Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 138

“Marikana… I was able to make good memories thanks to you…”

Calcilast-sama’s remark sounded like parting words… Feeling such nuance, my body trembled.

Is this a flag? A sad end one?

I was so sad the inside of my nose prickled, and I felt giddy.

He took my hand and saying, “Cherish the present…” began slowly walking.

It felt like the coldness of the cobblestone penetrated my shoes.

Aah, the throbbing of my heart isn’t stopping. Calm down me, okay?

We came in front of a fruit store. It looked like cut fruits could be sampled.

Looks delicious… Ah, I’m easily swayed. But… I can’t endure.

Even if I’m aware it’s insane… I’m me.

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