Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 29

She and Military Uniform 1

The morning of the next day, my father brought me along with him to the royal palace.

Because at the same time of confirming the「King’s Flower」, we were also going to perform the finishing step of the engagement rites, thus I attended the castle in my formal wear.
It seems that the wedding ceremony is seriously going to take place 6 months from now.
I heard from my father that till the wedding, there were numerous events scheduled, I honestly wanted to run away.

Because there was the confirmation of the「King’s Flower」, the maids selected a dress design that was cut at the chest and shoulders.
A long dress with many thin silk layers and a purple empire lined hem. A goldsmith choker mounted with small and large amethyst.
And lastly, a bolero to conceal the「King’s Flower」.

The maids skillfully dressed me, while I obediently endured it.
There was the armor like corset, though it’s not like I was going into battle, so I honestly thought from the bottom of my heart that it was unnecessary.
My makeup and hair were done simultaneously, and at last a Duke’s daughter that would not to be ashamed to go out anywhere was finished.

“Lidi, are the preparations done?”
“Yes, father”

Hearing my father’s voice from the door, I got up from my dresser.
Checking the last finishing touches, the maid bowed and withdrew.
As I exited my room, my father thoroughly checked my appearance, and nodded in satisfaction.

“This is fine”

The maids that helped me get dressed all lowered their heads.
It can’t be helped that I can’t take the time put on something like the formal dress on my own alone, however I wonder if it was okay for them to have seen the「King’s Flower」.
I figured it was only a small problem, but if I were to say something it would be troublesome, so I remained silent.

My father escorted me onto the carriage and we rode off.
As I mindlessly gazed out the window, my father cleared his throat to get my attention.

“Thinking about it now, what do you actually think of this marriage?”

Honestly after all this time.
Ever since I was firmly marked with the「King’s Flower」, I didn’t think I would ever be asked such a thing.
I unconsciously turned to look at him coldly.

“…..what I thought? Did you think something like I had no intentions on marrying for status?”
“No, that’s not it. It’s because it seemed that you particularly hated marrying into the royal family.”
“……father you also noticed it, right?”

As I sharply glared at him, my father awkwardly looked away.

“….it was for the sake of your happiness.”
“A difference in opinion, right? Anyway, even if you say that now, it’s pointless. I’ve already accepted my fate, so there’s no need to worry.”

I cut down my father’s excuse in a single stroke.
It was truly such a bother to say something like that at this point. Because I couldn’t escape, even if I hear something like that, isn’t there nothing to be done about it?

“I don’t know what’s worrying father, but I won’t run away nor hide.”
“…….is that really so?”

Towards my definite reply, my father displayed a relaxed expression, as he finally felt relieved.
…….that’s why, to what extent did you not trust me.

“Now then, the following procedures from now on.”

At last we were entering the main issue at hand. I straightened my posture.

“Do you understand what the「Engagement Rites」are?”
“The exchanging of names, right? I think it was performed the day before yesterday, is there a need to do it once more?”

Looking to my father for consent, I thought how troublesome it was.

The day before yesterday, Freed proposed to me in front of my father, and I accepted.
Ritualizing this series of procedures, was the so called「Engagement Rites」.
The purpose of the ritual is to show that an engagement was properly tied before a large group of people as witness.
While that kind of pretense certainly existed, but now between nobles, just like a few days ago, it was simplified down to mostly only for the exchange of names. I didn’t think we’d have to especially do it again once more.

“It’s a part of the wedding ceremony. I’ve already proceeded to contact the main officials yesterday. It seems it’ll be over with without delay.”
“….I understand.”

That reminds me, yesterday Will said that there was an announcement of the engagement yesterday. Was that announcement also part of the「Engagement Rites」?
Incidentally, mother was staying at home. The acknowledgement of the engagement was something my father will be settling, thus it couldn’t be helped.
Though the conversation seems to have ended, we continued with our attention turned towards the royal palace.
While fed up with the atmosphere, at last the carriage stopped.

My father’s face tightened as he stood up and held his hand out to me.
Taking his hand, I was able to elegantly descend the carriage.

As I got off the carriage, a voice announcing my arrival and a trumpet sounded through the air.
The soldiers lined up in two rows on either side of the palace gates, wearing uniform tailored specially for ceremonies, all bowed in unison.
Among them a man wearing a mantle gallantly stepped forward.
Based on his looks, he appeared to be a knight. To appear as the person in charge in this kind of place, he was most likely a high status noble. This man, that had a well-trained physique, resembled someone I know.

“Welcome, Lady Lidiana. I am the Knight’s Order Commander, Gregor.”

I recalled the name when I was checking the portraits before. That’s right, it was Will’s younger brother.
Although I’ve never met him even once, the brother that held a similar hue to him, though the air was different, he definitely looked very similar to Will.
Nodding in agreement, my father next to me replied.

“Are you* the guide for this occasion? Where’s his Majesty?”
“Together with his Highness, the Crown Prince, already waiting at the place of the audience.”

(*TN: he uses 貴殿 here which is formal pronoun used by men to their equal or superior; formal pronouns are hard to deal with….)

Gesturing us to continue, we followed behind him.
As we moved, the soldiers bowed once more.
Even though I understood that this was customary, it was still terribly uncomfortable.


While we continued to head towards to where the audience will take place, Will’s younger brother talked about various things for my sake, because I seemed nervous.

“I heard from his Highness, and was looking forward to meeting you. You are also acquainted with my older brother, yes?”

Unlike Will, Glenn had a cheerful aura. Although his facial features were like Will’s, compared to Will who tend to have a limited display of emotions, the air was really quite different.

“…….yes, since Will’s my childhood friend. I’ve also often hear of Gregor-sama’s great name from him.”
“How embarrassing. Please just call me Glenn.”
“Then, call me Lidi. But really, the air is totally different from Will’s.”

Looking up to him who was walking ahead of me, I’d say I was rather impressed.

“Is that so? I’ve heard we are pretty similar in battle…..How does my brother conduct himself before milady? I’m a bit interest.”
“My impression of Will…..I’d probably say taciturn and expressionless.”

I straightforwardly answered with what I’d always thought, yet why did Glenn suddenly become stiff.

“Taciturn…? Elder brother?”

“Yes. But I think he’s a kind person.”
“…….is that so”

I’d intended to follow up, but with that Glenn had become silent.

Even though I’d thought that it was fun to finally talk about a common topic, the conversation did not continue.
With that said, I thought about whether I should specially start a conversation, but gave up and just walk in silence.

After passing through the beautifully decorated corridor, we arrived in front of a door resembling a crest with a large twin headed dragon on it.
The crest of the royal family. This was the place of the audience.

There were two guards waiting there, and after receiving a glance from Glenn, they slowly opened the double doors.
I could hear a commotion, I knew there were a fairly large number of people gathered.

At the same time the door opened, the officials that were gathered for the audience collectively took a knee.
It appears the ceremony was more grandiose than I’d thought.

On top of a terribly expensive red carpet with geometric shapes drawn on it, while following my father’s escort, I gracefully continued on.
Midway, I noticed there was someone that looked like Will, but I wasn’t able to stop. I pushed my way forward towards the center of the room and stopped at the established position.

Apart from my father, only towards the royal family did I take the most formal bow.
After hearing a voice before me telling me to raise my head, I slowly lifted my upper body.

Directly in front of me were 3 people.

At the highest spot was this country’s King. He was Freed’s father, but comparatively he looked fairly young. He wore a deep crimson robe with a luxurious fur attached to it.
And then next to him was her Highness the Queen*.
The Queen that married here from another country, was wrapped in a thin open-chest, pale cream colored dress. The white lily「King’s Flower」, beautifully shone.
One level below those two was Freed, who sweetly smiled at me when our eyes met.

(*TN: used 妃 which technically be consort but more or less you get she the wife of the king yaa….my woes of translating verbatim vs better readability)


For a moment, I was too shocked to move and just stared wide-eyed.
Although it seemed that my disoriented state was not noticed by my surrounding, on the inside it has become an immense uproar.

What, that! What was that, What was that–––! !

……Freed was in formal wear.

Well, of course that was expected.
Because this was a formal ceremony, it’s only natural he’d pick a formal wear.

But I didn’t expect it to be the military uniform.

It was black all over. The collar was decorated with gold buttons. And the same gold colored aiguillette stretched out from the right shoulder, it all splendidly complemented the black military uniform. Boldly displayed like a medal on the left side of the chest was a blue rose made from sapphire paired with thin chains.
Looking at it now, the handle of the sword was also gold and awfully suited his appearance.

…..extremely good-looking!!

I quickly adverted my eyes and gathered myself, nearly losing my composure and be humiliated in front of a large crowd.


That appearance is too much to my liking*, I thought I was going to collapse from nosebleed.

(TN: ど真ん中 literally hitting the bullseye)

…..I didn’t mean that Freed’s face wasn’t particularly to my liking.
I did think that his beautiful features were handsome indeed, and that his long eyelashes and almond shaped eyes were worth seeing.

But, I’d also thought ‘so what’, it’s not like I had another answer.

That was something like thinking, ‘looking at the appearance of idols is so nice!!’ If I were to think about it, that would probably be the closest example. In other words, I would think of it as something irrelevant to me.

Well even I think having that kind of feelings towards Freed was probably rather rude, though it seems I was seriously captivated by his formal military uniform.

While unblinkingly glancing at him without being noticed, at this moment heart was holding a highly praise「Freed’s Military Uniform Festival」
I think I was probably an idiot, but being gripped by strong feelings was also the truth.

Whether it was the collar, or the form fitting style, at any rate I couldn’t stop.
Looking at it closely, on the same black colored mantle in silver threads was the royal family’s crest the large twin headed dragon embroidered on. I felt that it made him appear even more prominent.

Speaking of which, there was the story that this country’s founder was the「God of War」, I recalled with my head that was no longer able to think straight.
So that’s why the formal wear was the military uniform.

…..anyways my head was a mess.

I never thought myself to be someone that would be infatuated with the attire, but it seems no matter how you look at it, I was mistaken.
If he wanted to take me home* right now, no, it was ‘definitely’ a ‘will you take me home!!’

(*TN: お持ち帰り – take home in same sense as taking woman home from club or bar; also slang for one night stand)

What am I thinking! Snap out of it!!

Quickly returning to myself, hurriedly shook away the thoughts I was just having.

Incidentally at the time, his Majesty and my father was in the middle of a serious exchange, saying things like ‘Please make your daughter my son’s fiancee’ and ‘as you wish’, though I was completely not listening to any of it.

That was not all.

Still, I did not forget my manners I cultivated all these 18 years as the Duke’s daughter.
I can confidently say that looking at it from the outside, you can not tell that my mind was fooling around.

As I somehow reorganized myself, the talk continued, and at last the topic changed to the aforementioned scene.
The main event of today’s「Engagement Rites」, the exchange of names.

Freed step forward before me, and kneeled accordingly.

Even though the day before yesterday I didn’t feel anything, what happened, for my heart beat at an alarming rate just by wearing the military uniform?

Unforgivable……Freed was too attractive, unforgivable…..

Despite desperately holding my composure, inside I was having a「Military Uniform Encore」.
I thought about whether it was good to be reminded of the appearance of another me continuously striking floor at the moe.
I was already too stimulated, I had the vigor like I was shouldering a shrine*.

(*TN: Those portable shrines used during festivals…..just uh google if you don’t know)

“I am Friedrick Van De La Wilhelm. My one and only beloved beautiful princess. Please by all means grant me your name. In exchange I vow to only love you and you alone, even until this life extinguishes.”

I was suppose to respond to the ceremonial words, unfortunately the inside my head was as usual still in turmoil.
Still, I firmly suppressed it at once with the power of my will, and gently smiled.
As I stretched my hand out to him, I forcibly recalled the words I nearly forgot.

“I am Lidiana Von Vivoir. I have certainly received Friedrick-sama’s feelings. From now on, my everything will be your’s.”

Freed dropped a kiss on my hand.
At the same time our surrounding erupted in applause.
It was a sign that the engagement was acknowledge by the witnesses.
Finally one of the event has ended, I let out a sigh.

…..No good. It was still too early loose spirit.

Standing up, Freed happily smiled in my direction.
…..I didn’t think it would be this difficult to pretend to be calm.

That’s why stop.
If you do it in that appearance, I seriously can’t help but to become conscious of it.

Thinking that, I adverted my eyes from Freed as much as possible

……It seems my hardships have yet to end.

Translator: Broken Jinsei

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