Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 427

She and the Rescue Drama 3

“When Ed strangled me, you helped me, right? I don’t know who you are, but you saved me. You have my thanks.”
“Uegh, please stop. I wasn’t really thinking of saving you.”
“Even so, it’s the fact that you saved me. Please accept my gratitude. Thank you.”

Abel made a complicated face as Raid bowed in front of him. With the same expression, he turned to me.

“… I’ll charge you a lot for this request. That’s fine, right?”
“Yes, of course.”

When I nodded, Prince Hendrik interjected.

“I’ll pay the request fee. Please bill me. I don’t mind if you add a completion bonus too. You saved my little sister. I want to do at least that.”

Abel glanced here. When I nodded, he said in a convinced tone.

“… Got it. Then, I’ll charge the Prince of Irvine for this matter.”
“One more thing, could you bring Edward to his mansion? I don’t want other people to see it. It would be troublesome if strange rumors spread.”
“… Sure I can, but there’ll be an extra charge, okay?”

Prince Hendrik nodded to Abel’s reply. Then he casually tore off a cufflink from his sleeve and handed it to Abel.

“Of course, that won’t be a problem. When you get to his mansion, tell the people there that by my order Edward is to never leave the house. If you give them this, they’ll definitely believe you. It has the crest of the Royal Family engraved on it.”
“Got it.”

Abel received the cufflink with the crest of the Royal Family engraved on it and nodded. Then he approached the still dazed Edward and grabbed him by the collar. Edward was docile and didn’t resist.
Abel raised his hand a little.

“Then, because of that I’ll be leaving first.”

The place was bathed in red light. The next moment, they disappeared. Probably, he used the Hiyuma secret art.

“How regrettable. I wanted to talk with him a bit more.”

Raid muttered with heartfelt disappointment. I separated from Freed and ran up to her.

“Raid! Are you alright?”

When I called out to her, she smiled at me.

“Yeah, I’m alright. Ed… Well, he only strangled me a little, so you could say the damage is minimal.”
“Minimal…! But, I’m glad you’re safe…”

The bruise on her neck looked painful, but I was relieved to see her being her usual self.
Prince Hendrik and Freed also came to us.

“Ophelia… Sorry. I should’ve arrested Edward after talking with him yesterday. The blame lies on me.”
“No, Elder Brother. I knew Ed’s feelings and ignored them. I had this coming.”
“Wrong. It all started because I, no, we accepted Edward’s word without questioning and were convinced you were in love with him, even though you haven’t said you loved him even once. That led to his current crime. Really, how can we apologize to you…?”

As Prince Hendrik hung his head, Raid told him.

“Please don’t worry about it, Elder Brother. Fortunately, I’m safe. But, if possible… I hope you won’t turn this matter into a major incident.”

Prince Hendrik’s gaze sharpened at Raid’s eyes.

“I know. I won’t let it hurt you. I intend to deal with this matter in absolute secrecy. Um… I’ll prioritize your wishes when dealing with Edward. If you want, we can arrange that he’s chased away to a rural area, so you never have to see him again. We also feel responsible. Let us at least do that.”
“You don’t have to dispose of him, Elder Brother. I’ve decided to deal with him myself.”

Both Prince Hendrik and we were surprised by Raid’s declaration.

“As I said, I believe this matter happened because I didn’t keep a tight rein on him. I won’t let him do as he wishes anymore. I don’t need him to be disposed of. I’ll keep using him as my guardian knight the same as before.”
“Raid… Is that fine? Um… You said he was disgusting…”

I was sure she wouldn’t want to put him on her side, but Raid shook her head.

“I still think he’s disgusting, but him being a skilled knight is another matter. He is without a doubt the top knight of Irvine. And as you know Lidi, I’m hated in the castle. It would be a bother to be assigned a new guardian knight. It would be annoying if he was reluctant about work. Ed wants to be used until he becomes like a rag, right? I’m going to do exactly that.”
“No, no, no, no… Won’t that just make Sir Lantinotz happy? It would be like he didn’t receive any punishment…”

Prince Hendrik agreed with my words.

“I think so too. I want to grant your wishes, but that’s just a little…”
“If you remove Ed from my side where he’s been since my childhood, people around will gossip about it. At least on the outside he’s a great man.”
“… I guess you have a point.”

While Prince Hendrik still wasn’t convinced, Raid said, “Then.”

“Elder Brother, how about this? Let Ed continue being my guardian knight. But, please tell him that if he commits any further crime or blunder, he won’t be able to see me for the rest of his life. After being told that, he’ll have no choice but to serve me with all his heart. Ed’s state earlier should be enough to convince you of that.”
“… It’ll be too late if he goes mad and kills you, right? Edward feels liable to such insanity, or rather… I find it hard to believe a person who once committed a betrayal.”

Raid answered Prince Hendrik’s words with a smile.

“Oh, Elder Brother, you’re trying to push the throne on me, right? If I couldn’t deal with this problem, I think I’d be unqualified for being a monarch, wouldn’t I?”

Prince Hendrik’s eyes went round from Raid’s words.

“You want me to become a monarch, right?”

When Raid emphasized that, Prince Hendrik raised his hands in surrender.

“… I can’t say anything back to that. However, is it really okay?”
“Yes. If I can’t even handle Ed, I won’t be fit for being a monarch. I see it as one of the trials for becoming a monarch. I’ll work him to the bone.”

There was no hesitation in Raid as she declared that. Prince Hendrik nodded, though reluctantly.

“Got it… Really Ophelia, you have more kingly qualities than me. It would be impossible for me to decide to use a man who hurt me.”
“He’s just convenient.”

Raid clearly said she’d use what she can use.
Looking at her, I was reminded of Freed. He’s also the type who can leave his personal feelings aside and use what he can use. After all, a person who will be a monarch must be like that.
Raid was so cool as she said she’d use him despite him having hurt her that I unconsciously became captivated.

“… Raid is cool.”
“I’m sorry.”

Freed responded at the speed of light to the words I said unconsciously. I reflexively apologized, but… I wonder if it was something I had to apologize for.

“… Raid is a girl.”

When I tried to placate him just in case, Freed said with dissatisfaction.

“I know that, but I want to be the only person you call cool, Lidi.”
“Freed, you know you’re the coolest in my eyes, don’t you?”
“I’m happy to hear that, but I’d prefer to be the only one cool anyway. Lidi, it’s irritating when others arouse your interest even a little.”

His desire to monopolize me was as strong as ever.
I didn’t hate it, but it gave me a headache that he finally became jealous of a woman.

“Freed, you really love me, huh…”
“? What obvious thing are you saying? Lidi, I always tell you that I don’t care about anything aside from you, right?”

I had no choice but to return, “Yup, you’re right,” to his mystified answer.
Really, why does he love me so much? I’m happy, but I seriously find it strange sometimes.
As I tilted my head, Prince Hendrik clapped his hands to get our attention.

“Now then, we came here under the guise of observing the Royal Capital. It’s too early to go back, and we couldn’t answer if we were asked about what we had been doing. And that’s why, how about having a break in a suitable spot before going back? I think it’s better if we have something to talk about later.”

Raid guessed the situation from Prince Hendrik’s words and said, “Then.”

“There’s a café that few people visit nearby. Why don’t we kill time there before going back to the Royal Palace? If we also visit the market on the way back, I think our outing will look good enough on the outside.”

It wasn’t a bad idea, but I was concerned about Raid’s condition.
Subterfuge is important, but I think it’s better if we return early if she’s in pain. After all, Raid went through something as scary as kidnapping.

“Wouldn’t it be better to return to the Royal Palace right away? After all Raid, you’re tired, right?”
“Given the situation, we have to be thorough. Besides, if we show ourselves in a café and market, it will be the evidence of our observation, right?”
“That’s… Yup. Raid, if you don’t mind, I’m okay with it.”

For a moment I wondered what we would do about escorts, but I realized we had Cain with us, so it would be alright.
Prince Hendrik said with a soft smile.

“Then it’s decided, so let’s go. But Ophelia, I’m really glad you’re safe. Freed, Princess Lydiana. Thanks to you, I was able to find Ophelia quickly and without making a fuss. I could never do it alone. You have my sincere gratitude.”

Prince Hendrik bowed his head, and Raid followed.

“I involved you despite you being foreigners. You have my heartfelt gratitude for saving me.”
“No. It’s most important that you’re safe.”

Freed answered her, and I also said.

“It’s natural to save a friend. Raid, I’m truly glad you’re safe.”

I’m glad I recalled Abel.
We could only find Raid because of him.

―― We were lucky.

Cain alone might not have been able to find Raid. I think we were truly lucky to have met Abel earlier and for him to have offered his services.

“Then, let’s go.”

Prince Hendrik smiled at us.
We left the food warehouse, and after stopping by the café recommended by Raid and looking around the market, returned to the Royal Palace.

A little late, but chapter 5 of manga is out on mangadex!

Editor: Valkyrie

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