Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 144

This marks the start of volume 7 content. Updated the illustrations page accordingly.

He and His Father


Hearing Lidi begin lightly sleep breathing, I understood she fell asleep. Relieved I stroked her head, and once again dropped a kiss on her forehead.

“Good night”

Whispering so, I raised my stooped body.
To be honest, I want to stay at her side a little more.
But, I have to go meet Father.
I summoned Clara via telepathic communication, and entrusted Lidi to her.

“Please stay with her until I come back”
“Yes, Your Highness. Please leave it to me”

She just woke up and isn’t in her usual condition yet.
Supposing something happened while I wasn’t there, my regret would be immeasurable.
I entrusted Clara with her, and while painfully reluctant left the room.


“Freed, is Princess alright?”

I was summoned to meet with Father in his his private room. Waiting for me as I stepped into the room that I seldom enter were two people, my father and Lidi’s father, the Prime Minister.
I nodded to Father’s question and sat on the recommended chair.

“Yeah, she was a little tired so she’s sleeping now, however she appeared healthy. Clara is looking after her”

At my words, Prime Minister’s face showed an honest relief.
Looking at this aspect, it’s clear he loves his daughter.
Since I got engaged with Lidi, I can see the side of Prime Minister I hadn’t seen before, it shouldn’t be my conceit that I feel he’s friendlier than before.

“Well then, let’s hear the report”

Father similarly sat on a chair, beside him stood Prime Minister.
The main subject stars from here. No matter what it takes I have to protect her.

“… It’s as I’d submitted, but to get straight to the point, I confirmed Lidi to be the neutralization user. I saw the test carried before my eyes, I, Alex, Will, and Glenn can confirm it”

When I briefly stated the facts, Father breathed out deeply and Prime Minister looked up at the ceiling and closed his eyes.
I’d briefly informed them beforehand so they didn’t cause an uproar, but still it feels like they can’t quite believe it.

“No way, Princess was the neutralization user… The saying it’s darkest under the lamp post fits well”

In Prime Minister’s voice as he said that with a sigh the feeling of why she didn’t say it earlier reverberated. I can understand his feelings.

“According to her story, it’s only recently that she noticed her neutralization ability. Because it’s a troubling ability, it was hard for her to talk about it”
“Well, that would be so”

When I glossed over the witch, I felt like Father’s eyes shined.
He might have noticed. I was startled for an instant, but relief washed over me when he didn’t investigate further.
From now is the main issue. I have to fire myself up.
I slowly spoke.

“Lidi’s ability is rare and very valuable for our country. However I oppose using her…. I can’t take her to the battlefield. Me going should be enough”
“Your Highness…”

Prime Minister looked at me a little wide-eyed. Moreover, he gave a firm nod.
Without averting my gaze filled with determination, I awaited Father’s answer.
Hearing my words Father showed a slightly surprised expression, and then said astounded.

“Freed… I still haven’t said anything”
“However, the theory is a neutralization user should at least belong to the Magician Division. I think it’s important to join to protect yourself and to study how to control your ability, but I don’t want to make her join the military. I don’t want her to go to the battlefield. She is, Lidi is, my Princess Consort. I will protect her”

Implicitly I declared I absolutely won’t concede.
Father let out a deep sigh.

“… I’m saying I still haven’t said anything. I understand Princess is your only mate… I wouldn’t order anything like that”
“Esteemed Father…”
“Now that you found your mate, you’ll never look at a woman other than Princess. That’s what a mate is. I promise I won’t send your only Princess who’ll bear your children off to the battlefield, be relieved”

I felt like my whole body lost strength from those words.
Lidi’s neutralization magic is extremely useful.
Magical arts engagements are far from uncommon on the battlefield, her potential is immeasurable.
Just bringing her would unmistakably increase the victory rate. Deep down I was nervous what Father, who understands that, would do, but I’m saved.
I intended to protect her no matter the cost, so it was quite anticlimactic to receive consent right away.

“Esteemed Father, thank you”
“It’s not only for your sake. Without Princess a successor to this country won’t be born. I can’t let my Wilhelm’s history end with your reign. Besides… Lucas over there was annoying”
“Your Majesty!”

Agitated, Prime Minister reproached Father.
While watching Father stifle laughter and Prime Minister turning away his face in embarrassment, I felt a little like I was seeing myself and Alex.
Come to think of it, those two were childhood friends too.
I hated the talk of my engagement coming up, so until now I tried to keep our contact to the bare minimum.
So I didn’t know they had a relationship where they could have such exchanges.
But I can understand this relaxed behavior if they’re close childhood friend.

“What. As soon as we received the report on neutralization magic, who was it that harshly said not to make his daughter join the military. Even though I said I had no such intention, you were completely distrustful”
“It’s essential to be distrustful as the Prime Minister”
“Hmm. That’s true”

Having laughed once again at Prime Minister’s words, Father turned to me.

“It’s as you’ve heard. I have no intention of having Princess join the military or use her power. Even without it, our country has you”
“Of course. I’ll work to cover her part too”

If by standing on the battlefield I won’t make her go through scary experiences, there’s nothing to complain about.
I understand it’s one of my essential roles , if I think it’s for her I’ll fulfill it with enthusiasm.
When I firmly nodded, Prime Minister bowed his head and said.

“Your Highness. Thank you. I’m grateful you’d go this far for my daughter. I didn’t make a mistake to decide to have my daughter marry Your Highness. I can now say it with confidence”
“Please raise your head. It’s me who’s sorry for not sending her back to the mansion despite us not being married yet”

I didn’t to anything to deserve thanks. Everything I did is what I wanted to do.
Rather, I feel sorry for taking the advantage of the situation and enclosing her over sending her back to the mansion.
Nevertheless, I’d be troubled if I was told to return her.
Prime Minister raised his face and shook his head.

“I’ve heard from my son it’s to protect my daughter. From the start she had been a difficult child, but with neutralization magic on top of that it’s become troublesome… I’m truly glad my daughter’s partner is Your Highness. Otherwise, it’d become more complicated. I believe she’ll continue putting Your Highness to trouble from now on, but please take care of her forever”
“I’ve never thought of her as a bother, so don’t worry about it. It is I who should say that I have to make sure she won’t ever fall out of love with me”

I said it as a joke, but there was some seriousness mixed in.
It’s unthinkable, but supposing that happened, I won’t have confidence in not locking her up.
I can allow her freedom precisely because she accepted me, I understand that more than enough.

“Lucas, leave it at that. I said it’s alright. You are overthinking it a little. Don’t worry, Freed will never let go of Princess”
“Your Majesty…”
“More importantly, it’s about the assassins. Did you learn anything about the background of the people who attacked Freed and Princess?”

As Father changed the subject, Prime Minister’s countenance changed to the one of the Prime Minister, not a father.
Since this talk isn’t unrelated to me, I assumed a listening stance.

“I had my son investigate them, but all appear to be hoodlums from the town… We only know they were hired by somebody”
“What about the knife user from the report?”
“We searched, but we couldn’t find him. As His Highness said, he might have escaped. We can’t identify him through the knives, it seems he obtained them from a nearby shop”
“… I see”

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