Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 30

His Observation

“Freed, you seem to be in a good mood.”

Today was the Engagement Ceremony.
Just now, it was announced that the Prime Minister has arrived together with her.
Thinking about how soon it will be publicly announced that she will become mine, makes one’s heart swell.

“Yes, it’s because at last she will become mine. Father, may I please ask for your blessing*?”

(*TN: お願いしていたことよろしく頼みましたよ?-this line was confusing for me then halfway down I had a realization. Sighss at the multiple meaning words.)

In the waiting room connected to the audience hall, with my father standing next to me, the topic of our conversation was naturally about her.

“Love is said to be blind, but I’d never expected for you to become like this. If that were the case, then it would have been good to have accepted the Prime Minister’s proposal earlier.”

I affirmed my father that was watching me with looks of unexpectedness.

“I too, regretted not being able to have met her sooner. However, because I can obtain her both in name and in reality this way, there’s nothing to say.”

As I clearly state this, I saw for a moment my father with a jealous face.

“……is that princess really that beautiful?”
“Of course her appearance is truly beautiful, but that’s not the only reason why I’ve come to like her. Her lively atmosphere. That daring personality that doesn’t understand what she’s doing. And apart from those her unexpectedly thoughtless* side. All draw me in and not let go.”

(*TN: he totally called her stupid here lmaooo)

If it was about her, I could talk forever. I didn’t even notice my father’s astonished like look.

“You’ve fallen deeply in love, huh?”
“Yes, I’ve become aware of it. That’s why I’m sincerely counting on you*.”

(*TN: Thanks to KuRuuRuu we have better wording ;;v;;)

Understandingly suppressing my desires, I stared at my father intensely.

“You know originally, the confirmation of the「King’s Flower」was suppose to be first.”
“Since father is intelligent, I wonder whether you’ve come to a conclusion.”
“…..maaa, I wonder if I should be grateful because we do not have to do twice the work? It’s her…..huh?”
“That’s what I was talking”

(TN: last two lines are really confusing I have no idea what they mean)

As I affirmed, with a reluctant look my father nodded, think if that’s the case then it can’t be helped. Both will be moved to during the audience.
My mother that was behind us continued to remain silent. Lately, I’ve not met with my mother apart from formal events, and I never know what she’s thinking about.
Soon Lidi will be here. Thinking that, even bothersome formal events appear to become something splendidly entertaining.


I was captivated by Lidi, who was brought in by the Prime Minister, as she continued to the center of the room.

She, whose body was wrapped in a dress for formal occasions, appeared as if she were a flower.
Elegantly dressed in a purple slender line dress as she majestically advanced, everyone present in the hall deeply let out a sigh of admiration.
Although it couldn’t be helped, it was unfortunate that the Bolero hid the「King’s Flower」.
Because she belonged to me, from the bottom of my heart I wanted to show off to everyone here that blue rose.

Beautifully taking a bow, our eyes met when she lifted her face.
I smiled at her naturally, but for a moment after making a surprise face, she immediately averted her eyes.

Was something wrong?

Thinking it was strange, I observed her as she, for some reason or another, appear to peek at me with stolen glances.
Since she’d avert her eyes every time our eyes met, I purposefully tried to ignored it, but as expected she was still sending me inconspicuous glances as if I’m on her mind.

(TN: 視線を合わせると避けてしまうのであえて放っておくと、やはりこちらが気になるようで人目につかない程度に視線を送ってきた。-Bless KuRuuRuu for helping me fix my broken translations)

From an outsider’s perspective, she appears to be flawlessly conducting herself, but in spite of it, she was actually feeling restless.
It appears that her father, the Prime Minister’s, exchange was not going into her head at all. At this, I unintentionally laughed.
Just what in the world was bothering her like this.

And then as I watched her, I realized that she wasn’t looking at myself, but rather in the direction of my attire.
Looking at her closely, her cheeks were slightly red.
Seeing that expression, I suddenly recalled her appearance* from a few days ago.

(TN: so the word here is 痴態- which technically translates to foolishness or silliness, but in this context more like in a lovestruck or in a daze meaning. Like the state of a shoujo manga girl thinking of their crush kind of meaning or when lidi blush in bed—ya know)

It can’t be helped, that her gestures of blushing and fluttering glances were just so cute.

…..She thought that no one would noticed huh.

Though, in actuality apart from myself, it seems there wasn’t anyone that’s noticed.

However, surprisingly it seems she favors this appearance of mine.
I don’t like the stiff uniforms much, but it’s a different story if she likes them.

Hmm, I see. Later I’ll enjoy myself to my heart’s content.

Letting out a smile, I once again continued to secretly observe her.


Solemnly, the ceremony continued, and lastly was exchange of names.
While kneeling before her, I once again wholeheartedly professed my feelings to her.

“I am Friedrick Van De La Wilhelm. My one and only beloved beautiful princess. Please by all means grant me your name. In exchange I vow to only love you and you alone, even until this life extinguishes.”

That last line did not exist in the engagement text.
It was added so that, even if it was a only a bit, I wanted her to understand my seriousness.
Instantly the surrounding became noisy, but immediately settled down.
This was only natural, since I’d just implicitly declared that I will not be taking concubines.

Unfortunately, it seems that the one person I wanted to take notice of this was too busy absentmindedly gazing at me.


After finishing the exchange of names, I started to approached where she was.
As a test I tried smiling at her, but she turned her face away with all her might.

Lidi’s behavior was too straightforward, I desperately tried to hold back my laughter.
Ahh, mou. How cute. This kid.

Because I knew the reason, I could only laugh, right?
I think ordinarily, with that kind of attitude it would be fairly damaging.

Honestly, everything Lidi does, is endearing to me*.
As expected, I didn’t want to even imagine a future without her.

(*TN: his literal words were everything she does hits the bullseye for him)

Thinking that, I reached out my hand in order to escort her.
Pulling her hand that timidly piled on closer, I somehow resisted the urge to embrace her.

As I felt her body temperature through her hand while we walked along, I began to think that after this, no matter what, I was going to bring her back to my room.

Translator: Broken Jinsei

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