Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Side Story 7

[After Military Uniform 2]

SS7 Childhood Friend’s Conflict

“I don’t want to get married….”

I was returning home after serving as her escort for an evening party for the first time in a while.
Inside the carriage that was pulling out early, she tiredly muttered.

“It seems that your father has not given up yet. It must be pretty unpleasant….”

At those words, he realized there was only one thing that came to mind.

“Not giving up…..is your engagement with his Highness?”

I expressionlessly inquired. She looked as if she was fed up with the talk.
She was who I’d continuously thought about for many years.
Before her, I was too nervous to properly talk and had difficulties making expressions.
I was aware that if I didn’t put in the mental strength, that indefinite smile would crumble.
I didn’t want her to see that kind of stupid face.

And so, while exerting force onto my facial muscles*, before I knew it, this noh mask like expression became the normality in front of her.

(TN: 表情筋 – dictionary says mimetic muscles, the muscles that control expression)

I’m here.
Just one word. How good it would be, if I could say it.

To the depressed her, I was a man that was outside of the target*.

(TN: 対象外の男 – aka oniichan-zoned)

“Even today, I almost had a near-miss with his Highness. It seems it was good that I noticed and was able to immediately withdraw, if handled poorly, it might have been an passionate meeting.”

As her body shivered at the unpleasant thoughts, I had no words to add on to that.
On the contrary, though I regrettably said something like a follow-up for his Highness.

“Please don’t say that…..His Highness, is a wonderful person.”
“The Flawless Crown Prince, right? That smells like a lie even to me”

(TN: what the shit are you doing Will ARE YOU COCKBLOCKING YOURSELF?!?)

Although, it was good that she retorted without hesitation, I thought what would I do if she’d became interested because my remark.
I’d just dug my own grave, I really hated myself.

“If it comes to that, then maybe I should quickly get a lover.”

I was startled by the remark she made in a small voice.
Even while expressionless, it seems I could still let out my surprise. As she looked at me, she smiled saying it was just a joke.

“As expected it’s still too early. Let’s talk for a little longer. ––I wonder if that’ll be my last resort.”

Even though I thought, ‘don’t say that even as a joke’, I didn’t say anything.


At her words, my chest started to hurt.

You don’t have to marry into the royal family.
Just wait a little longer.
I will definitely persuade my father and propose to you*, so please, leave that seat empty for me.

(TN: originally it should be ‘will come welcome you’ like come get her to welcome into his family but the wording is a bit awkward in english)

Even if saying such was just to feel at ease, yet those words wouldn’t come out.
Inside my heart, I’d already proposed countless times.
Telling her I loved her many times.

But, in reality.

“…..Don’t be unreasonable”

This was the best I could do.

Translator: Broken Jinsei

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