Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 418

She and the Seventh Day 2

“Thank you.”
“… Is anybody else fine? If you have another man you love, I’ll cooperate…”

It was probably most Prince Hendrik could concede, but Raid shook her head.

“I don’t need it. Besides, I don’t have a man I love.  Yeah, with the exception of Ed, anyone is fine. I won’t be any more selfish than this. Even if I’m told to marry a man in his eighties, I’ll agree.”
“There’s no way we’d tell you that… Even this time we proceeded on the assumption that you loved Edward.”
“It’s a terrible misunderstanding. I don’t want to marry him the most.”
“I know, so please stop at that…”

Saying that in a tired voice, Prince Hendrik tilted his head with a “Huh.”

“Strange. Then, what was that? Actually, Edward secretly showed me a diary where you spelled out your feelings for him. That’s why we thought that you loved Edward.”
“A diary? I don’t recall writing something like that. In the first place, if it really had been my diary, you’d have committed an outrageous violation of a person’s privacy.”

As Raid frowned, Prince Hendrik unsurprisingly made an awkward face.

“I knew that, so I didn’t say anything until now. I didn’t intend to violate your privacy either.”
“But, you read it thinking it was my diary, didn’t you?”
“… Ed said, ‘Lady Ophelia definitely loves me. I’ve got the proof.’ As I wondered what it was, I was told it was your diary. I was also surprised.”
“… Ed.”

Raid pressed down on her temple like she had a headache.

“It was when I and our parents were searching for a marriage partner for you. Edward showed us your diary. There was no doubt that the handwriting was yours. That’s why we thought you had feelings for him despite being unaware and decided on him.”
“My handwriting? Really? I don’t remember it at all.”
“Do you think I’d misread your handwriting?”

Raid frowned as Hendrik confidently said that.

“That’s true… Elder Brother, do you remember the details of that diary? Please tell me concretely what was written.”
“Eh? I remember it vaguely, but… if I recall correctly, it was written that you found the man you’d been with since childhood wonderful. The word love didn’t appear, perhaps because you were unaware, but the diary’s content was sweet and sour and made it obvious you were in love with him. Ah, there’s one thing that bothered me. The contents were certainly diary-like, but it looked like manuscript paper, not a diary. I remember thinking it wasn’t very suitable for use as a diary.”

Prince Hendrik talked about the diary’s contents while remembering them little by little.
Listening to him, I thought, “Huh?”
I felt like just recently I’d seen what Prince Hendrik was talking about.
Where was it? If I recall correctly――

“Right! The novel I got from Raid!”
“Ah, it’s true.”

As I said that, Raid made a suspicious face, and Freed nodded in agreement.
With the exception of Freed, everybody looked at me for an explanation. I spoke to answer them.

“A little while ago, I received a novel from Raid. What was written there felt very similar. There was a cute scene where the heroine wrote the feelings for her childhood friend male lead in a diary. She hadn’t noticed her feelings yet, but it was clear she was in love with him. Perhaps because she was hiding her embarrassment, she didn’t write the names on purpose, so the other party wouldn’t be known. I thought it was a cute presentation of a young love.”

Since I’d just read it, I could still remember the details.
It was a story about two childhood friends that started like that.
The heroine didn’t harbor a clear love, or rather, didn’t realize it yet. However, her feelings clearly showed through the diary sometimes, making the readers want to say, “Notice your feelings quickly. Then confess.”
That diary was also used for the scene where she noticed her feelings. The heroine was very cute as she turned tsundere, swayed by her first love.
When I explained from beginning to end, Freed agreed.

“I’ve also read it, so there’s no mistaking what Lidi said. Certainly, it felt like what Hendrik said.”
“Your Highness Friedrich too!? Your Highness has read it too?”

Raid raised a surprised voice and quickly looked at me. Her gaze said, “It’s meant for women, so why?” Since he had read it, I nodded while feeling sorry.
Right, just because I said the male lead was cool, Raid’s book was subjected to his strict examination.

―― S-Sorry, Raid.

I looked at her apologetically. Ilya, who had been until then clinging to Prince Hendrik, stealthily raised her hand.

“I-I’ve read that book. I love the author… so I collect her books.”

Not thinking she’d hear that, Raid stared at Ilya. Ilya spoke shyly.

“I understand the feelings of the heroine who can’t be honest… Yeah, there certainly was a scene like the one Lidi described. I also remember it…”
“Sister-in-law… I didn’t expect that. No, it’s not the time for that… Elder Brother.”

Raid turned her eyes to Prince Hendrik and told him.

“Elder Brother, the diary you read, or more specifically its contents you spoke about – were they like that?”

What Raid narrated was exactly the contents of the book. I guess she completely remembered them because she was the author. As expected.
Prince Hendrik nodded.

“That’s right. It felt just like that. It was written in your handwriting and you know the contents, so after all, you wrote it, right?”
“… Ed. That bastard…”

Raid angrily clicked her tongue. Then, she turned around and opened a drawer in a tall bookcase and began rummaging around.
She immediately found what she was searching for and took it out.
What came out was a bundle of paper. She looked through them and stopped at a certain point.

“As expected… not here.”

I understood everything from those words.
Edward probably――

“Ophelia, what have you been doing since a while ago?”

Bothered by Raid’s sudden strange actions, Prince Hendrik questioned his little sister.
Raid turned to him with an awfully bitter face.

“Elder Brother. There’s no mistaking that I wrote it. However, it’s neither a diary nor about my unconscious love for Ed. It’s my handwritten manuscript.”
“Your handwritten manuscript?”

Prince Hendrik looked clueless.
Despite seeming conflicted, she spoke.

“Elder Brother, I didn’t tell you, but I’m actually a novelist. I’ve written a few books. Of course, I don’t use my real name, and I hide my status as a princess. I publish under a pen name. One of those books is the one Lidi mentioned earlier.”

Prince Hendrik stared in shock at Raid, whose face made it clear that she didn’t want to say it. Next to him, Ilya muttered, “No way…”
Freed also shortly asked me.

“… Yup. That’s right. That’s why I read it.”
“I see, so it was like that.”

Freed understood what was going on and, despite frowning, nodded.
Prince Hendrik was the only one who appeared clueless, so Raid told him in a business-like tone.

“Manuscripts are written by hand on paper. I’ll omit the details, but they’re given out to editing and returned once the book is made to the original author, in this case me. I confirmed just now that the scene Lidi talked about is missing from that manuscript… The culprit must be Ed.”
“And, this is the sample I received. Please look at page thirty two… It’s that scene.”

Raid pulled out a book from the bookshelf. Certainly, it was the book I was gifted a few days ago.
Prince Hendrik received it from Raid with a confused face and opened it.

“How about it, Elder Brother? Don’t the contents match the diary you saw?”
“Rather than matching, it’s the same! I can tell just by looking! I’m sure!”
“As expected…”

Hearing Prince Hendrik’s reply, Raid made a truly displeased face.

“He stole the manuscript without me noticing… No, more importantly, Elder Brother…”
“Please examine it a little closer. Isn’t it the paper unsuited for a diary that you had seen, Elder Brother? Two sheets of the manuscript are missing. That scene is what’s missing and what you had seen, Elder Brother.”

As expected, when presented with all this, Prince Hendrik had no choice but to believe her. After confirming it, he nodded with a frown.

“.. I understand. The diary shown to us was your creative work, is that right?”
“Yes. Being at my side, Ed knows that I’m a novelist. He probably pulled them out when the manuscript came back and showed them to you, Elder Brother. Besides, neither the name of the heroine nor the male lead was written. But, it was clear from the contents that she was unconsciously in love with her childhood friend. Since the handwriting was mine, it was ideal for him to use.”

Faced with the truth, everyone could only sink into silence.
Edward used Raid’s creative work to make Prince Hendrik believe that she loved him. Why was that? Of course, he loves her without doubt, but I felt disgusted by Edward for using such an unusual measure.

“… Distorted.”

Why couldn’t he tell her, “I love you,” like a normal person?
I seriously wonder if he would be satisfied marrying her by lying like this.

“Ah, but…”

Edward knew Raid was resolved to marry as a ‘royal duty’. That’s why, he knew that as long as he convinced the King, Raid would marry him and become his wife.
That’s why, he was fine with any measure. Even if Raid didn’t really love him, as long as the King told her to marry him, it was fine. For that reason, he used Raid’s manuscript.
She loves me. That’s why I want to marry her.
Those words would sway parents who want their daughter to be happy. Especially since Edward is a knight trusted by the King and there’s no problem with his status. It’s no wonder why the King thought of making Raid marry Edward.

Editor: Valkyrie

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  1. Dun dun dun… Well, at least Edward was better than Maximilian, well maybe not but he’s the lesser of two evil. But i’m pretty sure i was glad her enemy is edward, not max, dude’s on another league entirely…


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