Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 112

Shinigami and Witch


Dropping by the residence of the Medicine Witch I’m familiar with, I sighed as granny presented me medical hot water without saying anything.
Recently, I feel the unappetizing tea has been getting more and more abnormal, I could tell my face twitched.

“Here, drink quickly”
“… I know”

I scowled at the grinning granny.
I sat on the presented chair, and having received the medical hot water solidified for a considerable while.
The effectiveness of granny’s tea is high. I know that, but the taste is so overwhelming it takes extreme courage to move your hand.
Still, thinking it’s in the etiquette of coming here, I finally resolved myself and downed it in one go.
In one go.
If I hesitate even for an instant, it’ll be impossible to drink. Understanding that, I drained the liquid in the cup forcibly.
With a thud I placed the cup on the desk.

“… Thank you”
“Hmm. Surprisingly you held out”

The prediction I held for a long time that her expression says good job drinking it turned into conviction.

“… Hey, granny. Have you recently been making my tea unappetizing on purpose?”
“You’re imagining things”

When I visit with Princess something that still can be considered normal is served, and yet recently when I visit alone almost certainly something that cannot be called a drink is served.
When was the first time. That’s right, even since I requested medicine on my own accord, I feel granny’s response changed to such a rough service.
It’s a harassment towards me who has no choice but to drink. Since she laughed a little, I have no doubt.

“Awful, you wouldn’t do that to Princess”
“What are you saying. That child will drink whatever I serve her. Knowing that, it just isn’t interesting, is it. On the contrary you recently always hesitate for a moment. It’s interesting to watch…”

So all there is to it is the difference in the response.
Certainly, Princess drinks anything in almost no time. She doesn’t hesitate like me.
This is what granny says makes it unamusing, but I understand it’s actually different.
She can’t help but find Princess who drinks what’s served without any suspicion cute. That granny does.

“You’re already treating her as all but your granddaughter”
“Nn? Did you say something? If you want another cup feel free to ask”
“I would like to refuse”
“What a shame”

Meanly laughing kukuku, granny is certainly a ‘witch’.
Then she too sat down, and with And? finally urged me to talk.

“You came alone, so this means you have something to consult with me, right? After all, do you want to see the future?”
“… That’s ain’t it”

Feeling like my heart was seen through, I received a shock.
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about that just a little. Princess is involved too. Knowing that, just a little, really just a little I wanted to know the future.
I tightly closed my eyes, unable to forgive myself for being like this.

“… You’re a human. With a low-hanging fruit in front of them, not many people can make the choice to not grab it. You did well to endure it”
“… I don’t want to choose that”

I don’t want to involve Princess in my selfishness.
I want to know the future. What will happen from now on. If I asked what those Sahaja guys are thinking, granny would tell me.
But if I knew that, even Princess’s future might change.
I mustn’t cause that.

“I was a bother. After all, I’m going back”

I tried coming here, but after all I can’t do it. I’d known it was a desperate attempt, still a sigh escaped me at my own cowardice.
With a bang I stood up.
Yup, let’s return to my master.
When I was about to announce it feeling like this, granny called out to me “Wait a moment”.

“What? I’m already going back”

Let’s at least take the possible measures. If something happens, let’s respond to it as soon as possible.
As a result of considering that, I thought of giving priority to returning to Princess, but granny shook her head.

“That’s why I’m telling you to wait a moment. Young men these days sure live fast. Even without telling you the future, I think I can give you a tip”

When I tilted my head at the unfamiliar word, with That’s right granny nodded.

“It’s nothing important. But, let’s see. Soon you’ll be pressed to make a choice. I’ll talk about what you should do when the time comes’”
“Don’t let your emotions at the time control you. If you think calmly, you should understand what’s right to do. Don’t rush to the conclusion. Take a short pause before answering. That’s all I can say”
“Short pause…”

When I repeated, granny nodded once again.

“I can’t say anymore. It’d be different if you were resolved to be involved in everything… But what will you do?”
“It’s enough. I don’t need more”
“It’s a wise decision”

As granny nodded with That’s fine, I straightened myself and bowed my head.

“I’m saved. I am grateful”

I don’t know the precise meaning, but even so I should know when the time comes.
As I deeply bowed to granny for helping me as much as possible, she made an unpleasant face.

“It’s not like I’m particularly doing it for you. It’s a problem that concerns that child too. That’s all”
“Even so. I’m saved”
“You sure possess a strong sense of duty”
“That’s how Hiyuma are”
“That’s how it is, huh. Well, anyway. You’re going back, right. Give my regards to that child”
“Got it”

At any rate she won’t be able to come here for a while, as granny said that I nodded.
As if she recalled something, granny spoke.

“Ah, that’s right. Is that child getting along with the Crown Prince?”
“They’re so lovey-dovey I cannot bear to watch”

As I spoke honestly, granny opened her eyes wide and laughed happily.

“Kuku… I’d sure like to see that myself”

I shrugged my shoulders at such granny and left her house.
I didn’t acquire the information I wanted, but even so I feel like I perhaps was taught something important.

“… Let’s keep it in mind”

Pressed to make a choice ――――.
What should I do at that time, with granny’s little advice I felt like I could choose the correct path.

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4 thoughts on “Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 112

  1. “You’ll be pressed to make a choice, but If you think calmly, you should understand what’s right to do.”
    “Granny, you made it sound like some critically important world shaking choice, but why was it the choice to punch Crown Prince Maximilian in the face or kick him in the nuts!!??”
    “Because kicking him hard in the nuts will solve our Princess’s problem! No nuts = can’t get married!”


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