Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 408

She and the End of the Third Day

“Today was fun! Thanks!”
“It’s I who should say that. If you like, let’s have tea again. Lidi, it’s fun chatting with you.”

Time passes quickly when you have fun.
It was the time to go back before we knew it, so we returned to the Royal Palace. I also properly bought coffee as a souvenir.
Raid said she’d send me off to my room, so we headed there together. I wanted to use the opportunity and talk with her alone, so I had our escorts step back for a little while.

“Lidi? Just what do you want to talk about to withdraw our escorts?”

When Raid asked with a quizzical look, I spoke, unsure of how to broach the subject.

“Er, um… It’s about Ilya.”

Right, I wanted to talk about Ilya.
What does Raid think about Ilya? I wanted to ask her that.
Raid looked surprised when Ilya’s name came up.

“Ilya… Lidi, are you talking about Sister-in-law?”
“Yup.  Actually, I’m friends with her――”

I took a glimpse at Raid. She looked surprised to hear I and Ilya were friends, but she immediately made an understanding expression.

“You became friends with me. I guess Sister-in-law was a piece of cake.”
“It was nothing like that. I just wanted to be friends with her because Ilya is cute.”

Those cat ears alone are justice.
Raid must not know that Ilya is a beastman, and Ilya must be unaware that Ophelia is Raid as well.
As royals of the same country and relatives, why don’t they know each other?
That’s because they’re both severe shut-ins in a different meaning.
I observed Raid. For the time being, she didn’t look to have dislike for Ilya. Relieved by that, I continued.

“Er, and so, I wanted to ask you about what you think about Ilya. She said she’d like to get closer with you.”

Since Raid didn’t hate her, I asked without beating around the bush. Raid showed a confused expression, but eventually she let out a heavy breath.

“… No, of course I have a good opinion of Sister-in-law. After all, she’s Elder Brother’s wife. But, see… How should I put it, Sister-in-law is small, right? I can’t help but be anxious that I’d crush her.”
“I’d understand if it came from Sir Lantinotz, but I can’t agree with you saying it, Raid.”
“Haha… Well, it’s not a lie.”

Raid returned a wry smile to my comment and cast down her eyes.

“… Elder Brother has chosen her. I’m sure she’s a wonderful person. But, I’m like this, right? It’s difficult to approach her. That’s all.”
“Ilya isn’t a child who judges people by appearance. I’m sure she’d accept you, Raid. Of course, it might sound difficult to believe coming from me, but I can declare it would be alright.”
“I don’t really doubt you, Lidi.”

Raid calmly shook her head to my words.

“Just well, the problem is with me. Sister-in-law hasn’t done anything wrong. What is this? I might need a little more time. But… Ahh, I can’t run away forever, huh.”

Muttering to herself, Raid showed a fleeting smile. Strangely bothered by it, I called out to her, but Raid immediately erased her expression.

“No, it’s nothing. That’s right. I’d love to become closer with Sister-in-law if I could.”
“Really? Then, can I move as I want?”
“As you want?”

I nodded to Raid tilting her head.

“Yup. To get you closer. Of course, I intend to do it gradually, but look, wouldn’t it be bad if I did something unnecessary? So I thought of asking for your consent just in case.”
“… Yup, well, do in moderation.”

Raid was speechless for a moment, but she gave a ‘Yes.’
Ilya also didn’t oppose me moving, so since both are ok with it, I don’t need to hold back.

“Yup, got it. In moderation!”

I answered with a smile and couldn’t understand why Raid asked, “Do you really get the meaning of moderation?”


Raid saw me off to my room, and after promising to go out again, we parted.
I thanked Brother for escorting me despite being busy and entered the room. Freed was relaxing on the sofa in the still unfamiliar room.

“Lidi, welcome home. Did you have fun?”
“I’m home! Yup, I had a lot of fun!”

Happy to see my husband turn to me with a smile, I ran up to him.
I put the package with coffee I brought with me on the table and plunged into his chest. Freed guessed my move and safely caught me.
He fixed his hold on me and sat down on the sofa. I was sat down on his lap.

“Where did you go today?”
“Let’s see.”

In response to Freed’s question, I talked about what happened today. When I said that I promised to go out with Raid again, Freed said troubledly.

“I’m happy my wife is popular with everyone, but you know? It’d be troubling if you had no time left to spend with me, your husband… Hey, Lidi, I made time tomorrow. If possible, I’d like to go on a date. Or is it no good?”
“I’ll go!”

He didn’t even need to ask. When I replied, Freed smiled delightfully.

“I’m glad. Irvine has magnificent mountains and ocean, but I’m thinking of going to the ocean tomorrow. Look, there’s the request from the witch, right?”
“Aah, yup, from Ms. Delris. That’s right, I want to finish it quickly.”

Our task is to gather the ingredient the stamina recovery medicine is made from.
I’ve been frequently saved by this medicine, so I want to gather as much as possible.

“Doing Ms. Delris’s request while on a date. It’s a perfect plan.”
“To be honest, I really wanted to separate the request and date. It doesn’t feel great to mix a date and business.”
“Why? We’ve decided to do Ms. Delris’s request together, right? Won’t gathering medicinal herbs be like a date if we’re together? I don’t think it’s strange to do it together.”

For me, everything done together with Freed is like a date. That’s why, there was nothing strange about it. When I explained to him, Freed agreed, “You’re right.”

“Then, let’s walk along the beach tomorrow. Can we go out in the afternoon?”
“Yup. I’m free from the morning.”

I’d gone out today, but since we’d chatted in the café, I wasn’t particularly tired.
When I told Freed that I was lively with a smile, he smiled strangely.

“Then, I don’t need to hold back today, right?”
“We’ll go in the afternoon tomorrow, and unlike yesterday, you’re very lively today, Lidi. That’s why, I wonder if I don’t need to hold back today.”
“… Er.”

I became lost for words when I realized what Freed was saying.
Certainly, yesterday Freed held back considerably. Knowing I was busy from the morning, he let me sleep at night.
Once I recalled that, I had no choice of refusing. Or rather, it wasn’t the option from the beginning.

“… Yup, fine.”

That’s why, I resolved myself and said that. Freed laughed, “I’m glad,” in relief and pushed me down without any hesitation.
Afterwards, as Raid had promised, her book was brought to me, but being embraced by Freed, I couldn’t accept it. In the end, I was only able to look through it the next morning.

Editor: Valkyrie

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