Villainess’s Sweet Everyday 129

I felt like I’d be sucked in. They were like a clear lake…

Beautiful eyes. Just that is wonderful, and yet he’s also handsome, princely, and smart…

I desire such an amazing person. Normally, such unrequited love would lead to my demise… It feels like that.

I almost stumbled over nothing on the cobblestone…
He asked me, “Are you all right? Marikana?” and held me.

It was as if I was a valuable vase… Is how it felt.

I said, “Excuse me, I wasn’t thinking…”

We corrected our postures and walked on. I asked, “Shall we go to the library?”

Calcilast-sama returned, “Sounds good.”

We headed for our destination. We came across another young lady with a bad look in her eyes. Wearing a red dress with a floral pattern, she glanced at me with dissatisfaction and muttered, “Ugly lady…”

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