Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 428

She and the Night of the Eighth Day

After leaving the food warehouse, we visited the café recommended by Raid, and afterwards we went to observe the market while openly exposing our faces.
‘Green hair and violet eyes’ indicating Irvine royalty stood out extremely. Moreover, because Raid and Prince Hendrik were together, everyone we passed by turned their heads in shock. Moreover, looking at us, or to be precise at Freed, they were muttering, “Wilhelm’s…”
Since we were a man and woman together with the Prince and Princess of Irvine, it must’ve been completely obvious. Cain, who we’d asked to be our escort, was following a little behind us and lamenting, “What’s this… You stand out extremely… I don’t want to get close.”
I get it.
It wasn’t that bad when it was just me and Raid, but when you add Freed and Prince Hendrik to that, there’s no way we wouldn’t stand out.
Both of them have characteristic hair and eye colors and are impossible beauties.
Certainly, we received so much attention that it was enough to serve the proof of our visitation.
Perhaps Freed and Prince Hendrik were accustomed to it as they didn’t appear to mind at all, but used to carefreely walking about the royal capitals, neither I nor Raid could calm down.
Raid came up to me and while looking at the two men observing caught fishes invited me, “I didn’t expect them to stand out so much. Why don’t we run away together?” I totally agreed.
I did actually try to escape together with Raid to the café we’d been in before, but Freed easily caught me.

“Lidi, where are you going that you need to leave me behind?”

Caught by the scruff of the neck by a visibly angry Freed, I honestly answered.

“Er, to another café with Raid…”
“Then why not invite me too? Why did you try to leave me behind?”
“After all Freed, you stand out.”

When I frankly said that, Freed objected, “It’s not my fault.”

“It’s Hendrik’s fault we stand out. His green hair is incredible at catching the eye! If he disappears, won’t the looks get much less annoying too?”
“I want you to know that beauty doesn’t add, it multiplies.”
“Then, let’s leave him alone. Lidi, let’s look around the market together. You said you want to go on a date to town, so it’s just right, isn’t it?”

Freed urged me. Then he wrapped an arm around my waist and began walking in a different direction from Prince Hendrik.

“I-Is that okay? If we do something so selfish, won’t it cause problems?”
“If we decide on time to meet up later, there won’t be a problem. Or could it be that you don’t want to go on a date with me, Lidi?”
“Of course I do.”

I immediately answered.
After all, it was already our eighth day in Irvine. We have to go back in two days. Considering the variety of plans tomorrow, it’s safe to say I wouldn’t be able to go on a date to town with Freed.

“I want to stay with Raid today… Is it no good?”

I didn’t want to leave Raid alone after she had been kidnapped and gone through something scary. When I expressed my feelings, Freed nodded understandingly.

“… You’re right. Then, let’s leave Hendrik behind and take a break with the three of us. Things will be a lot better if he isn’t here. Let’s have fun while he’s doing the observing alone.”
“You have that side to you, don’t you!? What do you mean by leaving me alone?”

Prince Hendrik, who had been looking at jewels lined up on a street stall, came here before we knew it.
Freed responded to his complaint like it was troublesome.

“It’s your fault for needlessly standing out.”
“I don’t want you to tell me that. You sparkle needlessly! What is with that hair? It’s too dazzling!”
“What’s needless about it? Let me assure you this pretty hair is well received by Lidi.”
“Ilya tells me, ‘Your Highness’s hair has the nostalgic color of meadows,’ as well!”
“In other words, it’s grass-colored.”
“Could you stop talking like that?”

Freed properly sidestepped Prince Hendrik’s flare-up. Seeing that, Raid said in an impressed tone.

“… Elder Brother and His Highness Friedrich really are close.”


“Yup. It’s nice to have friends you can freely talk with, isn’t it?”
“Thanks to that, we’re more conspicuous than before though.”

Two princes quarreling without hesitation is definitely an unusual sight, so more and more curious onlookers gathered.
Raid smiled wryly.

“Yeah, I think continuing with the observation will be impossible. Let’s return to the Royal Palace.”
“You have a point. Freed, let’s go back.”

When I pulled his sleeve, Freed nodded.

“Certainly, it’s about time. Hendrik, can we? I think it’s enough.”
“Well, you’re right.”

Prince Hendrik also agreed to go back. Or rather, no matter how I look at it, they were being conspicuous on purpose.

“With this, everyone will believe that we were on an observation.”

Prince Hendrik muttered in relief.
Apparently, he’s surprisingly the cautious type.


We returned to the castle looking as if nothing happened.
Brother must’ve been successful. Nobody doubted that we had gone on an observation, and while we were walking through the corridors, soldiers addressed us with a smile.

“Did you join up in town?”
“We met part way through. It was a rare opportunity, so we had tea together.”

Prince Hendrik answered them.
I was relieved from the bottom of my heart to know that Raid being kidnapped by Edward didn’t leak out.

“… We are going to report to Esteemed Father now. I’m truly grateful for today.”
“Yeah, sure.”

Having seen us off close to our room, Prince Hendrik firmly said so.
As expected, they had to report it to the King. When I looked at Raid, she nodded with a bitter face.

“Sure enough, we can’t keep this from Esteemed Father. But, I promise to tell you how it finishes. I wouldn’t do something like having you help and then not telling you the outcome… Isn’t that right, Elder Brother?”
“Yeah, of course. I couldn’t be so rude to our benefactors. Then, see you later. Let’s talk tomorrow.”

With stiff faces, they walked deeper inside the Royal Palace. After they left, I returned with Freed to the room given to us.
In front of the room I thanked Cain for escorting us till the end and parted from him, then we went inside.


I thought nobody would be inside, and yet Brother was there.
Brother was sitting on a sofa and struggling with documents with a ghastly face.

“Er, Older Brother?”
“… You’re finally back. You’re late!”

When I spoke to him, Brother suddenly raised his face. His eyes were bloodshot… Scary.
While irately scratching his head, Brother said.

“Today everybody keeps bringing documents one after another. There are lots of replies too! Freed, time to work! Sit there!!”
“… Good grief.”

Seeing Brother’s state, Freed couldn’t complain and returned to work fairly obediently. He looked at me and said with a bitter smile.

“Lidi, go get changed. You must be tired, so how about having court ladies bring you sweets?”
“Yup, I’ll do that. Er, would it be better if I weren’t here? Would you like me to stay in your room until things settle down, Freed?”

I’d feel bad for being the only one not doing anything in the room turned into an office. When I asked with that in mind, Freed shook his head.

“I’ll finish this quickly, so stay here. Lidi, my efficiency increases when you’re with me.”

Brother agreed with Freed’s words.

“Do that, please do that. You can even flirt with Freed today, so please stay here. This is really a race against time. Even if Freed’s speed increases just a little, it will be worth it.”
“Then, I’ll do just that.”

If me being here will help him, let’s do that.
While stealing sidelong glances at Freed beginning to sign documents prepared by Brother, I called the court ladies and decided to first of all change clothes.


It was almost time for dinner when Freed finished his work.
Brother left for his room. While working he was grumbling that a considerable number of people had been coming to Freed’s room searching for him. It seems Brother had responded to each one of them with, “He went for an observation with Prince Hendrik,” and also skillfully dealt with irregular requests. Really, it’s good that Brother stayed behind.
I think it’s thanks to Brother’s efforts that the incident with Raid didn’t spread.
Perhaps tired of dealing with everything, Brother was wobbling from exhaustion. I asked if he’d like a break, but since he said, “I want to return to my room even a minute earlier,” I gave up on stopping him.
I’m sure he’ll fall asleep right away when he returns. No doubt about that.

“Good work.”

Since it became just two of us, I talked to Freed.
Freed had been terrifically focused on documents, so unsurprisingly he also seemed tired. He limply entrusted his body to the back of the sofa. I went behind him and began rubbing his shoulders.

“I’m not very good, but I’ll massage your shoulders.”

I was tired after returning to the Royal Palace, but after changing clothes and relaxing over tea while watching Freed and Brother, I felt my fatigue disappear. That’s why I thought I’d do the same for Freed and came up with massaging his shoulders, but for some reason he began chuckling.

“It tickles, Lidi.”

I put effort into it, so what’s up with it being ticklish?
I fired myself up again and put strength into my thumbs. Although I mustered all my strength, Freed again laughed.

“Fufu… I’m saying it tickles… Ahahaha.”
“Jeez! I’m not tickling you!”

Apparently, I have no knack for massage. I just wanted to invigorate him, and yet it got ruined.
While I sullenly removed my fingers, Freed turned to me.

“Thanks, Lidi. You invigorated me enough.”
“… I haven’t done anything yet.”

Whenever I tried massaging him, he only laughed.
But it seemed different for Freed. He looked at me with a gentle face.

“Lidi, just thinking that you tried your best for me is enough to invigorate me. My cute Lidi wanted to give me a massage. Just that thought makes me energetic.”
“How easy.”
“Don’t you know? I’m an easy man.”

It’s a complete lie.
I can declare on the spot that there’s no man as troublesome as Freed.
When I looked at him with disbelief, Freed laughed, “It’s limited to you, Lidi.”

“I’m both easy and troublesome. Because, I love you, Lidi.”
“I’m the same though.”
“In other words, let’s do that.”
“Do what?”

I had no idea at all.
When I tilted my head, before I knew it Freed stood up from the sofa and came to my side. His hand reached for my waist.

“By the way, Lidi. Do you know that it’s good to soak in a bath when you’re tired?”
“? I know.”

It’s common sense.
In this world, using plenty of hot water is a luxury, so basically everybody cleans their bodies with magic, but it’s known that soaking in a bath is good for the body. That’s why, the mansions of high-ranking nobles generally have bathrooms as a luxury, and there’s also a bathroom exclusive to royalty in the Royal Castle of Wilhelm.
I looked at Freed, curious about why he’d ask such a thing now. He smiled and told me.

“Lidi, we’re both tired today, so I thought of taking a bath together. Say, Lidi. It’s been a while, so it’s fine, isn’t it?”
“It’s been a while?”

A phrase I don’t often hear from him came from Freed’s mouth.
It’s been a while, what the hell does he mean by it’s been a while?
At least, I remember taking a bath with him about ten days ago.
I was seriously pondering the meaning of it’s been a long time, but perhaps misunderstanding it as okay, Freed took me to the bathroom in an extremely good mood.
It seems he was serious about taking a bath together.

“… Freed. We can get in together, but let’s not do anything else, okay?”

We regularly take baths together, so I won’t say that I hate it, and I’m not embarrassed either. However, I’d like to avoid a bathroom sex in another country.

“Um… If you want to do it, let’s go to bed first, okay?”

When I warned him with a serious face, Freed smiled and nodded.

“Yup, I know.”
“Do you really?”

I couldn’t quite believe it.
I fundamentally believe what Freed says, but because it’s him, I don’t believe him when it comes to sex.
If I want to do it two times, we do it five times, and if I want a little more, we do it all night. He’s that kind of person.
Be that as it may, I know it’s also my fault, since I can’t say no to my beloved husband wanting it.
Because, it can’t be helped. When the man dripping with sex appeal pleads with me, “I love you, so I want to do it one more time,” can I refuse? It’s impossible for me.


I looked up at Freed. Seeing his loving smile, I thought that whatever will be, will be.

Editor: Valkyrie

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