Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 426

She and the Rescue Drama 2

“… Your… Highness.”
“This is the end of your plan. It truly is a foolish ending.”
“I-I just… yearn for Your Highness――”

Raid mercilessly trampled down on Edward’s head with her foot. Edward groaned from the sudden pain. Without batting an eye, Raid next kicked up his chin with all her strength.
It wasn’t a lie when Raid said she trains. The adult man’s body rose for an instant, and I unconsciously let out “Eh.”
Edward didn’t resist at all. He was unseemly lying down and looking up at his master in tears.

“Lady Ophelia…”
“I noticed your revolting love long ago. But I never would have thought you’d scheme to use the manuscript I’d written to marry me. It’s my mistake that I didn’t think of that. You are the country’s top knight and my childhood friend. Neither my parents nor brother said anything about putting you on my side. I thought it was convenient and easy, so I ignored your feelings. By being so naïve, I’m responsible for this incident.”
“Your Highness…”
“Shut up.”

Coldly saying that, Raid kicked Edward flying.

“I can declare with certainty that I will never love you for as long as I live. I won’t take notice of you. You are my knight, and you’ll never be anything more. Engrave it on your mind.”
“You are the only person I won’t marry.”

Raid decisively declared that and looked at Edward with a cruel expression. Edward’s eyes widened, and before long, his body started trembling.

“Lady Ophelia… Aah, how wonderful…”

Everybody on the spot agreed with her in our minds.
What the hell did he just say? I involuntarily stared at Edward. He was gazing at his master in ecstasy.

“After all, you must be like this. Always aloof and never interested in me. Aah, why have I forgotten? I fell in love with you because you trampled on my feelings…”

I immediately gripped Freed’s clothes.
I didn’t want to understand what Edward was saying. That’s how revolting it was.
Edward gazed at Raid with spellbound eyes and let out a deep, sweet breath.

“That’s right, that’s how it was. I fell in love with you who called me revolting and looked at me like I was garbage. I remembered it when you kicked me into the air. I want to be brutalized by you. It’s unbearably arousing.”

As Edward exposed his terrible fetish, Freed’s, my, and even Prince Hendrik’s faces twitched.
Raid immediately stepped back one meter too.
I get it. Because, he was incredibly revolting.

“I didn’t expect you to return my feelings. I was satisfied just being able to kneel at your feet. Why did this…? Aah, that’s right. It’s because I read that manuscript. I got greedy after learning that you loved me.”

There was visible disgust in Raid’s eyes as she looked at the trembling Edward talking.

“… That was a manuscript, not something directed at you. How many times do I need to say it until you understand?”
“Even though you spelled out the feelings for the childhood friend so passionately?”

Apparently, Edward really believed Raid spelled out love for him in the manuscript.
I knew there are all sorts of people in the world, but I never would have thought there’d be a man who read a novel for the masses and thought it was directed at him. What a surprise.
Raid looked at Edward with creeped out eyes.

“I’m telling you not to confuse reality and novels. In the first place, why did you think I’d fall in love with a disgusting man like you? It’s impossible.”
“Yes, indeed. Thinking about it calmly, I understand. I fell in love with such you. However, at that time I was really happy. I became greedy that I could make Your Highness my wife. So I decided to work on making Your Highness mine. The way I used was just a little bit unfair, but it couldn’t be helped. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to obtain Your Highness. Aah, but now that you kicked me, I feel like I was dreaming all that time. I finally woke up.”

Everyone looked at Edward smiling happily as if they saw something creepy.
Strange. From beginning to end, everything was strange.

―― What is with this person?

He was so incomprehensible that nobody interjected. Edward gazed at Raid with dreamy eyes.

“Your Highness. I woke up. Yeah, I’ll never again think of being loved by Your Highness. I want to be always treated by you without care, used until I become like a rag, and thrown away when I’m no longer useful to you.”

Far from waking up, what he was talking about could only be seen as a terrible nightmare.
As everybody drew away, Edward clung to Raid.

“Your Highness, Your Highness, I beg you. Please, kick me again. You can also step on my head. Aah, if you like, you can grind my crotch…”

Everybody aside from Edward agreed with Raid’s serious shout.
Edward’s distorted fetish brought me to the verge of tears. Wanting to be kicked, wanting to be discarded… Who would have thought Edward was such a person. No, he was originally like that, but still!

“Aah… Your Highness’s serious disgust… I’m getting excited…”

Despite being flat out rejected by Raid, the pervert rejoiced.
The pervert snuggled up to Raid like a caterpillar and begged her, “Please kick me.”

“Yikes… Impossible…”

I clung to Freed. He also hugged me.

“It’s alright. I’m here.”

At such times I’m relieved to have such a reliable husband.

“Damn it! Don’t get close!!”

Seriously disgusted, Raid shook off Edward who clung to her leg with everything he got. Edward slammed into a nearby wheat sack, but he still looked happy despite groaning. Hearing him laugh ufufu scared the hell out of me.
He affectionately pressed down on the spot kicked by Raid and chuckled with delight.

“… So Edward was such a pervert…”

Prince Hendrik said in a daze. He pressed his hand to his forehead and opened eyes wide in disbelief. He was trembling all over.

“There’s no way he could be a prince consort in the future. Edward has to absolutely be excluded from the marriage candidates…”

Completely agreed.
I observed Edward. Having completely lost his restraint, he fully exposed his fetish.
I was dumbfounded by the gap from the usually stoic him.
Raid waved her hand as if to drive away a bug, but even that only pleased him.

“I never thought you were such a pervert.”
“I said I woke up, right? I feel like I finally released my true self. Your Highness… I adore you. Please, accept my feelings.”
“I refuse.”
“Aaaah…! Your Highness’s cold voice is irresistible…!”

Despite being refused, Edward for some reason hugged his trembling body.
His twitching was revolting.
Prince Hendrik shook off his fear and said.

“Anyway. You committed a serious crime. Kidnapping the Princess of your country is unforgivable. You are relieved from the duty of Ophelia’s guardian knight. Until the sentence is passed, you will be placed under house arrest.”

Told that he was dismissed from the duty of the guardian knight, Edward looked at Prince Hendrik without saying a word.

“No way! You’re lying, right?”
“As if I’d lie. You kidnapped my little sister. What makes you think you could stay at Ophelia’s side as before? I don’t want a pervert like you close to my important little sister either.”
“You have… a point, but Your Highness, please reconsider. I will accept any punishment other than leaving Lady Ophelia’s side!”

Although Edward’s gaze clung to him, Prince Hendrik shook his head.

“No way…”

Despair showed in Edward’s expression.

“… Not being able to stay at Lady Ophelia’s side… I’d rather die.”

He dropped his head dejectedly. He seemed to have lost his strength and wasn’t moving an inch. He appeared terribly shocked.


Prince Hendrik exhaled tiredly. With this the unprecedented kidnapping was resolved, but the much too unexpected ending made everybody feel complicated.
While nobody was able to move, Raid approached Abel, who had been watching the situation from a short distance away.

“? What?”

Thinking of himself as unrelated, Abel looked puzzled by Raid coming to him for some reason. Raid straightened herself and with a deeply sincere expression bowed her head.

Editor: Valkyrie

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8 thoughts on “Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 426

  1. “Far from waking up, what he was talking about could only be seen as a terrible nightmare.”

    Ah, i think i know what i want to hear when reading this chapter “Your Best Nightmare”


  2. My god… something is deeply wrong about Edward
    At first, I thought Freed was messed up, then each new villain just makes Freed seem more normal.


  3. Edward is a masochist who gives his unequivocal consent to being abused, and Lidi’s going “eew eew eew, how disgusting”. Raid confesses to having romantic (and implied sexual) feelings for her own brother, and Lidi’s reaction is “there there, you poor thing, how sad” instead of “omg you incestuous perv”. (Admittedly, presentation matters, and Raid was clearly ashamed of her inappropriate attraction while Edward is…overly enthusiastic, but…still.)


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