Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 96

She and the Bath 3

“I can’t anymore…”

A few hours later.
When Freed finally parted from me, in total exhaustion I proclaimed the end.
It’s the middle of the night.
Having limply fallen on the large bed I’m breathing faintly.
Perhaps as the backlash from yesterday, since then Freed has been at his peak.
I already don’t remember how many times I was made to come or how many times he came.

“Lidi, you’re giving up too quickly”

The man who’s similarly lying next to me as I’m groaning while pressing on my hips said that somewhat dissatisfiedly, unlike me he’s in extremely high spirits.
Both of us are still naked. We’re talking while wrapped in a large duvet.

“My hips hurt… Freed looks perfectly fine, huh…”

I always think so, but he’s unbelievably tough. I’ve heard men’s ejaculation uses up a considerable amount of stamina, but I have a doubt whether that’s really the case.

“Yup, or rather it’s not enough at all. Later keep me company one more time”

As he smoothly dropped a bombshell, I shook my head.
Anymore is impossible, at least today it’s impossible.

“Tha… that’s it for today!”

As far as I remember, we should’ve done it five times. I think I kept the promise sufficiently.
Seeing me shake my head that it’s impossible, Freed chuckled as if he found something funny.

“Wha, what?”
“No, it’s nothing”

Saying so, he embraced me and enclosed me within his arms.
As I obediently nestled inside his arms, Freed’s face came close right away.
He’s splendidly handsome as ever. But, I got quite used to it.
I found it strange that I felt like this situation is natural.


Freed extinguished his smile and all of a sudden fixed his gaze on my face with a serious look.
I felt like his face said he wouldn’t allow lying, although I couldn’t understand what’s going on I tried escaping. But, being hugged, naturally I couldn’t move.

“Eh? Huh…”
“Yes, be obedient. Don’t be scared. I’ve said before that I’ll ask later. Could you tell me what you talked about with Prince Maximilian?”

Easily suppressing my rampage, Freed asked.
Having completely forgotten about the matter with the Crown Prince of a neighboring country, I stopped moving and made a blank face.

“Eh? Crown Prince Maximilian?”
“Yes… Rather, Lidi has completely forgotten about it, haven’t you”

Seeing my attitude, Freed pressed his forehead as if shocked.
My eyes swam as he hit a nerve.

“Eh, err umm, no… I’ve only forgotten a little, yup. It’s no use thinking about it… If something happens, I’ll try fighting then, I guess…”
“Why are you so spontaneous”

Moreover, when asked why I’m working under the premise of a confrontation, even I became a little embarrassed.
With my naturally belligerent disposition and the fear of that Prince dispelled, I was completely in the mood like ‘If you’re coming come! I’ll turn the tables on you!’.
Having said that, if I was asked whether I have a strategy, I don’t really have one… Father and Brother often got mad at me for that.

“… A, ahaha”

That’s bad, with this and that afterwards, I forgot. Especially with the bath with Freed, or the bath, or the bath.
As I laughed to gloss over it, he glanced at me.
Unreasonable. Freed is clearly half to blame.

“Lidi, you’re really… And? What did you talk about with Prince Maximilian? Tell me properly, without trying to gloss over it”

Freed stared fixedly at me as if to say he won’t allow me to befuddle him even if I try.

… Prone to worry.
Despite thinking the matters of that man aren’t worth worrying about, reluctantly I talked to Freed about what I remembered from that conversation with the Crown Prince.




“I see… You said abhor”

I’ve more or less finished the story and awaited Freed’s response.
By the way, I’ve only talked about the conversation during the dance, I haven’t revealed that careless statement.
If I spilled that here, I have a feeling I’d be in dire straits.

… Gravely scary. I’ll keep it to myself to the bitter end.

“Then, he told you it had been a joke, but he changed his mind. Is that right?”

I carefully nodded as Freed confirmed details of what happened one by one.
Seeing me nod, Freed let out a deep sigh.

“Why did you pick a fight with Prince Maximilian again. He was interested from the start, of course he’d take a liking to you if you did such a thing, right?”

What are you doing raising flags yourself, watched with such a feeling I shrunk.
It’s exactly like that. I have no words to return.

Picking a fight with that sort of man on the contrary makes them interested, that’s certain.
It’s a cliché development.
The typical development often seen in my previous life.
Doing that despite being aware of it, even I think I’m an idiot.

Even so.
I too have an excuse. Because I couldn’t help it.
In the first place, he’s the one who picked the fight with me first.

“… Because, he said he’s the same as Freed”

As Freed asked back, I explained the situation in detail.
Before I didn’t speak of it because I was talking in general, so while at it I relayed the content of the conversation with the Crown Prince.

If it’s only about being a crown prince, I’m the same. Since we’re the same anyway, because I can use you skillfully take my hand, is what he said”

As I spoke sullenly, Freed looked up at the ceiling as if convinced.

“… Well, what should I say, it’s just like that Prince to say it”
“Then I got angry…”

Until then I’d been able to be polite, I believe I’d been able to deal with him calmly.
Everything went crazy from that moment.

“… I flared up, and before I noticed said I abhor him”
“Did you get angry because he said I’m the same as him?”

Freed asked quietly.
While staring in his blue eyes I nodded.
I don’t think I did something wrong. I’m not regretting either.
Even so, it’s a fact I did something careless.
That’s why I thought it’s inevitable I’d get scolded, but for some reason Freed breathed out and slowly stroked my hair.

“Hmm… I can’t get angry at Lidi today anymore”

Freed smiled with a troubled face.
I wonder if it’s my imagination that his expression looks strangely happy.
As I tilted my head finding it strange, Freed entwined his hand with mine.
And with his mouth slackening he slowly spun the words.

“… Especially after I heard such a story”
“No, but”
“No, spare me from more today. Actually, what I wanted to hear the most is what Lidi said to Prince Maximilian at the end, but see?”

After all it was exposed.
Freed seems to have noticed I didn’t talk about it on purpose.
But well, that may be natural.
After that statement, Freed helped me when I was almost caught by Crown Prince Maximilian. He was at a distance to notice something happened, with his good judgement it’s impossible he wouldn’t notice.

With the gaze fixed on me, I became lost for words.
Grave… Ah, yup. I’ve already dug it. It’s too late, huh.
When I dropped shoulders in an easy to understand crestfallen manner, Freed smiled bitterly.

“You didn’t talk about it earlier, so that means you don’t want to talk about it, right?”
“No um, it’s not like that…”

If I talk about that, eventually Cain’s matter will be exposed. That’s what I’m worried about.
It’s not like I don’t think it might be fine to talk already, but in that case,  I’d like to get the consent of the person himself. No matter how much I’m called his master, I don’t want to do something selfish without his consent.

“… Sorry”

When I hung my head, ultimately unable to say anything, Freed once again stroked my hair.

“That’s why I’ve said it’s enough already, haven’t I. I’ll spare Lidi from the investigation today as thanks for getting angry for my sake. But if it’s something really important, don’t worry and talk to me properly. It’s too late if something happens. Can you promise”
“Yup, I understand”

Having been gently warned I nodded.
Supposing I hear some useful information about Sahaja from Cain next, at that time I’ll talk properly, including his matter. Until then, I have to discuss it with Cain.

“Whatever the reason, I understand Lidi seriously caught Prince Maximilian’s eye. It’s enough to know this much for now”

A dangerous glint saying when push comes to stove I’ll crush him appeared in Freed’s eyes.
Cold sweat flowed at Freed’s words.
When Freed noticed that, while meddling with the bangs that stuck to my forehead he spoke.

“Lidi, you see. I’m probably much more jealous and narrow-minded that Lidi thinks. Even though I understand Lidi doesn’t have feelings for that Prince, I have no intention of letting Prince Maximilian make advances on my Lidi”

In some respects, I have to be grateful, muttered Freed with a terribly serious face.
But, as for me I was only surprised.
After all, who would ever think he’d be jealous of that Crown Prince.
I remember him saying something like this during the evening party, but I thought it was no more than a joke.

“… No matter how many advances he makes on me, I wouldn’t want to go to that Prince’s place”

I abhor such men.
When I frowned, a small kiss was dropped on my forehead.

“I do understand. But I believe I’ve said it before, that’s not the reason”

I have no idea what should I say to Freed who erased his dangerous expression and heartrendingly narrowed his eyes.

“Hey, Lidi”

Freed whispered into my ear in a low voice. His voice was filled with heat.
When I turned to him, I met his sparkling turquoise eyes.

“Surely in the future too, there will be many men who will want Lidi. Even so, I’ll absolutely not hand over Lidi and won’t let go. No matter what means I have to use… Even so, is Lidi okay with it?”
“I am”

Without needing to think about it I nodded. It’s not worth worrying about.
Freed is my fiancé.
Therefore he has that right as my fiancé, and above all, otherwise I’d be… troubled.

As I immediately answered, Freed showed an overjoyed face.
Enticed by his relieved expression, unconsciously I spoke my true feelings that I’d been trying to conceal.

“… Don’t hand me over this late”

I wish to be forgiven for the sulky tone.

But, I don’t think of other men anymore.
If Freed is okay with me, I want to be at his side.
It’s got nothing to do with the ‘Royal Flower’. It’s unmistakably my wish.

“… Lidi”

While his words filled with emotion resounded, the arm hugging me had more strength put into it. Yet I didn’t think it was painful.
Rather, to respond I wrapped my arm around his back.
Feeling satisfied, a warm sensation filled my body, and I yielded myself to it.

It felt pleasant. It truly felt pleasant until then!
The next instant, Freed showed a carnivorous smile I’m already used to seeing and while changing position pushed me down.


When I blankly looked up at him, not understanding what happened, he declared with an awfully happy face.

“After all, let’s do it, Lidi… I can’t endure”
“Ah, um, just now I’ve said more is impossible…”

I understood I suddenly turned pale. Freed’s grinning.
That smile was truly frightening.

“It’s Lidi’s fault for being cute… Hey, isn’t it fine?”
“Eh? Eeeeh??”

I’ve messed up, I’ve completely messed up!
In a hurry I raged to get away.
However, naturally he wouldn’t let me escape.

He easily caught me, and then――――.

“Tomorrow! I’ll accompany you tomorrow! Please, spare me from more today!”
“… Truly?”
“I promise! I promise so!!”

As a result of desperately pleading him who seriously tried rushing into the act, somehow I ended up promising to also do it tomorrow.
Thanks to that I somehow managed to avoid doing it, but when I came to I realized.

… Huh, by any chance I can’t go home tomorrow either?

Satisfied, Freed hugged me and smiled.
His smile is strangely black-hearted, why does it feel full of sense of accomplishment.

Huh? Perhaps I fell into his trap?

It was too late when I noticed.

… I was deceived.

Despite sighing, I snuggled up to his chest.

Mmm. I wonder if I was too hasty…

Despite thinking that, I searched for a good position and brought my cheek to his skin.
… Yeah. Here is fine.

As I breathed out in relief, the arm restricting me gained strength.
While feeling reassured by his gesture, I fell deep asleep in the blink of an eye.

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