Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 141

His Wish

I intently watched her face as she continued sleeping.
After that eventful date, one way or another I returned with her to the castle.
After all she must’ve been considerably nervous. The moment she entered the room after changing clothes she lost consciousness.


When I rushed to her who suddenly lost consciousness, her body was burning up. In a panic I called for Clara and had her bring the court physician exclusive to royalty, who diagnosed her with fever caused by fatigue.

“She was scared, so it’s only reasonable. She’ll wake up naturally when she recovers. Until then it’s most important to not disturb her”

I was relieved by the court physician’s words.
Lidi went as far as using neutralization magic to save me.
My chest tightens just by thinking something could’ve happened to her.

“If she only has to sleep, she’ll be calmer in her own room. I’ll take her back home”

I obstructed Alex as he tried to lift Lidi having said so.
When she wakes up, I want to be on her side.
No matter what her condition is, I hate being apart.

“I’ll look after Lidi. I’m her full-fledged fiancé. I have at least that right, don’t I?”

When I claimed my right as her fiancé, Alex backed down as if exasperated.
Perhaps he knew I had no intention of backing down no matter what he said.
While I’m at work I leave nursing to Clara, but aside from that I don’t leave her side for a moment.
When she wakes up, I hope she’ll look at me first.
She continues being fast asleep, although her fever has gone down, she shows no signs of waking up.
There are no abnormalities in her body so I’m not worried, even so I can’t help but wish she’d wake up soon.

“Lidi, hurry up and wake up”

I stroked her hair while she slept in the bed in my bedroom.
The third morning since Lidi collapsed is approaching.
I’ve had no intention of sleeping.
When she wakes up I want to tell her good morning, and with Lidi in such a state I’m honestly not confident I could sleep. Rather than forcing myself to, I’m much more at ease intently watching her sleeping face.
Having put a chair on the bedside, I continued taking care of her as instructed by Clara.
That’s how my current situation is, but I’ve gotten used to lack of sleep over years. There aren’t any particular problems at work. I finish it as soon as possible, only wanting to return to Lidi’s side.
I’ve said to Alex and others that I’ll talk about the assassins when Lidi wakes up.
When I gave a pretext that it’s better to also hear her story as the person concerned, everybody nodded, but the real reason is her neutralization magic.
I don’t want to talk about it without her.
So when the assassins come up, the talk gets stuck there.
I don’t want to advance the talk without her knowledge.
I gave a brief report to Father, but I was allowed to provide the details on a later date.

“… You were cool”

Recalling that time, I told Lidi softly.
Lidi jumped out in front of the flame art fired by the magician.
While I was so scared I was thinking my heart would stop, looking back Lidi told me “Trust me”, despite it being such a scene I could only watch her in fascination.
Due to that, the force I put into thrusting her away weakened.
She shook me off, and without any hesitation stuck out her hand, and extinguished the flames that rapidly approached.

I can’t forget the shock from that time.

Even if it was constructed by an inexperienced arts user, it was still a high grade flame art.
Even with my high aptitude for fire, I was prepared for not insignificant burns while suppressing it.
I thought it was a cheap price to pay for it to end.
And yet, she extinguished the flames in an instant.
They vanished with her shouting just a single word.
While I was awfully surprised, somewhere I was convinced.
After all just as I thought, she’s a neutralization user.
I don’t know why she kept it a secret until then, or why she felt like showing it this late.
Still, there’s no doubt both of us were saved thanks to her.
Incidentally, the witch’s words crossed my mind.

“What you’re searching for is right by”

… So it’s that kind of thing. Finally I understood the witch’s words.
That wasn’t the witch’s advice towards me, it was the message from the witch to notice quickly and safeguard her.
The witch cherishes her. It’s entirely possible.
And to inform me of that secret, it means I succeeded in obtaining the witch’s trust.

I continued stroking her hair without getting tired of it.
Once again I thought back upon that time.

―――― When everything ended and she came back in front of me, she crumbled down from relief.
In a hurry I held her in my arms, but if I think about it, it’s a matter of course she collapsed.
I had forgotten, but despite looking like this she’s the only daughter of the preeminent ducal house.
She’s the apple of Vivoir house’s eye.
Naturally she’s never been to a battlefield, she must’ve never encountered such a strife.
Moreover, even if I had no other way, I slayed all the enemies.
It’s unlikely there’s a woman who wouldn’t bat an eye when shown such a thing without any practice.
Even so she didn’t say she was scared even once.
She desperately grit her teeth, and endured behind me.
It’s not something anyone can do.
That behavior was remarkable.
Even if they were confident in being able to neutralize it, even an adult man who had received training would find it difficult to stand in front of that magical art.
And she accomplished that through sheer determination.
Even though in reality she was scared and her body trembled, she didn’t run away.

Because she wanted to save me――――.


I grasped her hand in my hands.
On her finger the ring I gifted her is glittering.

She did her best to save me, when she told me that I thought it’s no good anymore.
How far will she go. How far will she make me fall for her.
Even though what I want is for her to fall for me.

I’m at my limit.
I always think I’m at my limit, and yet she always makes me fall deeper by her own hand.
Told such a thing and shown such a behavior – I’d like to meet a man who wouldn’t fall for her.
Rather than being poorly confessed, I felt like I received something deeper.
Enough, I thought.
It’s my complete defeat. I can’t win against what she did.
I thought it doesn’t matter even if she can’t tell me she loves me yet.
I’ll wait forever.
Forever, until she decides it’s okay.
Until she says it, I’ll just continue declaring my part.
I understand she has feelings for me more than enough.
She’s given me more than that.

“I love you, Lidi. My mate”

At the day of that ball, by chance I met my only beloved.
Open your eyes soon.
Then, I’ll love you even more than until now.
I won’t hand you to anybody else. I don’t want to hand over even a little of Lidi.
Everything, from the top of her head to the tips of her toenails, even strands of her hair, Lidi is all mine.
I know.
My love that’s turned towards only one person is surely too heavy to accept alone.
Still, my love is only directed at her.

“Hurry up and let me hear your voice, look at me with those eyes”

Once again I strongly grasped her hand, and as if wishing dropped a kiss on her finger.
I gazed at her face.
Oh? I thought.
I felt like her eyelashes quivered.


It’s not my imagination.
Her eyelashes quivered again, and she showed a fretful expression.
Before long, her closed eyelids gradually opened, and the beautiful violet eyes appeared.
After blinking, she slowly turned her face to me.


Her soft voice as she recognized me felt pleasant.
I could tell both my body and soul were satisfied hearing my beloved’s voice calling me.
While enduring the feeling of wanting to cry, I told her.

“… Good morning, Lidi”
“Nn? Good morning?”

Lidi didn’t understand the situation, still she returned the greeting.
Her puzzled expression is cute.
It’s just like Lidi. Was what I thought upon seeing it.
My beloved existence has finally recovered.
Smiling from the bottom of my heart, I pulled her towards myself… And strongly hugged her.

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  1. Hngg I really love chapters with Freed’s POV especially this chapter!! We need more of his thoughts, they’re so precious!! 💕

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  2. Awwwwwwww this is too lovely, too sweet! Freed’s pov is always too precious ❤️ I agree with him, Lidi was cool back then!

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  3. I feel that this chapter is filled with gentle feeling and it’s so touching~ Thank you for the chappie!!!

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    Freed, I think she just forgot it 🤣

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