Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 128

He and His Fiancée

It’s still no good…

While casting a sidelong glance at Lidi walking next to me, I secretly sighed.
Holding hands with me she’s happily pulling me with great vigor.
Seeing her like this, even though a smile naturally escaped me, I was a little amazed.
She doesn’t get it.
When we’re walking like this, no matter who you ask we can only be seen as an intimate pair of lovers.

“This shop!”

The shop Lidi brought me to was a cozy privately managed shop. It doesn’t particularly stand out mixed with the surrounding shops. The sign on the door barely indicates it’s a café.
To know a shop you wouldn’t normally notice, she must be quite familiar with this area. Even while coming here not once did she look lost.
I followed after Lidi who promptly opened the door.
Looking inside the interior is surprisingly spacious, there’s a sufficient number of table seats.
From what I’ve heard from Lidi, it seems to be a popular shop. The inside looks crowded, but some customers seems to have just finished paying the bill, so luckily we could sit without having to wait.
An employee brought us water and menu.
I picked it up and handed it to Lidi.
When she received her, she glared at the menu for a moment, then suddenly raised her face and asked.

“I recommend this shop’s rare cheesecake. What will you do, Freed? You aren’t good with sweets, are you?”

Lidi’s who’s peeking here with a serious face is cute.
Since she already knows I’m not good with sweets, I didn’t really deny it.

“Yeah, I guess I’ll stop at a drink. Lidi should order whatever you like. Of course, I’m paying for everything on this date”

I meant to say she doesn’t need to worry about it, but Lidi frowned sullenly.

“Don’t think I’ll accept being treated. I can afford this much”

Apparently she dislikes being treated. Thinking her pouting face is also cute, I was about to indulge her.
Still, to celebrate our first date I absolutely didn’t feel like making the woman pay.
Especially when it’s Lidi, it’s natural I want to pamper her as much as I can.
After thinking a little, I made a proposal that would satisfy her.

“I understand that. But I want to show off here. If you hate being treated, in exchange for this how about you make something for me?”
“… For Freed?”

Right, when I nodded Lidi put a finger to her lip and began pondering. That gesture is cute too. Or rather, it looks a little erotic. I could tell men around paid attention to her. Suddenly the feeling of wanting to kick everybody out welled up.
Truly unperturbed by the gazes of the wicked men, Lidi muttered.
I’m really getting worried by how defenseless she is. I’m impressed she hadn’t been eaten before we met… I’d never forgive that.

“Something not too sweet… Do I give up on desserts and settle for a meal? I wonder if Japanese food is okay…”
“Made up your mind?”

When I asked her that, having no intention of having her pay from the start, Lidi nodded.
And bashfully said.

“Nn. If it’s like this I understand. I’ll let you treat me. Then, next time I’ll cook a meal for Freed. I’ll do my best, so look forward to it”
“I will”

As she happily smiled, I wanted to tell her that never mind the meal, I want to indulge in her to my heart’s content. All night long, no, even when dawn breaks, I don’t want to let her go.
Lately her loveliness has only been increasing, it’s hard to control my desire.

―――― In fact, naturally I’ve noticed she came to have feelings for me.

Ever since the trouble with the Crown Prince of Sahaja, her attitude has obviously changed.
Since then, her reactions when embraced are sweeter, they changed to those you’d give to a lover. At the same time, I think her attitude during other times has been changing little by little. Little things turn her red, when I hug her she happily snuggles up to me.
She’s in love with me.
It didn’t take me long to be convinced of that.
Until then, I think she often unconsciously showed me affection.
That’s why, being unable to understand her feelings I was perplexed, but it’s different now.
She obviously has feelings for me.
When I realized I wanted to shout in joy.
And yet, for some reason she’s hesitating. She doesn’t put it into words at all.
She keeps her mouth shut as if to deny her own feelings.
It’s been the case not long ago too. I hoped she would say it soon, yet all of a sudden she changed the subject.
I don’t know what’s keeping her from doing it, but it seems it’s still no good.
―――― I regret that I decided to wait.
I’m so starved if she only hinted at it a little I’d jump at her, and yet I want her to say it herself.
It’s meaningless if she don’t confess herself. If I force her to, everything I’ve been waiting until now would come to nothing.

… I wonder if she knows.

I recalled the affair in the carriage. She was so cute with her lovely appearance different from usual, I spontaneously wanted to do it in the carriage.
Without much resistance she accepted my coaxing the place notwithstanding.
I think there’s normally no way that woman would want or accept that in such a place with a man they don’t love.
And her face when I said I won’t let her go some time ago.
With an enchanted smile she said she’s happy. That smile was bad for my heart. If we weren’t in a public place, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to hold back and would kiss her.

… Isn’t it enough? Could you say it already.

When I gazed at her with such an expectation, she made a mystified face.


Unfortunately, it seems it hasn’t reached her. She’s as dull as ever.
Bitterly smiling I shook my head.

“No, it’s nothing. Is it delicious?”

With a coffee in hand I watched her stuff her cheeks with the delicious-looking no-bake cheesecake that had been served.
While looking at her enjoying herself from the bottom of her heart, strangely I thought I can patiently wait until she comes to accept it.
Surely it’s because I understand she has feelings for me, even if she doesn’t put it into words, her attitude and gaze convey it. Otherwise, there’s no way I could leisurely wait.
At any rate it’s a fruit that will eventually fall into my hands, since I’m convinced of that I can wait.
Lidi is lovely as she’s nibbling the cake like a small animal.
Noticing a piece of cake on her cheek, I reached my hand for it.
I scooped it with my finger and put it in my mouth. As sweetness spread inside, I frowned.

“… Wha… What are…”
“Nn? You had cake there. It’s sweet”

Surprised by my action, Lidi completely solidified.
Lidi easily reacts even to such casual things. It’s so cute I can’t help it.
With that feeling, I once again reached my hand towards Lidi’s face.

“F… Freed?”

I can tell people around are watching us.
But, I don’t care. Rather, I’m in a mood to show off.
She is mine, and I am hers. I want to point out that simple fact.
Smoothly stroking her cheek I smiled.
As soon as I did that, her face dyed red.

Hey, that’s why don’t show such an easy to understand reaction.
I won’t do it, but it makes me want to take advantage of it.
Lidi, whose face reddened, is shocked speechless.
It’s something else that she doesn’t realize with this.

“I was captivated by how cute Lidi looks while eating. Next is the general store? We still have time. I’ll accompany you anywhere”


When I honestly told her, she hung her head to hide her face that reddened from embarrassment. I could see her ears that had been hidden.
Seeing she’s dyed vermillion up to her ears, I felt ticklish.
I can’t help but be happy that she’s self-conscious.

“Yup… I want to go the general store next”

When I called her name again, still flushed she nodded slightly.
I still can’t get those words from her, even so I’m happy, I thought so strongly.

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4 thoughts on “Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 128

  1. Awww what a sweet chapter (sweeter than the cake Lidi is eating im sure). Have always loveeed chapters from Freed’s pov more than Lidi’s ❤️

    Thanks so much for the lovely translation ✨


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