Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 98

He and His Conjecture 2

“Naturally, the people who can move him are limited. Anybody could employ that organization, however It’s difficult to imagine somebody from our country would expressly employ that country’s guild. It’s a peculiar guild, I don’t think they’d know the process to employ them. So, going by the process of elimination, the client is related to Sahaja…”

As I thought earlier, the King, Crown Prince or a person with similar power.
When I stated my personal opinion, Alex too looked like he pondered a little.

“… Tch. Supposing that’s true, after all this visit also has behind the scenes reasons. The timing is too perfect”
“It’s possible the visit is a camouflage, and Andre’s case the crux of the matter. It’s famous story their royalty and assassin guilds are connected”
“Royalty’s visit is a camouflage, huh. Normally it’d be unthinkable”

No, I disagreed with Alex who made a displeased face.

“Rather, I’m convinced if it’s that country. I found it strange they’d come expressly to congratulate me for my engagement. Ah, but then it was probably also Sahaja’s assassin who without leaving any evidence attacked the carriage in the midst of the transfer. I don’t know why they’re aiming at Andre, the kidnapping motive is also unclear, but I’m sure it’s something reprehensible”
“Just how many they hired. Then the corpse left behind yesterday can’t be unrelated…”

I nodded to Alex who made a stiff face.
It seems he kept his head, but it’s supposedly Sahaja’s assassin who died.
Ultimately the client or the target are unclear, but there’s probably a connection.
I don’t think they’re unrelated considering the timing matches Prince Maximilian’s visit.

“The culprit is a different person, huh. It’s said Apostate always takes the head with him, so it can’t be him who was left”

Apostate always takes the head of people he kills with him. There are no exceptions.

“Besides, Apostate doesn’t have to be in this country anymore. The headless bodies only happened in the Andre’s mansion case, right? Then, it’s plausible he finished his work and returned home”

As I stated my deduction, Alex tapped his fingers on the desk like he also recalled something.

“That’s right. It’s that assassin’s aesthetics to withdraw as soon as the job is over. He finished the job for those six, so he wouldn’t be in this country anymore”
“Well, even if I said that myself, it’s still uncertain whether it had been Apostate. It’s only a possibility. Besides, I think there isn’t much meaning in determining the culprit behind this time’s matter. The matter of Andre’s mansion too, the matter of the attack on the carriage too, and the boy’s matter too… Yesterday’s thing too. Everything was done by professionals”

While he agreed to my words, Alex tilted his head.

“That Sahaja, what’s their purpose”
“I wonder? If Sahaja is responsible, knowing that country the aim would be to destroy our country. But then the client would definitely be either Prince Maximilian who came this time, or the King of Sahaja. Other possibilities disappear. Till now they’re doing it overtly. If everything is connected, the scope is too big for a mere noble to afford it”

As I shrugged my shoulders and pointed out, Alex laughed that there’s no mistaking it.

“Seems even requesting single one of those would be a rip off”
“Even so the clients are endless, I think it’s an unpleasant world”
“I wonder if you’d rather everyone aim at you?”

I seriously nodded to the teasing words spoken to me.

“I’d be comfortable with that. I don’t like involving my surroundings. I understand that country bears a grudge against me, but I wish they’d spare me the headache”

As I seriously replied, Alex said “No, I was just kidding” tiredly.
At any rate, it’s a bothersome story.
I lightly shook my head and returned to the topic.

“Well, I think they’re guilty beyond doubt, but even so it’s not good to fix on Sahaja. Let’s look at it from a wide diversified angle. It’s fine to keep in mind that there’s such a possibility”
“It is. I understand, I’ll report it to His Majesty”
“The headache-inducing talk continues…”

I finally sat my desk with a report. Now then, when I picked up pending documents about to start my work, I heard Alex say “My bad” next to me.

“Listen, I remembered something about Apostate’s matter”

Is it still going on, as I felt a little fed up like that, I still turned the chair towards Alex.
While scratching his cheek, Alex started with a preface that sounded like an excuse.

“… To begin with, what I’m saying is nothing but my and old man’s intuition. That’s why I want you to listen calmly but… it’s very likely another assassin who is Apostate’s counterpart, Red Shinigami made contact with Lidi”

I blankly opened my mouth. I don’t understand what I was told.
No, I understand the meaning of the words.
Red Shinigami – the name of assassin belonging to Sahaja’s Red guild whose ability equals Black Apostate – that’s who made contact with Lidi.
But why is that assassin connected with Lidi. Thinking normally, contact should be impossible.

As I solidified in my seat, Alex explained the situation little by little.
While I moved out for Tarim, Lidi saved a man in town. That man… had one red eye.

“I was still in the territory at that time, so I don’t know the details. But according to the subordinate who accompanied her, that man seemed to be dying of a strong curse. He thought it wouldn’t take long. But Lidi said she’ll save that man and bringing that man along disappeared somewhere. When she came back, she wasn’t with that man anymore, but Lidi seems to have said that he had been saved to the subordinate who thought he had died.
“She’s not a person to lie about such matters. If she says he was saved, he was saved. Then when I thought about his characteristics I’d heard from the subordinate, I became certain the other party was Red Shinigami… A man with one red eye… There’s nobody like that on the continent but him”

Unconsciously I pressed on my forehead.
While I wasn’t here, what in the world was that child doing.
Or rather, why did you encounter Sahaja’s Red Shinigami there.
I can only be astounded by the terrible rate of her troublesome encounters.

“It seems old man questioned Lidi afterwards. She didn’t spill the beans. She confessed he had a red eye but persisted that she doesn’t know his current whereabouts. What happened with the curse is also a problem…”

Concerning the curse, I have an idea. It’s probably the Medicine Witch. Lidi said she can’t talk in detail, but I’ve heard from her she’s close with that witch. That’s why this is fine. It’s fine, but.
The problem is definitely Shinigami.
In the first place, speaking of Red Shinigami, while he’s assassin there’s something he’s famous for.

“Hiyuma clan, huh… It’s a nuisance”

A red eyed clan, unusual on this continent.
Among people they’re called the cursed clan, but naturally that’s wrong. That’s not how it is.
They’re a more inconvenient… troublesome clan.
Knowing they’re a clan that searches for a master to serve, seeking their loyalty the King of Sahaja destroyed them eight years ago.
He’s thought to be a survivor, I was surprised when I heard for the first time that he’s unlucky enough to work for Sahaja.

“One eye means he hasn’t made a contract yet…”

As I raised my head with an unpleasant premonition, Alex too nodded with a complicated face.

“Hiyuma clan doesn’t forget favors they receive… Supposing Lidi saved Shinigami, and he took liking to her…”

As our eyes met, we made expressions as if we swallowed bitter bugs.
It would turn into a situation we don’t want to think about much.

Alex took a breath and once again continued.

“But, Shinigami hasn’t been spotted since. There’s a possibility he left the country as Lidi said. If I was told I’m overthinking it I’d agree but…”
“Because she’s Lidi… isn’t it”

Something about her that the Crown Prince of Sahaja took the liking to. I feel it could be taming that assassin.
Besides, the other day she skillfully escaped from me.
Shinigami’s involvement would explain that easily. I got a headache thinking about the undesired possibility.

“Old man has the same opinion. Just in case he told me to check it with you. But it’s only a suspicion. It’s not like there’s evidence, it might be a needless anxiety”

I nodded with a sigh.

“… I understand. I’ll keep it in mind”

There’s a high possibility we’re overthinking it.
But, as Alex said, we can’t ignore it.
Besides even if we call it a needless anxiety, we can’t decisively deny it.
When I informed him that I’d keep it in mind, Alex’s face slackened in relief.

“Please. Old man is also worried…”
“It’s unexpected, but Prime Minister is a surprisingly dotting parent”
“Because she’s his only daughter. He’s more absurdly doting that me. If you were to discard Lidi, he’d seriously crush you”

As Alex said that with a serious face, I decisively objected.

“That’s impossible even if I died”

Even if I died, I don’t intend to let her go.

“I think so too, so don’t worry, Rather I’m worried your obsession will grow worse”
“That… Certainly I can’t deny that”
“I’m joking”

Hearing Alex’s words, I put a hand on my chin and faintly laughed.

The more I know her, the more time I spend with her, the more I fall in love with her. My love grows with every day, the momentum shows no signs of stopping.
Then, it’s only natural I want to spend more time with her.
Take her to a place where nobody but me can see her… My feelings for her are intense enough to have such foolish thoughts, but of course I don’t feel like doing it.
If I did, my favorite smile of hers would be lost.
I’d absolutely hate it. I want her to smile at my side.
If she smiles, no matter how unwilling I am or how difficult it is, I will end up nodding.

―――― It’s a serious illness.

When I mocked myself like that, suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my heart.
Reflexively I clutched my chest.
I opened my eyes wide at the pain I’ve never felt before that felt like it gripped my heart.

A pleading call from a connected soul.

―――― Lidi!!

I don’t remember what I did after understanding that. When I came to, I was invoking a magic formation.




Yet again he started fondly speaking of her.
Even though we’ve been seriously talking until now, it immediately gets like this when it’s about Lidi.

Even though he is the Crown Prince who shows flawless appearance as he issues instructions on matters as they come and shrewdly investigates problems, when it comes to my little sister his expression always crumbles.
The way he grins as if recalling something (I don’t want to think about what he’s recalling) and sighs is exactly like an ordinary man in love.
This man brought my little sister back with him yesterday, and it seems crushed her in his embrace.
I’ve heard about the royalty’s libido, but I pity my little sister who has to go along with it.
I’m sure she’s listless now after being made to go along with Freed, who has remarkably strong magical power and libido even among royalty.
Still, seeing Freed, who had been in such a bad shape, so lively every day after obtaining and embracing my little sister, I wonder if I can only wish her to keep at it.
I don’t want to look after him in low spirits swayed by his libido.
A year ago, when I returned to the territory was when Freed’s libido got severe and he was worried over his magical power control not going well.
Just with that alone I’m truly happy he has a partner he loves and can embrace. But I can’t help feeling sorry for my little sister towards whom his lust has turned.
Still, seeing them next to each other, I think it’s good. She doesn’t yet seem aware, but my little sister has a face of a woman in love when next to Freed no matter how you look at it. Only the two people concerned haven’t noticed it.
That’s why, it’s inexcusable for the Crown Prince of Sahaja to disturb them so late.

Despite thinking so, I felt a little fed up that I’d have to listen to his endless fawning on her. But, this is also work. I’ll be made to hear it anyway, having resolved myself I turned my gaze towards Freed.
He’ll go on about Lidi with those saccharine eyes. I thought so but.


No reply. Freed’s eyes opened wide and with his hand on his chest he solidified.


The situation is strange. His eyes are out of focus.
Worried about Freed’s sudden change, I stood up from the chair in a hurry. I tried rushing to his side.

“! Lidi!!”

He only petrified for a few seconds. Curtly screaming my little sister’s name, Freed stood up kicking off his chair and in the twinkling of an eye activated a magic formation.
I had no time to call out to him.

“Oi! Freed!!”

When I finally called out to him, Freed wasn’t here.
He was unbelievably panicked. There was no trace of the calm and collected him.

I know the magical art he invoked right now, it’s one of the applications of the return magical art.
It’s Freed’s original magical art that utilizes his extraordinary magical power to leap around the castle.
Since he spoke Lidi’s name and immediately leapt――――.


There’s no doubt. Something happened to Lidi.
I ground my teeth. It’s frustrating not being able to o anything even though I understand that.
But, even if I wanted to do something, I have no idea where Freed went.

Despite the frustration, I clenched my fists and chose to stay here.
It’s no use being flustered.
Calm now, and do what I can for now.

“… What the hell is happening”

Even if I try to collect myself, I’m anxious about what happened.
If Freed’s story is to be believed, my little sister should be sound asleep in his room.
And yet why did she get into that situation.
Looking for even a little hint I recalled today’s schedule.
Now is the time for…

“… Tch”

When a possibility came to my mind, I almost collapsed from dizziness.

“It can’t be… Please spare me”

Having reached a troublesome conclusion my throat became parched.
It’s without a doubt extreme nuisance.

“Please, Freed”

While muttering, I invoked telepathic communication and contacted Will and Glenn.
It’s necessary to explain the situation to Royal Guard Order Commander Glenn and Magician Division Commander Will.

I briefly informed Glenn and had him search Freed. I told Will to standby here just in case and ended the telepathic communication.


Having done what needs to be done for now, I breathed in relief.
After a while, Will will come.

Lidi will come sticking to Freed. It wouldn’t be strange.
We’ll listen to their story when they come back and――――.

―――― Aah, no good.

If I do nothing, I end up thinking of unnecessary matters.

To take my mind off it, I picked up the pending documents Freed left behind and sluggishly began writing.

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