Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 375

She and the Foreign Minister’s Betrayal 2


“We’ve been informed by His Majesty.”

Us three went to the King’s office, and four guards standing in front of the door to the office deeply bowed their heads upon seeing us. Then they politely opened the door.

“Please come in.”

I went inside following Freed. There, the King and Father were waiting for us after being contacted telepathically by Freed.
The King was sitting on an armchair, Father standing behind him. When I went up to Freed’s side, the King turned a sharp gaze to his son.

“And? Tell us the story.”

Freed explained to the King and Father what had happened until now.
After he finished saying everything, the King first said.

“Maxwell becoming a traitor? Impossible.”

Even my father affirmed.

“And betraying His Majesty at that? Even if Sahaja really tempts him, he should take no notice of it.”

I was relieved to hear their clear answers and happy they shared my opinion, but Brother, distrustful of Duke Pellegrini, seemed unable to understand why they could declare that.

“Duke Pellegrini really hates old man, right? Old man, you should dislike Duke Pellegrini too. We’ve witnessed that for years. How can you declare that he won’t become a traitor despite that?”

I nodded to Brother’s words.
I’m not in the he’s-a-traitor faction, but same as Brother, I’m well aware that Father and Duke Pellegrini are on bad terms. That’s why, while I thought the King would share my opinion, I was under the impression Father would have a view closer to Brother, Will, or Glenn.
The King turned his gaze to Father.

“Lucas. It’s a good opportunity. Why don’t you finally teach the children why you and Maxwell fight? We’re talking about you. You’ve never told anyone, right?”

Both my and Brother’s eyes shone at the King’s words.
Because, Father had not once talked about that problem.
I and Brother hoped we could finally hear the truth, but Father only frowned.

“It’s a personal matter. It doesn’t interfere with work, so that’s unnecessary.”

Perhaps not wanting to tell us very much, Father didn’t nod to the King’s words. But, the King didn’t yield to that.

“I think the children have become involved more than enough. Lucas, this is the King’s order. Explain what happened with you and Maxwell right here, right now.”
“… I understand.”

Father looked incredibly unwilling, but he eventually nodded.
With a reluctant expression on his face, he spoke. Hearing his story, I, Brother, and Freed all stared at him in amazement.


“… In the end, ain’t it a childish fight?”
“Yup. But, that’s exactly why it has dragged on until now, I think.”
“… Yeah.”

After Father’s story ended, I and Brother exchanged glances and nodded to each other. Father looked like he’d talked about something unpleasant.
Seeing such Father, Brother unreservedly said.

“Hey, old man. If you’re aware you’re hated that much, how can you declare that Duke Pellegrini won’t become a traitor? After hearing the story, I think this all the more so.”

Father laughed off Brother’s words.

“If he became a traitor, he’d only be worth that much. It would mean I had overestimated him, just that.”
“Just that, you say…”
“Anyway, it’s impossible for Maxwell to become a traitor. He’s more stubborn than me. He won’t reverse a decision he once made. Sahaja will immediately notice there’s no use wasting time on him.”

The King wryly smiled as Father clearly declared that, then he said.

“Our conclusion is that there’s no need to worry. But, we cannot ignore the existence that instigates betrayal. Freed, I leave that to your judgement. Is that fine?”
“You don’t need to worry about Maxwell being approached by Sahaja.”
“I don’t think there’s a need for that either, but Duke Pellegrini is the closest to whom Sahaja desires. They don’t know the actual circumstances, so I don’t think they’ll leave him alone.”
“Hum. That’s right. Even his sons think he might become a traitor. It’s not strange for Sahaja to judge that he could become a traitor as well, huh.”

The King chuckled as if amused, and the meeting finished with that.
Us three left the office.
Brother asked Freed.

“Say, His Majesty said he trusts Duke Pellegrini too, but do you still feel that way?”
“Yeah. Duke Pellegrini won’t betray us. That’s the simple truth.”
“I see. Lidi, you too?”
“Eh? Yup.”

As the talk turned to me, I affirmed.

“I haven’t had as much contact with Duke Pellegrini as Freed. But, it’s my impression from talking with him. Father might get angry if he heard it, but Duke Pellegrini somehow felt similar to him.”

I noticed it when talking with Father just now, but it felt strangely right to say it.

“Yup. That’s why, I think it’s okay.”

Hearing my opinion, Brother placed a hand on his waist and sighed exaggeratedly.

“With Freed and you saying that, there’s no way I can’t believe it… Got it. Honestly, I’m still doubtful, but His Majesty, old man, and you both trust Duke Pellegrini. I’ll also believe in his innocence.”
“… Is that fine?”

I didn’t really want to force my opinion.
I wouldn’t mind if Brother couldn’t believe in him.
But, Brother nodded with a serious look.

“Yeah. After all, it’s you saying that. I know that at such times you are never wrong. It’s not a theory, it’s a simple rule of thumb. But, that’s why I can believe it.”
“… Hmph?”

Had something happened until now that he can treat is a rule of thumb? When I questioningly tilted my head, Brother wryly smiled.

“You’re oblivious as ever… Whenever you’ve been involved in something, your choices have never made things go in the wrong direction. It’s surprising how you’re never wrong. This time too, you’re fully involved. And such you is saying that the Duke is innocent. If I don’t believe you, it will only come back to bite me later. It always does…”

As I understood less and less, Brother stroked my head that I tilted to the other side.

“You don’t need to understand. You can just do what you want. That’s the right answer for you.”
“… Yup.”

For now, I nodded my head. But, the next moment Brother’s hand was splendidly brushed away by Freed.


Brother barked at Freed. While making a sullen face, Freed told Brother.

“Alex, I always tell you not to touch my Lidi.”
“It’s a skinship between a brother and sister! You’re too narrow-hearted!”
“Yeah, I agree. She’s my wife now. Why would I hold back?”
“Don’t affirm it! You damn wife maniac. In the first place, since you got betrothed, you haven’t held back even once!”

Perhaps unable to reply, Freed averted his gaze from Brother and instead tightly hugged me.

“… I’m the only one who can touch Lidi.”
“… Yup.”
“You damn lovebirds. But well, I certainly was careless doing that when I knew you’d get angry.”

Brother looked in amazement at Freed’s immediate answer then for some reason turned to me.
He once again deeply sighed and told Freed.

“Yes, yes. It was my bad. Anyway, back to the talk. I believe your words. I want you to know I feel that way.”
“… Got it.”

Hearing Freed’s reply, Brother smiled with relief.

“Then, I’ll be going. I must investigate who Abel is impersonating. I also have to do this at the same time. Really, I’m busy…”

Information gathering is fundamentally Brother’s job. I feel sorry for Brother, but I’m sure I can’t find Abel alone, so I have no choice but to rely on his cooperation.

“Older Brother, I’m sorry.”
“I ain’t really blaming you. Laters.”

Waving his hand, Broth left the royal quarters. After seeing him off, I and Freed went back to our room.


As soon as we entered the room, Freed hugged me from behind. I placed my hands on his and looked behind.

“What is it?”
“Listen, I have a little request.”
“A request?”

It’s unusual for Freed to say ‘request’. While thinking so, I nodded.

“Fine. Say anything. Freed, you always listen to my selfishness, so this is good once in a while.”
“Thanks. Then――”
“Eh? Fine. Really, how unusual.”

While tilting my head at Freed’s request, I nodded.
For the time being, we have to wait for Will and Glenn to get in touch.
I sighed about the hectic situation and began to seriously think about what to do during the wait.

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