Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Extra 9

Ducal House’s Retaliation 3

Author’s note: ※ There are contents related to allergic reactions below. Although I harbor no ill will, it may make those who suffer from allergies feel unpleasant.
I apologize, but please avoid reading if you think they’ll make you uncomfortable.




Baron Wire’s point of view



“How in the world did it turn out like this…”

Although I was judged and apprehended by Lord Alexei, when I was released afterwards I scurried back to the mansion.
Tomorrow it seems I’ll have to go to the castle on my own. I thought of running away, but thinking of how easily I was released it would be nothing short of reckless. Exactly as he said, I’m certain I’m watched so that I don’t do anything unnecessary.

Shutting myself in my room I shivered alone.
I don’t feel like having my mistresses serve me now.
My head is filled only with the thoughts of my future.

I have to go to the castle tomorrow.
Now that it turned out like this, I can’t afford to ignore it. It’s the basics to disregard everything and come running at His Majesty and the Prime Minister’s summon. Normally I’d be happy about it.
But, I can’t honestly rejoice now.
Not now after the crimes I’d concealed came to light.
Imagining what I’d be told, I couldn’t go to the castle with a smile.

“That lass!”

Everything is because of that lass. I have no doubt.
I never would have thought she would be the young lady of the preeminent ducal house, but I’m like this because I got involved with that lass.

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. While trembling in fear, my heart made an unpleasant sound when I thought of what will be decided.

At least my territory will be taken away. The mistresses I gathered at great pains will also be dissolved.
If I do something wrong, I’ll lose everything.

Why. Why did it happen.

Ever since I was young, I’ve been treading on thin ice. In my life I found myself in a crisis many times. And each time I only barely avoided it. I have strong luck. I’ve come this far thinking so. Having it completely turn away from me I don’t know what to do.

“It’s over… It’s over for me…”

I fell on my hands. My body trembled with fear.
I can’t help but be afraid. And yet my stomach even at a time like this complained of hunger, I could only find it hateful. While angry about my stomach growling, I looked around.

Suddenly, I caught sight of a white box that I recalled came from Lars’s shop. I feel like this lass prepared it.
At that time I was unaware and thought it was normal chocolate, but it’s a different story if it’s chocolate made by the daifuku producer.
There’s no doubt it’s a delicacy.
I wonder if it’ll improve my helpless mood a little.
Thinking so, while on all fours I grabbed the box and opened it.

Beautiful truffles were orderly lined up.
Unconsciously I let out a deep sigh. I can hardly believe that lass made something so beautiful.
But unfortunately, I won’t have the opportunity to eat daifuku from now on. I felt at least this was my salvation.

Still sitting on the floor, I straightened my posture and relaxedly put one in my mouth.
To taste the chocolate better, I rolled it with my tongue.

“…!! Cough!!”

As terrible discomfort spread in my mouth, unconsciously I swallowed.
Clutching my throat I writhed on the floor.

Sweetness, sourness, and saltiness came at the same time. For some reason, among the gentle sweetness of the chocolate was intense sourness. And on top of that there was saltiness.

“Wha… what is this…!!”

While coughing, I took one chocolate from the box and split it open.
Inside was――――

“Plum… is it?”

For some reason, a big plum was put inside the chocolate. Moreover, it contained a carefully prepared seed kernel.
When I noticed it, finally an intense itch ran through my whole body.

“Gah… Ouch… Damn it… Who was… it”

Abnormal sweating followed.
Haa, haa, I tried desperately to calm my rough breathing, but it didn’t go well.
My consciousness grew dim.
My whole body is itching terribly. As its temperature dropped through sweating, my body began trembling.

I’ve always been like this. Whenever I eat something sour I will be afflicted with similar symptoms.
I don’t understand why, but it’s the reason why I’ve been careful until now.
Why, why was there a plum in the chocolate.
Because I didn’t expect it, I ate it with my guard down.
Rather, the symptoms are worse than usual because I swallowed it rather than spitting.
My head felt like it was enveloped by haze as I started losing consciousness.

Why… this thing…
Everything was going well. I thought so and yet――――.


I could hear a voice of a butler knocking on the door.
That was the last thing I recognized before I lost consciousness――――.







“Ha, umeboshi chocolate?”

Broadly smiling, I affirmed to Lars who frowned.
The secret is that yesterday I worked hard to make chocolates with umeboshi inside. Moreover, they contained seed kernels.
When I carefully explained how I made them, Lars breathed out, looking astounded.

“Why did you make such a specific item again. Or did Master intend to feed me it?”
“Eh, Lars, didn’t you say you like sour things. I remembered that”
“Oi, that couldn’t be why you made it, could it”
“Why else would I?”

A while ago, while cooking in the kitchen I asked Lars.
Is there anything you like.
I was surprised by Lars’s answer.

“Let’s see. If I had to say, I like sour things. It’s great if they’re considerably sour. Ah, come to think of it these days I haven’t eaten those much”

When I heard that, I thought.
I see, then let’s have Lars eat chocolates I once ate in my previous life.
The chocolates being umeboshi chocolates.
By the way, I don’t like them. Rather, I hate them. They’re too disgusting.
Actually, at first the plan was to make umeshu. But, while engrossed in making it I got carried away and set my mind on putting umeboshi inside.
He’d surely be surprised.
Wanting to see Lars’s surprised face, I spent the whole night making chocolates, and brought it in a jesting mood.

“… No, I like umeboshi… But do they go together with chocolate?”

As Lars began to seriously ponder, I laughed and waved my hand.

“After all you’re curious! They don’t go together so much it makes you laugh! That’s why I thought of having you eat them!”

That is to say, I just wanted to laugh together at how awful it is.
When they heard my story, everybody around heaved a sigh.

“… Is that why you said it’s okay for the baron to take them?”

Having finally understood, Thomas nodded.
I confirmed with a nod.

“That’s not the only reason. Actually, Baron seems to dislike sour things. That’s why I thought it might become a little harassment”

I recalled what was written in the information I had received before. He has sweet tooth and hates sour things.
So it’s fine. By all means return home with them and have a taste. That thought was why I was all eager to have him take them home.

“He hates sour things… huh… kuku”

After listening to the story, Lars burst into laughter first.
Drawn by it, everybody else followed.

“Serves him right. If possible, I wish I could see him eat them!”
“Indeed. Or rather, it’s just like Master! I feel satisfied!”
“Right?  Isn’t it interesting to imagine it a little?”
“Isn’t it!”

Everybody continued laughing for a while.
The unpleasant atmosphere from when the baron was here was dispelled, and it started feeling a little fun.
Good good, with this working from the afternoon will feel pleasant.

“Now then, we could fix the mood, so let’s do our best from the afternoon too! Everybody, let’s work so we can release yet another product!!”

Hearing the excellent reply, once again I fired myself up.
If everybody’s mood improved, it was worth it to bring umeboshi chocolates.

“Fufufu. It’s extremely bad, still it’s his just deserts. There’ll be no hard feeling as he took them by himself”

I put my hands together in prayer and roughly faced the direction where the baron left.
Yeah. Rest in peace.

“Master! What do I do with this!?”

Hearing Lars’s voice, my consciousness turned to him.

“Ah, I’m going now! Leave it as is!”

In a hurry I headed to Lars.
That’s right, I forgot I was preparing various things.
I went to Lars’s side and started hurling the instructions as usual.
Everybody began busily working, and when I joined in, before we realized we returned to the usual.

And, soon after we took back our ordinary days, it all came to a close.

“In the end, what happened to the baron?”

I asked Lars once.
He faced me and answered.

“I wonder? But, isn’t it fine since the evil perished?”

After all is said and done, justice wins in the end.
That is to say, I want to believe it’s like that.
But that the champions of justice were actually Father and Brother is the truth I learned from Freed in the later future.
But that’s another story――――.




―――― Now then, with this the curtain falls on the story related to curry.
However, it hasn’t been made public and it’s something Lidi doesn’t know, but as a matter of fact there’s a continuation to the baron’s story.
After splendidly eating the umeboshi chocolate like a fool, the baron developed a severe allergic reaction and wandered between life and death.
Although he somehow managed to hold onto life, after his territory, fortune, and social status were taken away, how did his last days go.

That conclusion is a ‘secret’ unknown to anybody save for some people――――.

And with this, we’ll be returning to the main story for now.

Chapter 125

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  1. -goes back to reread extra-

    “But that the champions of justice were actually Father and Brother is the truth I learned from Freed in the later future.
    But that’s another story――――.”

    Seems like the author came up with a more interesting idea. I approve the change~


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