Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 406

She and the Third Day 5

“Lidi? You’re the curry store owner?”
“Yup. By the way, I also own the curry rice original recipe. I own a hamburg steak store as well, and I also opened the Japanese café recently.”

None of it is really a secret.
I talked of how I’d come to be the owner of the stores in the Royal Capital of Wilhelm. Raid listened from beginning to end with an astonished expression. Once I finished, she breathed a large sigh.

“How should I put it… The scope of the things you do is different.”
“What do you mean?”
“I don’t think it’s normal to develop one original recipe after another and run three popular stores. I thought I was unusual, but you’re on another level.”
“No, I don’t think I’m on your level, Raid.”

I don’t think you could find another Princess who dresses as a man and moreover is a writer.
When I objected with a serious face, Raid gave me a suspicious look.

“What is the Crown Princess who wanders around the Royal Capital saying?”
“Aren’t you the same? Besides, I’ve been doing that even before I got married. I think it’s stranger you do it, being royalty from the beginning.”

There’s a huge difference between a noble daughter and a princess wandering around a town. But, Raid didn’t nod.

“What is the daughter of the preeminent ducal house saying? Normally, it’d be unthinkable.”
“Raid, you’re more unthinkable.”
“No, you.”
“Raid, you.”

We glared at each other, quarreling who lacks common sense more. Before long, it somehow became fun. We spurted out almost at the same time.

“Fufu. Let’s say we’re about the same.”
“Yeah, let’s make it a draw. Really, I’m fortunate to have made a friend like you. I’d love to try those Japanese confections one day.”
“That’s why you should come to Wilhelm… Hmm, but if I had ingredients, I could make them in Irvine. The simple ones don’t take much time.”

I won’t miss the opportunity to increase the number of Japanese confections fans. When I made the proposal with that in mind, Raid’s eyes shone expectantly.

“I see! I’d love to eat them. As for Wilhelm… I do want to go, but Elder Brother is like that.”
“How regrettable. But, you’re lucky both His Highness Hendrik and the King and Queen let you go to town… Or perhaps, do you go out without――”

I thought there was no way, but I still asked. Raid smiled wryly and shook her head.

“I’ve received permission. Elder Brother didn’t look particularly happy, but you know how he ran away from home for a long time, right? At that time, he caused us a lot of trouble. So I referenced that story and, although reluctantly, he nodded on the condition that I always take Ed with me as an escort.”
“Aah… I see.”

I know the story of Prince Hendrik running away from home both from the person himself and Freed. Certainly, he must’ve caused a great deal of trouble for his family. It’s no wonder Prince Hendrik nodded when that story was brought up.

“Father or Mother weren’t as annoying as Elder Brother. They’ve kind of given up on me because of the way I look and talk. I started saying strange things again and I think they knew I wouldn’t back down, so it was easier for them to nod.”
“I don’t think it was that.”

I’m aware my father also eventually gave up on some things, so it was quite hard to object, but I still tried. But, that effort was meaningless as Raid noticed it. While chuckling, she told me, “You needn’t worry.”

“Well, it was like that. That’s why I sometimes go out together with Ed for a change of pace. Lidi, what about you? Tell me about your guard. Is the exclusive guard you mentioned earlier him?”

Confirming that she looked at Cain, I nodded.

“Yup. I’ve received permission to take Cain with me. And sometimes I go out with Freed.”
“With Prince Friedrich? The Crown Prince wanders around the town?”

As she looked at me in surprise, I affirmed and took a bite of the pudding.
… Delicious. It was delicious enough not to need caramel.

“He comes pick me up at the Japanese café or the curry store. Afterwards, um, we go on dates. When we walk through town together, everybody calls out to us… I’m happy with how gentle everyone is.”

‘A date, huh. How nice,’ or, ‘You’re lovey-dovey as ever.’ They might be half-teasing us, but it’s still much better than if they pretended not to look.
It’s not bad to be close to the citizens, and there are a lot of things that can’t be understood without seeing them first-hand, is what I think.
But well, even if I say something so grand, it wouldn’t be wrong to just say I want to go on dates with Freed. What’s wrong with wanting to go on dates with your beloved?
It’s fun walking around the castle together, but walking around the town is another kind of pleasure.
While I was intently talking about such things, Raid was looking at me with gentle eyes.

“How should I put it…. You really love Prince Friedrich. The more I hear, the more I think so.”
“Eh? Yup.”
“It’s wonderful you seem happy… Yup. For the first time in a while I might be getting the urge to write.”

Raid’s eyes sparkled brilliantly as she said that.

“I’d like to write a story using you both as a theme… Of course, I won’t use names, but considering your personalities and status… Yup, how about a royal palace love story? A beautiful prince hates women. However, he falls in love at first sight in some secretive place. Something like a masquerade ball might be good. The other party is a duke’s daughter who hides her status. However, that daughter doesn’t want to marry anyone. Her country practices polygyny, and she desires to marry a man who will only love her. She devises various schemes to escape from the prince. But, he eventually removes all obstacles, she falls into his trap, and their marriage is decided… Of course, finally they become lovey-dovey, but… Hey, Lidi?”
“… Haha… Hahaha…”

As Raid’s story progressed, my eyes glazed over and my voice turned to a dry laughter.
Because, while Raid was talking about the story for her new work, it was close to my and Freed’s true story.
If she seriously writes the story she just told me about, I feel like I’d die of shame, even if it isn’t meant to be about me.

“S-Something like that is a little… I… wonder… W-Wouldn’t it be unpopular?”
“Is that so? I think it’s a sure hit romance for the masses.”
“… I  s e e.”

Told that my and Freed’s past was a sure hit, I stared off into space.
Given the situation, I wish she’d hold back on writing the unchanged story of me and Freed. She can write it, but I wish she’d alter the setting a little more. But it’s hard to say that.

“Aah, it’s really been a long time since I found a good stimulus. Alright, I’ll get to writing as soon as I come home!”

―― Yup, it’s impossible after all.

Seeing how happy Raid was, I gave up.
It’s fine. It’s not a story about me and Freed. She only writes original works, not nonfiction.
I persuaded myself as such.


Raid looked at me curiously. I couldn’t look her in the eyes, and although I felt sorry for Raid, I made just a little wish, “Please, don’t write that novel.”

Editor: Valkyrie

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  1. “Please, don’t write that novel.” 🤣🤣🤣 Well, I think I would read that novel with pleasure 😄 So, please give up Lidi 😜 Thanks for the update ❤️❤️❤️


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