Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 395

Shinigami’s Patrol 2

What are you saying? I retorted to myself.
He can’t be a Hiyuma, so why did I blurt out such a foolish thought?
The red eyes detested by everyone. Now I turn my eyes black, so I can wander around town without a concern, but red eyes are avoided no matter what country.
Abel, who doesn’t have those eyes, can’t be a member of the Hiyuma clan, so I didn’t understand what made me inadvertently say that.

“N-No… Forget it――”
“That’s right.”

I unconsciously stared at Abel as he returned an unconcerned answer.
Abel avoided my gaze and instead looked at the pitch black ocean.

“Mr. Shinigami, I’m a Hiyuma survivor, same as you. Since my parents died, I’ve lived alone as an information broker. I was surprised when I first heard of you, Mr. Shinigami. I thought I was the only Hiyuma survivor. I knew because I’d heard your name from my old man. The next patriarch, heir to the Lux. When I learned that you became an assassin called ‘Red Shinigami’, I wondered why, but I couldn’t even tell anyone. I had to do everything to stay alive. I knew I couldn’t keep living if I complained. That’s why, well… I thought we could just keep on living without meeting each other. When I heard that everybody learned that you’re a Hiyuma and that you found a master, I thought that life is full of surprises. Presuming that you’d never reveal it for your whole life, I thought the Hiyuma had already disappeared.”
“―― I won’t let the Hiyuma come to an end.”

I couldn’t let go after he easily said ‘disappeared’.
Reviving the Hiyuma clan could be said to be my dearest wish.
Of course it’s impossible during my lifetime, but I want to build the foundation for it and leave behind the proof that the Hiyuma are alive.
I couldn’t forgive the same ‘Hiyuma’, Abel, denying that. No, in the first place――

“Your eye is golden. Every member of the Hiyuma clan has red eyes. The magic formation didn’t appear when you activated secret arts either. You can’t be a Hiyuma.”
“Look who’s talking. You yourself have black eyes, right?”
“I only take a temporary blackening medicine to protect my master. I haven’t lost my pride as a Hiyuma.”

When I reflexively answered back, Abel opened his eyes wide with an, “Ooh.”

“Temporary medicine. It’s different from me. I made a deal with a witch. By offering a compensation, I acquired this golden eye and an ability to use secret arts without a contract.”
“Did you say a witch?”

―― No way, Granny?

No, that couldn’t be it.
I erased Granny’s figure floating in my head. There are seven witches in the world. Granny is only one of them. It’s far-fetched to think Abel would make a deal with Granny, who’s in Wilhelm.

“Who… Which witch would…?”

The deal meant losing the pride as a Hiyuma.
It’s impossible to be proud of being a Hiyuma after completely changing eye color.
But, Abel let out a scornful laugh.

“Won’t say. I made the deal with the witch for my sake. I won’t let anyone object. ―― Everybody has one or two things they don’t want to say, right? I have no intention of exposing that.”

Sensing the determination in his tone, I reluctantly held my tongue.
Things one doesn’t want to tell anyone.
There certainly are things like that.
For example, details of the time I was in ‘Red’.
I don’t want to talk about them even to Princess.
The world where blood, betrayal, and death were always by my side. The daily life of trusting no one and killing people I had nothing against for the sake of myself.
I think I should forever keep it to myself.
And precisely because I had such thoughts, I was convinced by Abel’s remark.

“Ah, you understand? That’s Mr. Shinigami for you.”

His tone was joking, but his eyes weren’t smiling.
He hates people stepping inside his territory. I understood that well.

“… I’ll tell you just in case, but I’ll report my meeting with you to my master.”

I won’t capture him, but I’ll naturally report him.
I think Princess and her husband, the Crown Prince, would want to know that Abel is here in Irvine. Understanding that, I didn’t have the choice of not saying anything.

“I don’t really care. Ah, that’s right. Tell them to visit at any time if they need an information broker. The price is high, but I’m good at my job.”
“… Weren’t you not accepting requests from royalty?”

I was startled by the unexpected self-promotion.
It’s widely known that, ‘Kaleidoscope doesn’t accept requests from royalty.’
When I pointed that out, Abel shrugged.

“That’s limited to Sahaja royalty. It’s different for Wilhelm royalty. Those Crown Prince and Princess wouldn’t make strange requests, and they seem like they’d pay well too. If I can earn money in this country, I want to.”

He lightly said that and informed me of the name of the inn he was staying at.
That inn is among the most luxurious inns in the Royal Capital of Irvine and is known as the choice of high ranking nobles.

“You… are staying at that kind of place? Shouldn’t an information broker stay at a more inconspicuous, run-down inn?”
“I love saving money, but I don’t hate spending it. It’s a waste not to spend your hard-earned money, right? Invest in yourself while saving. I think that’s how a capable man should be. Cheap men are unpopular, no?”

Abel talked non-stop about the wonders of high-class inns.

“Mr. Shinigami, did you know? You really sleep soundly in the highest grade beds. The room is large too, and it’s a place where as long as you pay, money rules. They don’t mistreat you even if you look like a commoner. It’s easy to understand they’re fine with merchants. It’s my first time here, but I came to love this country.”
“Yes, yes, sure, good for you.”

A lower-middle class inn I chose was enough for me. Assassins hardly stay at inns. Compared to sleeping outdoors, any inn is a paradise for me.
I could guess that a highest grade bed is something like what’s in Princess’s bedroom, but I wouldn’t want to sleep on such an enormous bed.
Every time I see it, I think it’s made for people like Princess.
Be that as it may, I didn’t feel like imposing my will on him.
When I gave a half-hearted reply, Abel said with a satisfied face.

“That’s why, there won’t be a problem even if the Crown Prince and Princess visit. Please don’t hesitate to bring that money tree. Ah, you can come as a proxy. Usually I only receive direct requests, but I confirmed with my own eyes that your master is Mrs. Crown Princess. You’re trustworthy.”
“Is that so.”

The conversation about requests seemed to continue.
Knowing that he wasn’t joking, I breathed a large sigh.

“… Got it. I’ll tell them just in case. But, I don’t know what Princess will do. Perhaps, they’ll tell me to capture you.”
“She won’t. That Mrs. Crown Princess seems like someone who uses who she can use, and she owns you, Mr. Shinigami, right? I can bet that it definitely won’t happen.”

I wonder? I asked that to myself and shook my head.
I didn’t want to take such a sure-loss bet.
I was surprised that Abel, who was just a little involved with Princess, predicted her actions, but well, he’s an information broker. I guess he has the eye for determining the truth about others.

“… Then, I’m going.”
“Aah, to escort Princess, right? I’m enjoying my vacation, so do your best~.”

What is it? I got incredibly irritated.


I got angry and dropped my fist on Abel’s head.

Editor: Valkyrie

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