I Favor the Villainess 142

Love Rival

It was morning time and we were in our classroom at the Imperial Academy.

“Claire, how have you been feeling after all of that?’

After our battle with the demon, Philine was constantly worried about Claire-sama.
Even though she was injured quite heavily herself, she paid no mind to her own condition and was only concerned about Claire-sama.

“Thank you for your concern, Philine-sama. However, as I have already mentioned yesterday, I am completely fine now.”

For the sake of winning Philine’s favor over and establishing a good relationship with her, Claire-sama has been dealing with her as nicely as possible; however, as one would expect, it was a bit troublesome to have somebody constantly worry about your condition every day.

“Even if you say that, maybe that’s just one part of it. Although your wounds have healed completely, don’t those bad memories come back and haunt you sometimes?”
“I am not that fragile. If anything, the only thing I am thinking of is how I will definitely defeat him the next time we meet.”
“Well then.”

That was the type of conversation they would exchange every morning.

Although the two of them shared a happy friendship already, the way Philine was trying to further narrow the distance between them seemed strange.
Somehow, she was trying to get close.
Very close.
I suddenly felt a familiar sense of danger towards Philine, who always seemed to be excited around Claire-sama and kept trying to maintain physical contact with her.
It felt like her attitude towards Claire-sama deviated from regular conduct between normal friends.
Or rather, it felt like I had seen something just like this before.
More specifically, it was like looking into a mirror.

“Ummー Philine-sama? As I’ve mentioned many times before, Claire-sama is mine, so I’d like it if you didn’t stick to her so much…….”
“Ah…… y-you’re right. I’m sorry, Rei. I did it without thinking……”

Did it without thinking, you say.
I felt wary of Philine, whose cheeks were dyed with a color of timidity.

“Rei, you are overthinking it. Philine-sama and I are friends, so isn’t this much considered normal?”
“T-Thank you, Claire!”

Claire-sama forced a smile as she stepped in for Philine, the latter of which looked like her tail had started wagging again.
Hold on, Claire-sama.
Were you a dense protagonist from a light novel or something?
If you just stopped and thought about it for even a moment, you’d notice that she liked you.

“Philine-sama, you’re a member of the Imperial family, aren’t you? Don’t you already have a fiance?”
“No, not yet.”
“That is surprising. Wouldn’t an imperial princess be considered an incredibly powerful diplomatic trump card?”

Claire-sama, who was more knowledgeable about the circumstances surrounding the upper class than I was, asked.

“That’s because my mother prefers to appeal to other countries by force rather than doing so diplomatically…….”

Philine murmured sadly.
It was true that Dorothea was the type of woman who’d take whatever she wanted by force.
To her, politics were so roundabout that she could simply dismiss certain aspects of it as useless.
Well, not that I would say she was that hot-headed, though.

“So, that means right now, I don’t have a partner, you know?”
“Y-Yes, I see……”
“Why are you trying to appeal to Claire-sama by advertising that you are free?”

Philine definitely felt something towards Claire-sama.
Where exactly did her shyness go?
No, actually, she still seemed to be quite nervous around me.

“It’s not like I’m appealing to her…… I just want to be closer with Claire……”
“It seems like you’re trying to show off quite a bit, though……”
“Is that so……? Oh geez, what am I doing……”

She was acting all timid again.
That’s not cute at all.
I mean, it’s kind of cute, but it’s not cute at all.

“Philine-sama, do you have an illicit crush on Claire-sama?”
“Wait a minute, Rei!?”

I was getting a bit annoyed, so I decided to be frank and asked her about it directly, which seemed to cause Claire-sama to panic.
I mean, I couldn’t bear to watch this anymore.

“L-Love, you say. That’s not……”

Hey, I specifically said “illicit crush”, though.
I’d prefer it if you didn’t choose to conveniently interpret it as something so natural.
That’s why natural-born princesses are so…….

“Wouldn’t it leave a bad reputation if a member of the Imperial family was seen trying to make a move on somebody who was already taken?”
“No, the Empire supports polygamy in particular.”

Now that she mentioned it, she was right.
The Empire’s marriage system was different from Bauer’s.
It was not monogamous, and same-sex marriages were permitted as well.
That was a special characteristic that was set in place due to the nature of RevoLily.

“Moreover, aren’t Claire and Rei still considered two strangers as far as the law is concerned?”
“T-That’s right……”
“Besides, from a familial standpoint, I think that Claire and I are a better fit considering my status as a member of the Imperial family and hers as a former high-class noble.”

Was I being driven into a corner?

“That’s wrong, Philine-sama.”

When she saw that I was being cornered, Claire-sama spoke up and gently admonished Philine.

“It is true that Rei and I have no sort of relationship legally speaking, and that the environments we were born in were completely different.”
“That’s right.”
“However, I eventually came to an understanding. Marriage isn’t something that is just used as a tool for politics or a way to give back to the parents that raised us, it is also something that is very important for my own personal happiness.”
“Your own personal…… happiness……”

Philine-sama mumbled.
Seeing that, Claire-sama continued.

“It is not that I disagree with the principle of political marriages, nor do I think it is wrong to marry for the sake of repaying our parents. However, at the same time, I cannot bring myself to ignore how important my partner must be to me.”
“…… Yes.”
“In that sense, there is no better partner for me than Rei. Even without any legal proof, to me, Rei is my irreplaceable companion. Please understand that.”

After saying her piece, Claire-sama grinned.
As for me, the expression on my face could not look any more triumphant.

“I see…… I understand……”

That was all she said. As expected, even Philine would start reconsidering things after hearing something like that.
From the beginning, she was somebody who had strong moral character, and she was probably just excited about making her first close friend, so she was probably just going to go back to――

“I understand. In that case, I’d like to announce my candidacy once again for becoming Claire’s partner.”

Come again?

“W-What are you saying, Philine-sama? Were you not listening to what I just said?”
“Yes, of course I was. I was just thinking that I would also like to give you a love that is irreplaceable without leaving any regrets.”

Her response came out of left field.
Claire-sama and I were completely flabbergasted.

“I understand that Rei is an incredibly important partner to Claire. I will do my very best so that Claire will think of me that way as well.”
“N-No, that was not what we were talking about though?”
“Don’t worry. This is something that I learned from Claire. It’s important to accomplish things little by little.”
“No, that is also completely unrelated to what we were talking about……”

Claire-sama was a bit flustered.
Did Philine always have such a reckless side to her?
Well, Philine was the daughter of someone like Dorothea, after all.

“In any case, let me say again that I am looking forward to being with you two from now on, Claire, Rei. I will work to become a respectable lady worthy of you both.”

Philine made a haughty proclamation.
Claire-sama wore an expression that looked like she wanted to ask how things turned out this way.
Regardless of how it happened, here were the facts.
It seemed that I now had a love rival.
And of all people, it was somebody who we absolutely needed to rely on for her cooperation.
Good grief.

Right as I was feeling completely worn out, Yuu-sama came in.
Since she was in a different classroom, it was rare for her to visit ours.

“Claire, Rei.”
“Oh, Yuu-sama. What’s the matter?”
“I received a letter from Bauer. This is probably…… going to sound like bad news.”

Yuu-sama said this with a grim look on her face:

“Bauer’s former Prime Minister, Salas Lilium, has disappeared. It seems that he has escaped from prison.”

With this, we’ve reached the end of chapter 10 (“Transferring into the Imperial Academy“)! Although I am just a fan translator, I am personally curious about what the readers think of everything that has happened so far. It’s been a wild ride, after all.

In regards to the release of chapter 11, that information has not been set in stone yet, but according to Inori-sensei, the pre-release may begin in early March. As usual, the public release will most likely start seven days after, so please look forward to that.

If you are interested in supporting the author, please consider subscribing to Inori-sensei’s pixivFANBOX page. The basic plan (100 yen per month) is enough to view the pre-release posts when they come out – with English and Korean translations to boot. Alternatively, you can also show your support for the author by simply leaving your impressions of the story so far (whether that’s through Twitter, commenting here or posting your thoughts on other platforms), or just by sending Inori-sensei a kind message!

As always, thank you all for reading I Favor the Villainess! We’ll be back with chapter 11 soon.

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41 thoughts on “I Favor the Villainess 142

    1. Same. I can understand having *some* persistence—I know couples that formed after a rejection—but this level of stalker-like stubornness is unnacceptable.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. She was never outright rejected by claire though. What was rejected was the option of divorcing rei, and you can tell philine took it to heart as she later amended her self-endorsing by including rei in the target: “I am looking forward to being with you *two* from now on, *Claire, Rei*. I will work to become a respectable lady worthy of you *both*.”
        And as rei said, they can’t exactly really properly reject her, as they can’t risk burning that bridge when they need to use her.

        Besides, if you get annoyed at her persistence, then you must have absolutely abhorred mc until the revolutions epilogue. She was not only far more persistent, but she also targeted someone who was straight (and liked another prince), pulled some massively creepy moves to forcefully insert herself into claires surroundings, manipulated claire into depending on her, and now even tied claire stronger to herself bu adopting kids.

        Liked by 5 people

        1. To be fair I was a little irritated with Rei at the beginning but I started to empathize with her a bit when she mentioned that she can’t keep going unless she makes fun of herself because I do that too sometimes

          Liked by 7 people

        2. In Rei’s defense in the first part, those creepy moves were part of a bigger plan to keep Claire alive. Her persistence in showing affection towards Claire was her way of making a joke of her feelings and, for the most part, she was resigned to serving Claire and nothing more. I agree that it’s creepy and unacceptable to make someone uncomfortable by showering them with affection, especially if it also lead to other people poking fun at that person. However, while I think Rei is manipulative and obsessive to a fault, Claire depending on her was a result of her earning her trust, considering Claire’s insecurity and trust issues. And for the last bit, Claire was the one more excited about taking care of kids than Rei.

          Liked by 1 person

    2. To be fair, Rei did the same thing to Claire way back in the beginning.

      It made me pretty uncomfortable at first and I almost dropped the novel. But chapter 15 and it’s commentary on sexuality convinced me to stick around.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. That was what convinced me to keep reading and actually able to relate to her a bit more with her talking about needing to make fun of herself


  1. Considering Doro (something) mother dearest’s attitude, I wasn’t surprised that Philline would act persistent, which is making me super annoyed cuz she is ruining the romantic dance between our babies Clair and Rei.

    On the other hand, it also makes the story more interesting! So I can’t really complain. I’m really looking forward for when Rei finally kicks her and other asses in the future !!!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Oh I definitely would resent that, if it happens that is. Clair wouldn’t do that to Rei, but Rei wouldn’t let that happen in the first place. Remember how persistent Rei was during that school activity like Valentine’s day (with Queen Manaria(¿)), and when she was running all around the kingdom trying to save Clair from execution?

        With Philline here, I don’t mind seeing that panicked, scared and almost yandere-like possessive Rei again ❤

        Liked by 2 people

        1. True that would be good to see again, and I would be interested to see if Philine and Lily could work as a couple or not Lily needs some love right now


  2. Ironically, it was Rei’s suggestion that Claire should get close to Philine. I don’t usually mind poly ending but Rei and Claire’s relationship shouldn’t turned into that kind. Part one ending was perfect enough for me. I’m so pausing on this novel until the end of this part two.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lol… The princess is like Rei taylor version 2.0….looking just like her own self.I’m excited to know how rei will pull this off. XD….. Fight for love.!


  4. I like the storyline of this part so far but…is it just me or is Rei seriously nerfed in this part? In the first part she was there to deal with half the things before the Revolution but now it’s like everything is Claire-sama doing??? Things happened the way they did because of her interference. Sure the main storyline ended so Rei doesn’t have as much ‘future’ knowledge as before, but she is still a very smart and capable person. Not to mention the fact that she barely uses her water attribute, if at all. I feel like her fight with Manaria alone is more serious than all the fights so far in the second part. In the first part Rei also completely defeated Claire just using Earth attribute but now they barely even talk about how strong she is?

    I really hope that changes soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it looks to me like while rei is very quick witted, she’s simply not much of a fighter, she’s insidious and uses her knowledge to gain an upperhand like a tactician she’s simply more power than most because she reincarnated as a main protagonist and we all know that in “isekai” work that equates to gaining a a few cheats/perks. hers are simply not OP. there’s also the slidding scale of difficulty. it’s like winning a top spot of a competition against amateur and competing against experienced individuals. all in all, rei did very little fighting per se, that role was given to claire.

      her winning vs claire in the early chapters was simply due to claire’s lack of experience and poor match up. i’m sure things would go very differently if they decided to spar but it probably won’t come to that since fire seems to be the most aggressive and straightforward of them all.

      what’s more, it is my understand that while is can be used for combat, seems like water is mainly used for support and healing. that being said, rei seems to have it well incorporated with her fighting style by mixing it with her earth element like when she created a muddy pit to slow/trap the cerberus.

      Liked by 2 people

  5. I hope the author isn’t trying to actually go the poly route with this. I don’t like how Philine keeps trying to push her way into Rei and Claire’s relationship.


  6. Good luck with this Rei, your fighting with a person with the (not.quite) same mind as you.

    AND DAMMIT, the system sucks. It’s been a while, his service is no longer relevant, and they decided to throm him in jail?!?!?! And ofc, he escaped.


  7. Alright time for yuri jelly from both sides. Cant wait till lily joins these three.

    While yuri harem is fine for me, i dont particularly like anyone else disturbing the Relaire ship


    1. Ah and there’s Lana too. Possibility of Eve’s ‘stolen lover’ identity can be Claire too. Maybe she had a crush on claire or something. Now this is going the crazy route, Im in


  8. Of course Salas would escape 😭 Man’s probably got loyal supporters from Bauer,,,

    Rei and Claire have so much love rivals??? HELP?????? FHSJSHDHDHD

    We need to push Philine away from Claire’s route and into the Hilde (?) route !!! But alas, Philine has the “MC-loving-bully/villainess” syndrome, bless her heart

    I’m all for Rei being jelly tho !! Show how much you love Claire !!!!! But like, don’t be *too* overbearing, ya know?

    Thank you for the translation, angela! And thank you Inori-sensei!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Salas’ escape is as predictable as an elite mage getting stabbed in the back by a normal knife.


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