynous, right? I may stop the thing today, but in the end, you’ll welcome a concubine too, Freed. It’ll all be the same either way. I understand that much.”

Even if I agree today, not wanting to hand him over, if he takes a concubine after marrying me, there’ll be no meaning to it.

When I glared at Freed while thinking so, he blankly said.

“Certainly, the royalty is allowed the privilege of polygyny, but I have no intention of marrying a concubine, okay? After all, I only need you, Lidi.”


He won’t marry a concubine?

When I was told that, my eyes opened wide. Freed said puzzledly.

“Why do you look surprised? Isn’t it obvious? Lidi, I love you. From the beginning I’ve only wanted you for my whole life. Eh? Perhaps, have you always been worried about that?”

When I nodded, Freed blinked his eyes.

“… Perhaps, you didn’t agree to my marriage proposal because you were worried about that? How silly. If you had told me earlier, I would’ve denied it right away.”


“Aah, don’t get me wrong. It’s my fault for not noticing. Lidi, I should’ve noticed your anxiety earlier and dispelled it. Sorry. I’ll say it as many times as it takes. Lidi, I only love you, and I intend to only marry you.”

Freed continued with a sincere face.

“Lidi, if you say you can’t trust me, I can leave it in writing. I can also officially relinquish my right to polygyny at the time of the engagement ceremony.”

“… R-Really?”

“Yep. Lidi, if you become my wife, I won’t want anyone else.”

As he clearly nodded, I finally realized… My heart has perfectly fallen for Freed.

I’ve been attracted to him since I first saw him. Even having my lips stolen wasn’t unpleasant.

I’ve never felt uncomfortable meeting him and exchanging kisses almost every day.

I noticed that each time he proposed to me, my heart ached sweetly.

I wanted to have Freed all for myself. However, that wouldn’t come true.

In which case, I made sure not to desire him or recognize my feelings.

But, he said he said that he doesn’t want a concubine, and just me is fine.


Again pulling his coat, I looked up at Freed.

Gazing into his beautiful glittery eyes like turquoise, I made a decision.

I exhaled deeply and told Freed.

“… Lydiana. Lydiana von Vivoir. That’s my name. Is that fine? Will you not look at other women after that?”

“… Lidi!”

When I did what I refused for over five years and told him my full name, for an instant he blinked his eyes like he had no idea what was happening – and then he showed a wide grin.

“I’m happy! Lidi, will you become my wife?”

“Yup. Freed, I love you… Ouch.”

I was strongly hugged.

I gingerly surrendered myself to the embrace that conveyed his joy.

“Lidi… Lidi… I’m happy, I’m happy… You’re mine. Lidi, you’re mine forever. I’ll never let you go.”

“F-Freed… It hurts.”

When I hit his back to escape from the pain of his strong hug, Freed let go of my body in a fluster like he came to his senses.

Then he slowly knelt. I already knew what would happen next.

“I’m Friedrich van de la Wilhelm… Lidi, I love you. I promise I won’t welcome anyone else. I swear that you’ll be my only one for as long as I live, Lidi. Marry me on my eighteenth birthday. Become my princess consort.”

He presented his right hand. It was slightly trembling from nervousness. Come to think, it might be the first time he officially proposed like this.

He only ever used words, and never formally proposed.

I looked at his hair whorl and then softly placed my hand on his.

“… My name is Lydiana von Vivoir. Freed, I love you. That’s why, if you say I’ll be your only one, I will marry you, Freed.”

When I agreed to the marriage proposal, Freed pressed his lips against the back of my hand.

Then he stood up and hugged me.

“I love you. Lidi. I’ll make you happy. I’ll never let you regret this…”

“Yup, Freed, I love you too. So look only at me.”

After I said that, Freed whispered into my ear.

“… Hey, Lidi. Let’s have the engagement ceremony right anyway. It’ll be alright. The preparations are complete.”


Hearing the words that I couldn’t allow to pass without comment, I looked at him in a fluster.

“All that was left is for you to agree, Lidi. The dress you’d wear at the ceremony has been remade every year and the public announcement can be issued at any time. Let’s have the engagement ceremony tomorrow. Of course, we will announce the wedding at the same time. Aah… I’m happy.”

“Wait, tomorrow… You don’t have to rush so much…”

In any case, the wedding will take place four years from now. I thought there was no need to rush, but Freed sweetly looked at me and shook his head.

“Nope. I want to quickly announce that you’re officially engaged to me, Lidi. With it, unnecessary bugs won’t come close. Idiots like the one before won’t get close to you so easily either. There’s no downside.”


While I was looking at Freed smiling happily, my expression slackened.


But, it felt somehow uncomfortable hugging each other like this for who knows how long.

Our feelings only became mutual. I was happy to be hugged by Freed, but I wanted a little time to calm down my feelings.

“F… Freed. Could you let go of me soon? I have to go home for today.”

Looking at the time, it was quite late. I thought I had to go back, but Freed didn’t let go of me.

On the contrary, he said something outrageous.

“Why do you want to go home? Lidi, you’ll be staying over today, right?”


Surprised by the unexpected words, I looked up at Freed to see him gazing at me.

“I said it before, didn’t I? That bedroom manners teacher is coming today…”

“Y-Yup. I’ve heard it… I agreed to marry you, so you’ll refuse, right?”

That should have been how it went. That’s the reason why I hurriedly agreed to become engaged with him.

Freed agreed, “Yep,” and continued.

“Certainly Lidi, we’re officially engaged now. We haven’t had the engagement ceremony yet, but I proposed and received a positive answer. So I can drive away that teacher. In fact, I’ve just contacted my father about the situation, so it’s alright. But, you know?”


Not knowing what Freed was trying to say, I tilted my head.

Looking at me with loving eyes, Freed said like he was revealing a secret.

“Instead, I need to have my fiancée cooperate. That’s to say, you, Lidi.”


I became shocked by his terrible words. Did Freed seriously tell the still ten-year-old me to do it with him?

While I was surprised, Freed smiled wryly and said.

“It’s alright. I won’t do anything. After all Lidi, you haven’t had menarche yet, right? That’s why… while I really want to embrace you, I’ll endure. Today, the purpose will be to learn about women’s body.”

“Woman’s… woman’s body…”

I could only repeat the absurd words that came out of Freed’s mouth.

It was so sudden that my mind couldn’t catch up.

“Please. Lidi, show me your body? It won’t hurt. Or is it no good? Well, then I’ll have to invite the teacher after all. As I said before, there’s no more time.”


To be honest, I felt like crying.

I resolved myself to agree to marry him, so now I’m told to show him my body. Otherwise, he’d invite another woman.

―― Let me repeat, I’m only ten.

I was at my limit, but I still had no choice but to nod.

Him embracing other women is unacceptable.

“G-Got it… I-I’ll show you. B-But, don’t go all the way… Okay?”

“Yep. You’re my fiancée, moreover you’re only ten. I’ll take that into consideration.”

“I… I see.”

While I was shaking from the suddenness of it all, a kiss was dropped on my forehead, and my hair was gently stroked.

“Don’t tremble. It’s not scary. All lovers who love each other do this. It’ll feel nothing but good, so don’t be afraid.”

“Y… Yup.”

When I nodded, Freed smiled sweetly. Then he turned his eyes to the bedroom in the back of his room that I had not once approached and told me.

“Then, come? Lidi.”

Freed reached out his hand. When I realized he wanted me to take his hand by my own will, bashfulness colored my face.


Freed’s voice was impatient. When he called me once again, I gingerly took his hand.


When I nodded, he pulled my arm and lifted me.


I was held in a princess carry. When I had that thought, I was already laid on top of the bed.

Freed hung over me.

With his eyes clearly aroused, he impatiently took my lips.

While receiving the kiss, I hugged Freed’s body.

The thick tongue overrun the inside of my mouth.

―― In the end, it turned out that Freed came up with the story about the ‘bedroom matters teacher’ because he got impatient and wanted to quickly win me over, but being as dense as I am, I didn’t notice at all.

It was only after I married him and heard that he can’t embrace other women than me that I got angry at being deceived.


What follows is the depiction of what happened afterwards that could be most lightly called playing doctor. I apologize, but I simply can’t do it. I believe this is a fairly satisfying conclusion anyway, so I will be dropping this what if novel for the honeymoon one. If anyone is interested in continuing the translation, I can provide the raws, so please contact me through comments, discord, or contact form.

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20 thoughts on “Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! What if They Met as Children 2 Part 1

  1. I would like a copy of the raws I doubt I could translate them but I know someone that could if they like the story.


  2. I feel really dirty after reading this. Thank you for the translation and hardworking but this side story is really starting to get disgusting.

    Like if I saw a 14 year old doing this to any 10 year old id be calling CPS. And god dam the nobles are so annoying “oh look how cute the prince is sexually harassing her”. Help her!!

    Imagine if lidi didn’t have the mindset of a grown women. Imagine how traumatising this would be for a regular kid

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I’m soo happy that you dropped it for the honeymoon part. It was weird, no, disgusting for me… Thank goodness they didn’t meet earlier! 😆

    But still, thank you for the translations!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah. I totally agree with you. It’s beyond of weird. I mean, a fourteen boy tricking a ten girl. Urgh.
      I was expecting a fluffy story, but they go for the erotic.
      I am not against ero-stuff, but came on! They are children.


  4. Well… 8 year old french kissing 5 year old was a strange and disturbing idea, but when they are 10 and 14 years old its actually believable. I myself was really into the most crazy, erotic fantasies when I was 10, 11 years old and I dont have any memories of previous lives. Of course some girls or boys are growing up faster, some are growing up more slowly. In my case, I wouldnt want to change fantasies into reality and have real sex at that age, but there somewhere exist teenagers who do it, even get pregnant or make someone pregnant very early, even though its illegal and a taboo. Moreover in archaic-like royalty such situation isnt as unreal as it may seem. Anyway, I understand and respect that Jingle doesnt want to translate it anymore. I must admit too that it was written somehow poorly.


  5. The honeymoon one? Thank god! This was getting so disgusting. I have absolutely no qualms about you dropping this “what if” story


  6. I feel a bit uncomfortable with this… if they were like 15 and 19 or so (considering the equivalent time era setting) I wouldn’t be too bad but it comes off as super inappropriate.
    If it was cute and appropriate chasing around, tricks/schemes etc instead of something s—ual, I feel like this could’ve been a pretty cute story.
    Like with Destruction Flag Otome Jeord was a perfect and lovable haraguro prince.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. They both talk like they’re a lot older too… why couldn’t she just have +5 their ages in both stages. It would have made it better. ;_;

    Liked by 1 person

  8. It’s weird but if you read Taking my elder brothers as husband in novel updates, you will think that it’s worse than this side story of “what ifs”

    That chinese incest novel is much worse than this so if you’re brave enough to read then I won’t stop you


  9. Also, I would like the raws for it…

    Don’t worry, Goblin slayer is far worse than this.

    It traumatized me when I’m reading Goblin Slayer


  10. Its weird but i like but it still weird…. and again if u’re going 4 the honeymoon boi i’m going to enjoy this…

    Btw the raw 4 the what if can be asked by comment right? Can i ask the raw link?


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