Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 99

She and the Stroll

“I feel I’ve been deceived…”

While strolling through a vast garden connected to the royalty quarter, I absentmindedly muttered.

It’s before noon. After Freed reluctantly left for work, I excitedly took the stamina recovery medicine and for a change of pace went for a walk.
Ms. Delris’s medicine is properly effective. Having finally run out of the medicine I had received at that time, with plenty of sweets I went to request for a refill while enduring the shame.
Hearing my story, Ms. Delris’s shoulder quivered, and she gave me an excellent refill that not only recovered stamina, but also cured ache and simple injuries.

“Well, you’re going to go through lots of hardships…”

Though she told me that while laughing, being grateful from the bottom of my heart I thanked her again and again despite my shame, and then promised to bring her my new product.
… How could I put on airs. This is a matter of life and death.

Cain isn’t at my side now. We talked before I left the room, but he was about to go out having something to investigate.

“Sorry. I have a small matter to check out, so I’ll leave your side. Princess, are you returning to the mansion today?”

As soon as I became alone, he familiarly dropped from the ceiling as agreed, without becoming agitated in the slightest I received him in a usual way while sitting on a chair.
I placed the cup in my hand on the desk and while looking Cain in the eyes announced today’s schedule.

“Hmm, actually I’ll stay here today too. Somehow, I’ve been skillfully coaxed… I wonder why”

I’m staying, or what should I say. I promised we’ll do it tonight. Well, it might be similar.
Muu, as I showed my worry, Cain said that it’s good, relieved.

“Ah, that’s perfect. I’m relieved Princess is in a place where your husband can take care of you. However, absolutely don’t go back home until I return, okay?”

Because I’m your guard, as he said that, that’s wrong, you’re a ninja, I denied in my mind.
Occasionally I explain him the profession of ninja, but try as I might it doesn’t seem to click with him.
The tawny costume of Hiyuma clan Cain wears is exactly like ninja costumes I know of, the swords that are his keepsakes also bear close resemblance, there are various things. That’s why for me, Cain has exactly the impression of a ninja.

“Yup, I understand, will you be gone for the night?”
“No, I’ll come back today”

I don’t know what time thought, as Cain said ambiguously, I nodded.
Occasionally Cain disappears unexpectedly like this. Because he doesn’t go into details, I guess it’s probably related to his former assassin guild. Because he’s aware that I’m not good with bloody stories, he doesn’t say it.
I’m grateful for that concern, and what different things he does isn’t my problem. I think it’s good if Cain can do what he wants.

“Once I’m back I’ll contact you”
“Okaay. Be careful. See you”
“… I’m off”

Although unused to my words, Cain returned that, and saying Then vanished like smoke.
It was so brilliant, despite nobody being here I unconsciously clapped.
Wonderful. Bravo, ninja!

Left in the single room, I got bored and looked around. It’s Freed’s room that I became completely used to seeing. In this room where there are only minimum necessities, there’s nothing to kill time with. I have no doubt because I thoroughly searched it while watched by Freed.
With a smile Freed said “You can search if you like”, no matter where I looked he seemed calm, it completely withered my spirit as I thought of teasing him for finding something erotic. If it was Brother’s room, I’d certainly find one or two things.
By the way, I know where Brother hides his indecent stuff. I stay silent about it, thinking of threatening him with it in case of emergency.

“Hmm, I’m bored…”

Should I go for a walk again.
To be honest I want to peek into the kitchen, but as expected it’d be impossible without obtaining permission. I don’t want to hinder cooks.
Reluctantly I decided to stroll close by to kill time.
Last time I met Will, but as expected now that’d be difficult.

“Princess Consort, where are you going?”

When I opened the door, sure enough a royal guard addressed me.

“I’m going on a little stroll, don’t worry about it”
“I will accompany you”

A soldier faithful to his duties said he’ll accompany me. As expected. But if possible, I’d like him to spare me.

“No, it’s fine. I’ll only walk a little, I won’t leave the royalty quarter”
“It’s okay. Besides, guards are stationed, right?”

At any rate, I think guards are stationed all over the place.
Naturally, it’s impossible a suspicious person would enter the royalty quarter.

“… I understand. Please be careful”

Without delay I walked, leaving behind the royal guard who reluctantly nodded.
The royalty quarter is relatively spacious, but unfortunately there’s nobody taking a walk aside from me.
To enter this quarter you either need a special permission, or be royalty, exclusive guard or royal guard. Each royalty has a private room, it seems it’s possible to enter it when accompanied by its owner.
Freed previously explained that thanks to the ‘Royal Flower’ I’m already endowed with the same rights as royalty, it seems I can act freely in this place.
Currently living in the Royal Palace are only the Royal Couple, King’s concubine, and Freed who’s the Crown Prince. The previous King moved to a residence in the suburbs with his Princess Consort and six concubines, at the time Lord Garay got married he left the castle and moved to his territory.
Freed is Queen’s only child, the concubine Lady Helene has no children. Aside from the King and Lord Garay, the previous King had four children with his concubines, but no one lives in the Royal Palace.
That is to say, only four people occupy this vast space.

Aimlessly I walked through a corridor. The general area is quite so, but the royalty quarter is even more splendid.
Even the unprotected vase decorating a corner of the corridor probably has an unthinkable value. Because it’s definitely of the national treasure grade. Furthermore, the paintings that adorn the walls are by artists from hundreds of years ago who are known by everybody. Naturally, they’re genuine. Just how much did it cost, I feel dizzy just imagining it.
There’s no doubt you could amass a fortune just by selling antiques from here.
You’d be arrested as a criminal before that though.

I grew tired of walking through the corridors and headed for the stairs to the ground floor. The soldiers guarding the staircase looked at me and for an instant turned severe gazes at me as if I was a suspicious person.

When I thought it’d be better to introduce myself, the soldiers took notice of the ‘Royal Flower’ on my chest.
Perhaps as they understood who I am they returned to their original positions in a fluster and opened the way.

“Forgive our impoliteness, Princess Consort. Please continue”
“… Yeah”
“Where are you going? If necessary, we can accompany you”
“It’s fine. Please continue carrying out your work”

After doing such an exchange several times, I finally reached the ground floor.
… Tired.
I’m fed up with immediately having that exchange every time I’m discovered by royal guards or guards.
I looked up front. Seeing a beautiful garden, I moved there as if invited. No matter where I walk soldiers are noisy. But, it might be a little better in the garden.
Thinking so, I advanced into the depths of the garden, like that I endeavored to walk.




“I’ve absolutely been deceived…”

I uttered words similar to those some time ago and crouched down on the spot.
The season is winter, but in this country blessed with climate winters aren’t harsh. The few flowers that bloom are well worth seeing.
I put my hand on a tiny violet flower and thought about Freed.

To me completely fascinated by his military uniform, Freed said that he’s looking forward to the night.
As I was bright red from his military uniform, foolishly I readily accepted, but the problem is from there.
Going by the flow of our talk, the military uniform play should’ve been waiting. So I can’t be blamed for expecting that.
And yet, looking at the results, somehow it started with the bath play, then we immediately moved to the bedroom. Afterwards it switched to the normal play. No, it’s fairly tough to call it the normal play.
Yes, it finished without even a trace of the military uniform. What the hell was that.

I’ve been cruelly deceived. Isn’t this in the realm of fraud at this point.
I’d been looking forward to it, yet what a disappointment.

For now, I think I’ll gallantly ignore what I’m most disappointed with.
After all Freed is aware I’m weak to him wearing a military uniform.
In spite of that, what’s up with not meeting my expectations.
That needs to be strictly protested.
I want to see Freed erotically open his military uniform.
That’s right, I want to see what I want to see, what’s wrong with living true to myself.

Eh, what? Afterwards my hips will hurt a great deal? The course is certain to last until the morning?

… Hmph, very well. I don’t really mind. Not this late.
If I’m to be crushed in his embrace anyway, does wanting to have my favorite play make me a pervert?

… Yup, it does.
Sorry, my bad. Please forget this statement.

My thoughts went round and round in incomprehensible direction.
A lot has happened yesterday so perhaps I’m tired… After all, let’s return to Freed’s room and have tea prepared. And leisurely spend time until he comes back.
Finally thinking that, I stood up.
There’s no one around. Naturally. I hated people repeatedly calling “Princess Consort” “Princess Consort” so I escaped.

“… Where is this?”

I decided to head back, but I’ve become completely lost.
In the first place I don’t have much sense of direction. Especially I have even less when I’m absentminded. Without knowing the way back I became stuck.
After a while, somebody will come searching for me. I said I’ll only move around the royalty quarter, this garden should be within its limits.
When I thought I’d like somebody to come as soon as possible.

“Is this Princess here”

Hearing the lowered voice, I looked back. I wasn’t really thinking.
I just looked back having my name called. That’s all.

But, when I shifted my gaze, my eyes reflected a figure. The moment I noticed whose it is, I solidified like a stone. No wonder. Because there was.

“Been a while, Princess”
“… Your… Highness”

The one responsible for my refusal line yesterday, the Crown Prince of the Sahaja Kingdom, His Highness the Crown Prince Maximilian, was the person there.

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11 thoughts on “Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 99

  1. Honestly, Lidi is a little annoying. She has no sense of danger. Let the guard follow you around. Don’t wander around in a place that you’re unfamiliar with, especially when that place has a pervert who is aiming for you. Seriously. Talk about brain-dead. I thought she was supposed to be smart.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. I agree with you so much. Everytime she does something and regrets, but then she goes back to doing it again. It’s like she doesn’t learn despite being smart.
      The prince was supposed to be at someone else’s house if i remember, maybe he came looking for her? We can hope there are other people around.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. He is staying at Will’s house but remember in the last chapter Alex looked at some paperwork as Freed vanished. I think it has something to do with the foreign prince’s schedule.


    2. 100% agree her lack of awareness to her status is irritating.

      But, playing devil’s advocate she’s also painfully ignorant, not by her own fault. She has no clue about the background pieces that are being moved, whether on Freed’s side or Cain’s side, they’ve left her in the dark. Cain really fucked up by not giving an activity report. So she has no reason to have her guard up.

      Not know Max’s schedule also made her less wary. Plus the entire time she thought she was within the Royal area, so her guard was completely relaxed. I would think that guards are stationed at all the boundaries, so she probably rationalized that she was in the clear, considering she didn’t run into any.

      Remember, she used to wander the streets out of boredom by her parent’s mansion so she probably thinks of herself as “street smart”.

      Max is gonna do something, maybe attempted kidnapping, maybe attempted rape. But Freed is gonna teleport there and then 1965 style batman the shit out of everyone but Lidu with a BAM, POW, and WHAM.

      Liked by 5 people

    3. She’s actually in a very secure area, the royal palace, surrounded by guards, there should not have been ANY danger. The problem was that the “enemy” is a guest in the palace though by rights he should be in the “guest wing” or in this case Will’s house.

      It’s like saying the President is not safe in the White House. She’s actually the safest there. Other than sitting beside Freed 24/7, can you name me a safer place? There isn’t any. Even her home has less security than the royal palace.

      You are only thinking it is less safe because of the plot.

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  2. Eventhough Lidi meeting the pervert villainous prince should be the focus in this chapter, I just can’t help but focus on Lidi’s pervert monologue XD
    Rather than feeling deceived for staying there another night, it’s for not having military uniform play???!
    I wanted to tsukkomi her so bad!!! XD
    Thank you for the chapter!!

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    1. She’s a woman who knows what she wants. I like!!!

      I was actually laughing really hard on that monologue of her and can only think that she really suits the perverted Freed so much. A match made in heaven!

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