Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 407

Older Brother’s Observation

“There’s no problem at present.”

At the table next to us, my little sister and the Princess of Irvine were cheerfully talking. I checked up on them and breathed out in relief.
Cain, who was sitting right next to me, smiled wryly seeing that.
Since my little sister has perpetrated various things even after becoming the Crown Princess, we’re still as anxious as before she got married. Even if I’m not my old man, my stomach really hurts.

“… Really, spare us.”

Cain heard my mutter and waved his hand.

“It’ll be fine. This is something Princess excels at. I think there’s no need to worry.”
“I know that.”

I can’t imagine my little sister failing in this scenario. Her mission this time was to get close with the Princess of Irvine. Normally it would be quite difficult, but it’s stupid to worry about my little sister after she easily cleared it. I can’t stop worrying though.

“Alex, you’re surprisingly a worrywart.”
“… Shuddup. Nothing good happens when she’s involved.”
“That’s how Princess is, so it can’t be helped.”

I had no words to return to Cain’s rebuttal said with a straight face. Really, why does my little sister cause problems wherever she goes?
It’s the same with her and the Princess of Irvine.
When I first saw her, I panicked that a prince appeared (mostly because Freed would be angry), so I was surprised to hear she was the Princess of Irvine.
Neither Freed nor I had known about the Princess of Irvine dressing like a man.
Unbelievably for a woman, she had short hair and dressed like a man. I was startled, but my little sister didn’t mind at all and declared with a smile that they’d become friends.
Sometimes I really wonder where my little sister’s nerve comes from.
However, the Princess might have relaxed her guard because my little sister is like that. From what I see, my little sister and the Princess have fun together, and they seem to get along so well the laughter never stops. Neither appears to force herself. They seriously hit it off. As usual, my little sister is terrifying.

“… Normally it would be impossible for anybody but Lidi, no?”
“I guess.”

As Cain gave a short reply, I reflexively said, “After all, you think so too.”
If Freed’s consort weren’t Lidi… but for example a daughter of another ducal house, would she act the same as my little sister after seeing that Princess? There’s no way she could. I can declare it would be absolutely impossible.
Dressing as a man, short hair unimaginable to another woman, the tone of her voice, everything about her is so abnormal that it wouldn’t be strange if an ordinary noble girl screamed. My little sister accepted it like it was natural. I sometimes can’t believe the depth of her tolerance.

“… She was absolutely born the wrong sex.”
“The Crown Prince will get angry about that line.”

The immediate response made my body tremble.

“I take back what I just said… Please, stay silent about it.”

I could easily imagine the fury of my close friend who’s infatuated with my little sister.
Even today, the reason I was made an escort when only Cain would suffice was so Cain could quickly move if something happened.
Cain couldn’t move openly. It had to be me because I knew that.
My little sister wouldn’t be targeted immediately after coming to Irvine. Be that as it may, being in the Royal Palace all the time is suffocating, so I was honestly happy to go out as her escort.

“Well, isn’t it better to sit in the café than walk around the town…?”
“I concur.”

Cain agreed with my words. Then both of us turned our eyes to the man in front of us.

“… What?”

Since some time ago, the man had been drinking his coffee with a frown.
Edward Lantinotz, a marquis’s son and the Princess’s guardian knight was glancing at my little sister with utmost displeasure. To avoid standing out, he was wearing clothes similar to ours with little decorations, but appropriate for a knight, he had a sword at his waist. The atmosphere about him was firm and consistently tense, so it was clear he was in the middle of escorting.
By the way, my little sister was completely oblivious of Edward’s gaze and attitude, but the Princess was clearly aware of her knight’s state. The Princess must be mentally strong to be able to completely disregard it.
But, even if she was fine with this, it was tiring for us. Being near the man on the edge was exhausting to the spirit.

“Um… Could you smile a little? No, not even smile. It’s enough you make a normal face. It’s the standard practice to be inconspicuous as an escort, right? I think as you are now, you’re disqualified as one.”

I politely pointed that out to Edward while hiding my intention as much as I could. He blinked his eyes and breathed out, looking apologetic. For the time being, I was relieved he was conscious of that. Hopefully he improves a little with that.

“… I’m sorry. It wasn’t my intention. It’s just that Her Highness seems to be having so much fun… She never shows such a face to me!”

The last line was somehow strange. Somehow, I felt afraid of asking what it meant. While I was having such thoughts, Edward deliriously muttered as she gazed at the Princess.

“Aah… I’m honestly happy Her Highness realized her wish and made a friend, and yet, I feel like I’ll go crazy with jealousy that it wasn’t me who brought out that innocent smile… Why? Your Highness, tell me why. There’s no man who loves you as much as me, and yet you’re always indifferent towards me…! You don’t need to show your smile to anyone but me, right? And yet, why!”

―― This guy is bad news.

Unconsciously, my cheek twitched. Despite writhing in agony, Edward was gazing at his master. His looks were certainly well-ordered, but his eyes were crazy. By no means were they normal.

“Say, ain’t he bad news?”

Cain secretly whispered into my ear, and I completely agreed with him.
I’ve heard from Freed that Prince Hendrik considers making him Princess Ophelia’s partner, but just by spending some time with him, I understand it’s impossible. It’s absolutely better to pass on him as a suitor.

“I wonder if Prince Hendrik has no eye for people…”

I muttered to myself, but Cain seemed to have heard it. He answered with a strange, know-it-all face.

“… That’s not it, he keeps a perfect façade towards his master. There are many people like that. He doesn’t hide his true self from us because he thinks we’re unrelated. Or maybe he’s confident his position won’t shake no matter who we tell.”
“… Well, I think he’s a dangerous guy, but he doesn’t have rebellious feelings towards his master.”
“Rather, he looks dangerous because he loves her too much.”
“That’s it.”

I nodded with a complicated face.
A childhood friend who constantly thinks about the other person… When put like that, he sounds just like Will. I wondered if I shouldn’t do something for him, but the difference in their feelings is too great.
It’s rude to Will to lump him together with Edward.
How should I put it… He already looks sick.

“… Is it strange that I love Her Highness?”

We were talking secretly, but unfortunately, Edwards seemed to have sharp ears and heard us. When we both instinctively froze, Edward said while still gazing at the Princess.

“I’ve always been near her. Since we were young, even when everybody avoided her because of looking like a man, always. I’m the only person who understands her. She understands that too. She has feelings for me. I know that.”
“… I-Is… that… so?”

His eyes were completely mad.
Edward was so scary that I decided not to say anything unnecessary.
As both I and Cain nodded while still frozen, Edward breathed out.

“It’s alright as long as you understand. Besides, she’ll become mine soon enough. His Highness Hendrik has promised to work towards that. Aah, Your Highness. Lady Ophelia. I long for you. I want the day I welcome you as my wife to come soon.”

Edward’s intoxicated muttering was too scary.

“Crap… He’s dangerous in another way. I don’t want to be near him.”

Cain said so while trembling, and I rapidly nodded my head over and over in complete agreement.


Editor: Valkyrie

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3 thoughts on “Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 407

      1. The main difference is that Lidy wasn’t completely against the crown prince when she learned that he would definitely not have a harem, that was a simple misunderstanding that got cleared and they moved past that fairly quickly… Lidy even accepted she fell in love at first sight, it’s a well established fact that she was just confused because of her previous experience with love (that damn emotionless sex friend)

        This guy is unilaterally pushing his feelings onto the crown princess, even while the princess isn’t flustered or emotional towards him, she trusts him but can’t bring herself to love him… and even then he doesn’t acts against the princess wishes.

        I still don’t understand why people keep saying that Freed was creepy, Lidy never ever plainly rejected him, not even once, and it’s obvious that “creepy” is entirely subjective, if Lidy was OK with it, why does everyone else think he was “bad”, I understand it’s not for everyone to have someone come so strongly, but at least in this work it has being consistent and properly explained, it’s part of their character growth… and given Lidy’s personality I can’t see anyone ever getting close to her if it wasn’t as forceful as Freed was… that was also explained and properly characterized (she was always oblivious to how everyone else perceived her)

        The one that is on the wrong, is Prince Hendrick, he egged on the feelings of this guy disregarding his sisters feelings… he’s the worst of the worst.

        I have a golden rule, if it’s consensual nothing else matters, if you wouldn’t consent that’s fine, but I wouldn’t chastise someone for acting within the boundaries of his established relationship.

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