I Favor the Villainess Epilogue

I Favor the Villainess

“Serious serious, it is serious!”

While I was on a terrace, rereading the diary so far, I heard voices of my daughters.
Soon it will be evening.

“Mei and Alea, what is it?”
“You see, Claire-okaasama”
“Again committed a blunder in the kitchen”

Goodness, again.
No, I think it’s wonderful she has the desire improve herself.

“I understand. Thanks for telling me”
“What will happen?”
“I do not want Claire-okaasama to be scolded”

Thinking what sort of mother makes her daughters who are only five worry, I lifted Alea, who had an anxious face.
Looking into her round dark eyes I said.

“It’s okay, I won’t scold her”
“It’s unfair it’s only Alea! Mei too, Mei too!”
“Yes yes”

I also lifted Mei high up and entered the house with them.

“… Rei”

As I entered the kitchen, Claire-sama was wiping the floor with a dispirited face.
On top of the stove was a saucepan and egg liquid, right beside it was milk and fresh cream, there was also sugar and liquor.

“I tried making crème brûlée. Then, the saucepan exploded”
“As usual, a failure due to an enigmatic reason. Pleases show your hands”

When I said that, Claire-sama obediently showed her hands.
Before they were noble’s hands foreign to work, but they’re a little rough now.
As usual the majority of housework is my job, but Claire-sama also helps.
Even so, thanks to not missing bathing aftercare, her hands are far more beautiful than mine.

“You haven’t burned yourself. I’m glad”
“There is nothing to be glad about. I still cannot make even one satisfactory dish?”

For Claire-sama who can do anything flawlessly, not being able to cook well seems terribly perplexing.
She challenges herself like this frequently, but there still haven’t been any success.

“It’s good for Claire-sama to have at least one weakness. On the day your cooking was perfected, I’d lose my position”
“It is not only cooking. Sewing is a struggle too. I did not imagine embroidery to be so difficult”

Although she says things like that, her desired level in the latter is absolutely strange.
Claire-sama’s embroidery that decorates the living room is on the level where Dor-sama and Rod-sama, who occasionally drop by, ask which workshop made it.
I definitely want Claire-sama to remain poor at cooking forever.

“Hey hey, Rei-okaasama?”
“What is it, Mei?”
“Why does Rei-okaasama call Claire-okaasama Claire-sama?”

Now that she mentions.
I could not escape my past habits so somehow the title of honor stuck.

“See. After all it is unnatural. We became equal partners, so I would not mind if you could address me without an honorific?”

And so on Claire-sama continued, but this is simply something I’m accustomed to.
Somehow, dropping it, is umm… embarrassing.

“Yay, Rei-okaasama’s face flushed, Alea”
“It is true. It is red like an apple, Mei”
“Both of you, stop teasing”

When I said that, Mei and Alea teased even more.
They’re good kids, but who did they take the mischievousness after.

After the revolution, Claire-sama and I moved to the outskirts of the Royal Capital and started a new life there.
Although I proposed and it was accepted, legally same sex marriage isn’t recognized in this country.
Now under Arla’s new administration a new constitution is being made.
Claire-sama and I are sometimes called as experts to codification meetings, but compared to sovereignty of the people or pacifism, same-sex marriage doesn’t receive much agreement.
I don’t understand.

Although there was some confusion at the time of transition from monarchical system to sovereignty of the people, the invasion of the Naa Empire that had been a worry was prevented.
Salas and his faction being captured, moreover Manaria-sama leading reinforcements from Sousa were decisive.

Of course, not everything went favorably.
The scars from the Sassal Volcano eruption are vast, the forecast is there will still be some time before the crop harvests recover.
Even so, with the food support from Appalachia and Sousa who we had prior friendly relations with, it seems we will be able to get through this winter somehow.

Claire-sama and I stayed at the academy.
Not as students, but as teachers.
Even without her status as a noble, magic users like Claire-sama can’t be found easily.
In the era after this, ability will mean everything.
For the sake of nurturing excellent magicians, it seems the academy desperately wanted a talented person like Claire-sama.

“What is the matter, Rei-okaasama?”
“Is there something on Alea’s face?”
“No, it’s nothing”

Mei and Alea are disaster orphans.
Originally, children are taken in by monasteries, but monasteries everywhere were full of disaster orphans and were looking for caretakers.
Both Claire-sama and I were donating to monasteries through the Church, and drawn by fate we adopted Mei and Alea.
Both are cheerful girls who became attached to us.
For us who cannot make a child, they’re as lovely as our real children… To say such a line, Claire-sama and I are still too young.
Regarding the details of how we came to adopt them, I may talk about them someday.

I’ll touch a little on the circumstances of the people Claire-sama and I were involved with.

Rod-sama left the Royal Family and became the supreme commander of the new government army.
Because the person himself has the temperament of a prodigy, the military personnel that’s being taught by or receive instructions from him seems to be struggling.
However, because his charisma and competency are the real deal, the army will soon be unveiling a new large-scale magical technique.
Rod-sama said, “I won’t lose to Manaria anymore”.

His Majesty Sein became a symbolic existence as the King of the Bauer Kingdom.
Despite his always sour look, strangely he’s adored by the people, right now he’s in the midst of deciding on his consort.
It seems that Sein-sama himself has a person in his heart, and that it’s a love that won’t come true, it’s said his humor grows ill as soon as the matter of his consort is brought up.
As the king who loves culture, he polished his harp skills more and more, tickets to concerts that let one hear his harp are difficult to obtain, with orders for them flooding from inside and outside the country.

Yuu-sama has been released from the house arrest and now devotes her efforts to reconstructing the kingdom.
It goes without saying in private she’s devoted to Misha.
They’re both intimate, in the Church lily flowers are in full bloom.
Some newcomers to the Church seem to have impure purpose, the top brass seems to be racking their brains over it.

Lene is displaying her shrewdness as the young proprietress of Frater.
Together with Lambert-sama, who’s excellent at actual work they seem to be set on overthrowing Blume.
She’s mastered all recipes they received from me, and now she’s thinking up completely new recipes.
As she boasted to me full of confidence about finding a new fruit called watermelon, I taught her its sweetness can be improved by sprinkling salt on it, to which she bit a handkerchief in vexation.

Manaria-sama became the Queen Regnant of Sousa.
She did, but she declared she has no intention of marrying a man, Sousa is already troubled about her successor.
Well, we’re talking about that person, so she’ll find and bring somebody capable.
What’s more, as Sousa’s influential figures tried to have Manaria-sama get married, she quietly noted Sein-sama’s name came up.

Although Lily-sama wasn’t charged with anything due to her special circumstances, she disappeared from Bauer.
Lily-sama must’ve been unable to forgive herself more than anyone else.
I don’t know when she’ll be able to forgive herself.
But, I believe she’ll certainly come back.
Surely while saying something like is the spot of mistress still open.

Dor-sama lost his status as a noble and became a commoner, but with his valuable political skills he became an unofficial political advisor to the new government.
Due to the revolution, the new government can’t make his existence public, but they seem to rely on Dor-sama a great deal.
Dor-sama, who stopped wearing a villain’s mask, is a good father and father-in-law to us.
He’s completely charmed by Mei and Alea, to them he looks like a good-natured grandad.

Execution was considered for Salas, but due to his useful large diplomatic knowledge, a plea bargain resulted in his indefinite imprisonment.
Nowadays, just like a psychiatrist criminal from a certain movie, as a knowledgeable person he seems to be advising the new government from his confine in a dungeon.
Of course, since his personality is warped like Dr. Le*ter’s, a female official who’s won Salas’s favor seems to be visiting him and extracting his knowledge.
Naturally, I have mixed feelings about his treatment, having expected severe punishment.

“Hey, Rei-okaasama”
“What is it, Mei?”
“Ted is saying strange things”
“Nn? What did he say?”

According to Mei, Ted is a boy who lives in the neighborhood.
He’s the center of children from this area, he’s the so called leader of the pack.

“He said it’s strange for there to be two mothers. That normally a father is indispensable”
“Aa…. Err…”

I was at a loss for the answer.
I wonder if it’s right to teach a child of this age about sexual minorities.
While I was indecisive, Claire-sama matched her gaze with Mei’s and spoke.

“Fufu, there is nothing weird about it. Do not worry, Mei”
“Is that so?”
“But, it is as Ted says, with the exception of our home, everybody has fathers?”

Alea refused to back down.
Compared to Mei, Alea is faster to mature emotionally.
She’s around the age of questioning various things.

“It is not important whether it is father or mother, is it? Whether you can be together with the person you love. That is most important, is it not? Or would Alea want another man, more than me or Rei?”
“No! Claire-okaasama and Rei-okaasama are good!”
“Mei too, Mei too!”

Saying so, Mei and Alea jumped at Claire-sama begging for a hug.

“Fufu, you’re such spoiled kids”

Seeing Claire-sama smile happily, I also felt happiness.

“Look, Rei will make dinner in a little more. Play outside until then”
“We are off!”

Mei and Alea ran outside like a wind.

“Really. Children are lively”
“Why are you speaking like an old person. Even we are actually not old enough to have children, are we?”
“Is Claire-sama opposed to taking care of them?”
“Don’t say stupid things. I could not imagine my life without them anymore”

Both Claire-sama and I love Mei and Alea from the bottom of our hearts.
Us four living together is already natural.

“Claire-sama, do you regret that you aren’t a noble?”

Suddenly I asked such a thing.
Before, Claire-sama said she couldn’t bear living as a commoner.

“Regrets or whatever, there was no choice. Such are the trends of the times”

As she spoke a mature line, Claire-sama had a distant look.
She once tried sacrificing herself out of the obligation as a noble, but now she’s at my side like this.
I wonder if I would be conceited to think she chose living with me over her way of life as a noble.

“For better or worse, people are creatures than can adapt to things”

I got used to everything, said Claire-sama.

“I see. Then, I also should get used to it sooner or later… Right, Claire?”
“Yeah, truly… Eh?”

Perhaps thinking she’s misheard, Claire-sama directed her gaze at me.

“Just now, that was?”
“It was nothing”
“Once again! Say it once again! This time I shall burn it into my memory!”
“It’s fine! Soon when I get used to it, I’ll say it again!”
“I cannot wait!”
“Waah. Claire-sama is dominating me! It’s a reward!”
“Do not start saying strange things! What if Mei and Alea remember them!”

Claire-sama and I had a lively exchange.

“Hey, Claire-sama?”
“What is it”
“I am happy”
“… So am I”

When I embraced her tightly, Claire-sama returned a gentle hug.

“I love you, Claire-sama”

Hearing my whisper, Claire-sama made a surprised face for an instant.
I expected something like hmph, of course, but.

“Yeah, so do I, Rei, my beloved”

As she said that, Claire-sama’s smile was sweeter than crème brûlée.
From the bottom of my heart I felt that I won’t win against this person for my whole life.


Until now, and from now on.
The times flow, people’s hearts change.
Nobody knows the future.
My love for Claire-sama will surely not change for eternity.

From now on, forever – I favor the villainessClaire-sama.



Author’s Note

There’s also Inori-sensei’s translation in the comments.

I truly thank you for reading until the end.
It is the end, so I will write a slightly longish afterword.
If you don’t mind, please stay with me.

It’s little over a year since I began writing it.
Thanks to every reader I somehow managed to write it until the end.
I’d like to give my sincere gratitude to everyone who read this work.

When I began writing this work, I think yuri still didn’t have the recent momentum.
Bookmarks and comprehensive evaluations were not as good as my maiden work, but I was casually writing with the feeling “My preferences are fully open, so this is fine”.
It was fun writing Rei who was acting recklessly, as the author while writing in high spirits I had thoughts like “What a strange child”.
Now yuri genre has achieved great momentum, this work also became carried by it into publication. (It’s on sale today!!)
Who could expect such a fate.
At least I couldn’t imagine it.
As a fan, I can’t help but wish yuri genre spread even more.

I believe every reader understands, but this work was written with yuri as a big theme.
I think there are various definitions of yuri.
Yuri in this work is purely based on my personal experiences, but it is not my intention in the least to say an exaggerated thing like this is exactly what yuri is.
But, can’t such yuri also exist?
I’d be happy if every reader found it even a little interesting.

In writing this work, aside from yuri, my personal challenge was providing foreshadowing and using it.
Whether I succeeded or not I entrust the judgement to every reader, but personally I am satisfied.
If you could read this work from the beginning once again, I think there are places where you can smile thinking “Ah, this is connected with that”.
If you have time to spare, please by all means come and see Rei and Claire once again.

Here is one wish.
Every time until now the postscript was,

“Thank you for reading.
I am waiting for your ratings, comments, impressions.”

I have written those two sentences, but I’d like to ask for them by all means.
I think there are people who don’t know what they should write, but you don’t have to think too hard.
With just a few words saying it was interesting, or even boring, I will be happy to the point of tears (the latter is fairly depressing, so if could say it in a round-about way!).

Those who have trouble writing impressions, I’d be happy if you could leave the rating at the end.
Rating is at the bottom of the last update (that is to say this one).
If possible, on PC above and on smartphones below ratings, there’s Twitter mark, I’d be happy if you could spread tweet impressions.
Moreover, if you have spare energy, you should by all means tackle reviews.
There’s no greater joy than being able to receive everybody’s voices no matter what form.
Since it’ll be the driving force for the next work, I humbly thank you.

With this, I set this work as completed for now.
I may write some stories set in the future, but the date is still undecided.
I also have hopes for the continuation, but that completely depends on the sales of the book, if you could cooperate I’d like you to purchase it.
It may sound like “After all it’s business, huh”, but with the income that doesn’t reach third of Japanese average, Inori. lives in poverty (true story), so please let me eat delicious meal once in a while. (←)

Finally, although I’m repeating myself, thank you for reading until the end.
I pray that I will be blessed to see you again, I will replace the concluding address then.
Well then, I will excuse myself.


2019/2/26 Inori. Respectfully yours

Translator’s note

Just few words from yours truly.

Everybody, thank you for reading. And especially for all the comments and likes.

When I picked up I Favor the Villainess blind, charmed by only the first few chapters, I wouldn’t even imagine how much I’d end up loving it. The ending especially filled me with inexpressible satisfaction, all the anxiety and anticipation until now ended so well worth it.

Please consider doing what Inori. wrote above. While it may be hard to write on narou, if you have Twitter, tweets in English will certainly be appreciated!

And above all, if you enjoyed I Favor the Villainess, absolutely please consider supporting it and buying the book. If you need help with it, please contact me, either through the contact form, or on my Discord server.

And finally, this is not the end, be sure to check the extras!

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  1. Hello, readers.
    I’m Inori.

    Thank you very much for reading the final chapter.
    Since the story has been completed, I would like to say hello to everyone of the readers.
    It’s a little long, if you do not mind, please do a little while.

    About a year has passed since the beginning of writing.
    Thanks to the readers, I managed to finish it up to the end.
    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who read this work and jingle who translated.

    When I began writing this work in 小説家になろう, I think that Yuri is not yet a momentum genre yet in Japan.
    Bookmarks and ratings did not look better than virgin works, but I was writing with a light feeling about “It’s OK with this because my hobby is fully open.”
    It is fun writing Ray’s hero who is the leading character, and there is a memory that the author himself wrote In a whirlwind while thinking of her as “strange child lol”.
    It is now that Yuri genre has created a major force in Japan and this work has also been published. (Now on sale in Amazon Kindle!!)
    Who could have expected such fate?
    At least I could not imagine.
    I can not help hoping that Yuri genre will spread even more.
    I think you readers can understand, and this work has written yuri as one big theme.
    I think that there are various things about the definition of yuri.
    Because the yuri written in this work is only based on my personal experience, this is not the intention to say exaggerated that this is yuri.
    But don’t you think it would be nice to have such a yuri story?
    I am glad if you think that the readers are even more interesting.

    In writing this work, what I regard as a personal issue is dropping an advance hint and collecting it.
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    If you read this work from the beginning again, I think there are places where you can grin a little saying, “Oh, here this is connected to that.”
    If you have time to spare, please come and see Ray and Claire again.

    Here’s one wish.
    Every time until now, I wrote following in the end of raw.
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    1. Glad that someone shares the same opinion! Homosexuality(Or the genre of it really) attracts ppl for different reasons, this is one. Maybe this is what Inori-Sensei meant by different types of Yuri? There was one manga where Yuri was treated as a normal thing(Where there weren’t any men. And there’s another one that’s getting translated recently, “All of Humanity is Yuri Except For Me”.), and Yuri in a world that’s a bit more..I don’t know if ‘realistic’ is the right word, but where it’s not treated as normal.
      Anyways, it’s a bit more of an unpopular opinion, so that’s why I’m just really glad.

      On to a review… I really liked this. I just a few months ago found the Otome game genre, and thought it was kinda interesting.. Like the Protagonist’s opinions on different Chara’s, and their motivation, or the goal of the Protagonist, like if the wanted to get with a route or smth.. But I felt like there weren’t enough interactions with the Heroine enough, or only saw her every 10+ chps.(They usually take the place of the Villainess, though I may go check out more in the genre)
      There was Bakarina, but I felt like there weren’t enough interactions between the Routes and Rivals, and felt that they focused a bit too much on Bakarina that the surrounding chara’s felt a bit bland, but I already made a review for that, (Kinda..And my opinion changed a bit, so I might go and edited that..) so I’ll stop here.
      I was just browsing randomly one day, till I stumbled upon this, and immediately fell in love with it. A Protag who also loved Ojou-samas,(Just adored the Villainess) and their antics..It was always so stress-relieving, and just made you look like a creep by grinning for 10+mins..(Just me? Ok..) Though, in the second half, it definitely felt different. It became more serious, and I was just so used to the carefreeness that it kinda surprised me. Didn’t hate it, just unexpected really. Their antics became more scarce, and I remember someone here posting the Authors tweet about how there were less reviews or smth.. I feel like it’s because it felt more like a novel about Politics than an Otome game world, if that makes sense. Especially with Chp 111, where the characters just appeared. I felt like more interactions could’ve been nice, kinda wanted to see more on how ppl saw Rei, maybe different perspectives? Especially since she’s a commoner getting along with nobles..Just felt like it should’ve popped up more. There’s also wanting to just get to know more about the other chara’s like the Princes and Misha, it’s an Otome game world, and I just felt like that fact was kinda forgotten.. That’s why some things felt a bit off, and I didn’t feel as attached to certain chara’s, ‘cuz we didn’t have enough interactions with them. Anybody can correct me here like, ‘But if we did that, then it wouldn’t be so much about Relaire’ or, ‘It would’ve been way longer, and the author didn’t plan to really get this far’. And yeah, I get it.. I won’t say anything to that, but I’d be glad if ppl correct me on anything, or just talk about how the second half made them feel(I’m not sure exactly what I mean by second half, but around Manaria’s appearance?), just so I don’t look too much of an idiot. (Saying that might be a bit much, but I like being blunt) I was also thinking more on Lily, and if she really needed to be there.. I don’t remember clearly, but isn’t she engaged to Yuu-sama? I felt like more could’ve been done there(And I get it if someone just wants to mention this not focusing on Relaire again, I’d actually like to read a comment about that! A discussion, ya know?), maybe more scenes, and that could also connect to the other chara’s, like the Princes, and Claire’s situation as well..With engagement, and such, as I don’t remember the novel talking about that. Anyways, I’ll get to wrapping this up, as it’s too long, but really, this Chp and the last one really made up for it imo. Rei’s cute, but Claire’s attack just forced me to spend a few min to recover, they’re seriously too cute, and need to be protected. And just a little question for you all..Who’s the better top? Rei, or Claire? I’ve just been thinking that Claire might not be a bad top..

      That’s it! I’m done. Sorry for the really long comment.. Just had a lot to say, but really..Thank You Jingle, for translating this wonderful novel..God, I’ve laughed, cried, died, and it’s just been such a ride.(Did that Rhyme?) I’m not really one for Social media, so sending a tweet might not be smth I’d do, but..Just appreciating it daily, or remembering Relaire’s wonderful antics is definitely smth I will. Thank you Inori-Sensei for making this, and bringing an idea to life, wonderful characters and a beautiful ship.. It’s just too cute.. And it’s wonderful to see more Yuri.. Yuri isn’t as well known or appreciated as..Well, Yaoi, but I feel that in time, we’ll get there! I’ll definitely read any work Inori-Sensei might make in the future, but I hope saying this doesn’t put too much pressure.. I just wanna see ppl expressing their Love for Yuri, it’s just wonderful to see ppl with similar interests just go out there, and make something! I don’t have the courage, drive, or ability to do so, but I do plan to at least practice, somehow.
      Thanks to whoever spent the time to read this. It’s been UrYuriComrade, and(Where am I going with this?) I’ll go read more Yuri, clear Touhou 10, or just do smth. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. *Damn, unfortunately you can’t edit comments..But I cleaned it up a bit, as it was all over the place:
        On to a review…I liked this a lot at first. Few months ago I found the ‘Otome Game’ genre but I felt like there weren’t
        enough interactions with the Heroine enough, or only saw her every 10+ chps.(They usually take the place of the
        Villainess)There was Bakarina, but I felt like there weren’t enough interactions between the Routes and Rivals, they
        focused a bit too much on Bakarina that the surrounding chara’s felt bland-but I already made a review for that,
        (Kinda..And my opinion changed a bit, so I might go and edited that) so I’ll stop here. While I dislike the classic
        ‘LivelyxTsun’ trope as it’s everywhere & there are more interesting dynamics, when I found this, I immediately fell in love
        with it. A Protag who also loved Ojou-samas,(Just adored the Villainess) and their antics..It was so cheery & lively.
        Though in the second half, it definitely felt different. It became more serious, and I was just so used to the carefreeness
        that it kinda surprised me. Their antics became more scarce, and I remember someone here posting the Author’s tweet
        about how there were less reviews or smth.. Probs because it felt more like a novel about Politics than an Otome game
        world. Politics & how they can be done is intriuging(?), but the way it was handled here kinda lost its original charm
        (what drew its audience in) especially with Chp 111. It feels wrong for the tone to change in the middle like that. I felt
        like more interactions could’ve been nice, see more on how ppl saw Rei, maybe different perspectives. Like a POV on
        Claire’s lackeys, more into the Princes & Misha, the world itself maybe. Cuz when they all abruptly ‘saved’ the day, even
        though handling it that way isn’t good at all, it’s even more off when it’s chara’s that (I feel) haven’t been given enough
        time in actually getting to know them, & getting attached. We know the ‘tropes’ & ‘types,’ but what about ‘their’
        variation on that? Anybody can correct me here like, ‘But if we did that, then it wouldn’t be so much about Relaire’ or, ‘It
        would’ve been way longer, and maybe the author didn’t plan to really get this far’. But I disagree. A chara’s interactions
        with other ppl(& the stages of it) shows different sides to them, & you’ll appreciate chara’s even more with their depth or
        ‘humaness'(Or rawness, whatever u prefer). Even with unique pairings with ‘tropes’, the chara’s should still have their own
        twist to it, & with gud chara’s can come gud ships(probs). And it doesn’t change that (around Manaria’s appearance?) it
        started to feel like a different story, & a lil cliche at times.(Dunno what to say to 2nd one) I was also wondering if Lily really needed to be there.. I don’t remember clearly, but isn’t she engaged to Yuu-sama? Also, what happened with Claire & the Prince she had a crush on? They had a few scenes, but it seemed odd when his presence faded out of nowhere. Anyways, I’ll get to wrapping this up, as it’s too long.
        Sorry for the really long comment.. Just had a lot to say. It’s wonderful to see more Yuri. Yuri isn’t as well known or
        appreciated as..Well, Yaoi, but maybe in time it will. I just wanna see ppl expressing their Love for Yuri, it’s just
        wonderful to see ppl with similar interests just go out there, and make something. I don’t have the courage, drive, nor
        ability to do so, but I do plan to at least practice, somehow.


  7. Ya so in the end this ending was wholesome. I don’t really feel sad that’s its over, it gives off more of a feeling of refreshing? Or nice? Content maybe? Hmm well I’m happy and glad I started reading this. It was a fun ride with a sweet ending (and hopefully more)

    So thanks Inori for writing this, and jingle for translating.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Thanks for the chapter!

    Yep, I’m grinning right now and it still won’t disappear. I liked the epilogue and I’m looking forward for the after story if there is going to be one in the future.

    Thanks for bringing us this wonderful story.


  9. Thank you for composing this masterpiece, Inori-sensei, and thank you for translating this, Jingle!

    When I first read this, I was mesmerized by the light-heartedness of the story (it was about chapter 14-ish, I cannot recall for sure). I had thought that it would end up like other yuri stories where the two main characters end up in a limbo.

    However, I was pleasantly surprised when further down the story, we actually got some nice transition instead of having them crash into love together. The gradual progression, the subtle changes in their relationship, it absolutely painted a smile on my face. Truly, Inori-sensei weaves a story masterfully. I was always left wanting more.

    Jingle, thank you so much for translating! Your godlike speed in translating is something I admire!

    Good luck to the both of you in whatever you both would work on, in the future, and once again, thank you!


  10. A nice story, wish it could have been longer as I feel there were plenty of things to talk about or expand upon. Like Lily, Arla, and maybe a bit more about the Naa empire. The pacing and the climax felt a bit rushed and really convenient? Definitely not as bad as My Sister the Heroine and I The Villainess, which was much much worse.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I wanna cry. I want to scream. I want to laugh. I loved it. And it’s over. And I don’t know how to react. I’m so happy. And so sad to say goodbye.

    Liked by 2 people

  12. I’ve thanked inori.-sensei in response to the post above, so…

    Thank you for all the translations, jingle! It has been a wonderful ride, and you have my gratitude for sharing it with us.

    All the laughs, the tears, the joyful whoopies, are due to the work you did in bringing this wonderful story to this non nipophone audience. So, once again, thank you.


  13. Here’s one final edit for this series(hopefully not! I want a sequel or ss!)

    “there will still be till be some time” > “till be” not required

    Thanks for the story Inori-sensei, and Jingle too for bringing this story to us weeb audience.
    Though the final battle seemed too rushed and had more nakama power than One Piece, all in all, it was a very good read.
    The yuri element wasn’t as big a factor for me, tho being a guy perhaps I’d have been more reluctant to a BL story, but I did original check out the novel due to the description of the heroine ignoring all the princes and “attacking” the villainess, I stayed due to Rei’s comedic antics and Clair’s cute reactions, and got completely hooked by the plot, which was surprisingly deep for an otome game.
    Even the supporting, or supposedly supporting characters like Misha, Lene and Dor(supporting villain perhaps?) have their own unique personalities and don’t just go with the flow.

    Hope to read ss about Lily returning to claim the mistress spot (they’re already breaking the law with same sex relationships, multiple partners shouldn’t be much worse)
    and also about Rei’s Parents (guess Inori-sensei forgot about them), maybe Rei telling them about her memories or their interaction with their grandkids, I’d like to see the Ninja-stipping technique again!

    Good luck and looking forward to your future works (both Inori-sensei and Jingle)!


  14. To both Jingle & Inori-sensei

    Thank you very much for such a great work even though I always read it offline hence my lack of presence in the comment section. I was always looking forward to each chapter of your novel to the point that I used Google translator and struggle with fixing the wrong paragraphs and writing the correct one in my IPad’s notes.Also Jingle’s translation is very smooth that I can see very few mistakes that can be ignored. Really thank you for the hard work!

    Also please look forward to my own work at Scribble Hub~!


  15. Everything have ending….
    The difference is that one is satisfactory and the other is not…
    But for this one…
    It’s simply beautiful, even though there are some parts that can be extended, it’s already good as it is.
    Thank you…
    Inori-sensei as the creator
    Jingle of course for the translation…
    As I thought, I was late eh…


  16. All I want to say is Thank you
    Thank you Inori sensei who wrote this beautiful story. Rei and Claire will always be in my heart even after many years have passed.
    Thank you Jingle who worked real hard to translate this story for us. Thank you that you didn’t end up droppig it half way through the story. For me, who is not a first language speaker find it easy to read and understand. 113 chapters could be considered as a very long journey but you made it this far. I’m so thankful

    The story is just too beautiful and impressive. I love Rei. I love Claire. I love the story. Words cannot express how much I thankful that I had a chance to read this story once in my life.

    I’m looking forward for your future work for both Inori sensei and the translator.

    Thank you so much for your hard work!


  17. Thanks so much Inori-sensei for the story and thanks jingle for translating!

    To be honest, at first, going by the title and the synopsis, I didn’t have very high hopes for this, so I when I started reading and was hooked, I was pleasantly surprised… and so I ended up binging it lol
    This final arc was kinda rushed, but I forgive it cuz in the end it was cute. Although there is some things that I didn’t like, I really really enjoyed this and I’m sure I’ll be thinking about Rei’s and Claire’s antics and smiling like an idiot even a long time from now 🙂

    so really, thanks, and good luck on you future projects to both the author and the translator


  18. Heck never wrote a review for anything before
    Love u inori sensei
    Thank u for writing such a beautiful series
    Hope u get more success in ur writing career
    Looking forward to all your future works
    I really Love rei and Claire also ‘I favor the villainess’ from the bottom of my heart
    This is just a dream BUT I REALLY REALLY hope IFV gets an ANIME ADAPTION
    then my life would be fulfilled xD
    it made me happy and even heartbroken at times really loved the ending I don’t think will find such a fulfilling ending ever.

    Also thank u jingle for translating such an awesome series


  19. It was hard fighting with Google translate, but I managed to create an account on Syosetu! I rated the story 5/5. It required that I leave a comment too, so I tried to use Google translate to very simply say that the story and the characters were really, really good!

    Hopefully there will be a print version some day, or I’ll be able to figure out how to make amazon.jp sell me a kindle version.

    Thank you very much, Inori-sensei for your wonderful story! I very much enjoyed reading it, and the ending was heartwarming!

    I hope it does really well and that you find the inspiration to write many more stories!


    1. You actually don’t have to use japanese amazon store to buy the book, you can just use your country’s amazon site. If you replace the .co.jp to .com or whatever your country uses, .nl in my case then you can buy it. Here’s a direct link (if that is allowed?) to the US page for the kindle book. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07NRCPYW6


  20. Hello and thank you for amazingly sweet and sour Yuri story I really love it and hope there would be more stories about Yuri in future and if there is I hope you would be one of them I don’t buy books bud in this case I feel that if I don’t support you I would hate misself so I’m going to buy it and hope you will get us spent more money in future..
    Thanks you for this work and next time….

    (my english is bad so sorry for mental dmg what I done to you xD)


  21. Inori-Sensei, thank you very much for giving us this work! This is the only story that I faithfully followed its updates. I usually just drop reading a novel if it’s not finished yet, but the way you wrote this really made me feel invested with the characters and the world you created.

    To Jingle, a big thank you to you too for your wonderful translation of this! Thank you for the constant updates. Thank you for sharing this piece of work with people who can’t understand the source language.


  22. This LN is freakin’ amazing. Like its the first one I’ve actually wanted to find out what happens next. Always funny and always keeping you on your toes. I am so sad that is over but I’m glad that the ending was as great as I wanted it to be. Maybe even more so that I could have ever imagined.

    Thank you Jingle for all of your hard work. Without you I would have never been able to read such an amazing story.

    Jingle, would you be open to translating the extra chapter in the Amazon release? When I bought the book to support the Inori-sensei, I was surprised to find a section which isn’t part of the web release. I’m just guessing its an extra chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Thank you for making this story Inori-sensei and thank you for translating this Jingle!

    This novel really made me laugh a lot. But unexpectedly, there were serious parts. I was surprised because I thought this was going to be full of fluff. However, Rei not reading the serious atmosphere made me laugh. XD With all those serious foreshadowing I became worried that Rei might do something like betraying Claire as she said or maybe the novel might have a bad ending. Thank God it was a happy end. When Manaria came, I was seriously frustrated and I felt a lump in my throat while reading. As I continued, I cried because I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore. Just remembering it is making me sad. TT^TT During the event where they set up a cafe, I thought that I really wanted to see how the characters looked like. Especially Claire, Misha and Rei. +w+ If there was one thing where I’d be dissatisfied at, it would be that Claire and Rei lack kissing scenes!!! I’m not satisfied with just two scenes. *pouts* If possible, I would have wanted a kiss scene while they are alone. But not like the first kiss scene, that was just too sad. Although I was happy that they finally kissed. Overall, I really liked the story! Thank you very much for the wonderful story and for translating this! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Just wanted to leave some words here. As I started reading after you already finished translating, I wasn’t part of the comments before, but this novel left a mark in me. Thank you Jingle-san for translating again and thank you Inori-sensei for writing this amazing story.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. I started this story to read a comedic take on an Otome game where the insert was more interested in the Female Antagonist…
    I ended the story having read a work that I can only describe as ‘Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s attempt at Romance with Fluffy Yuri and Magic.’
    It was THAT great of a story.
    The Comedy was there. Both the light and dark kind.
    The Romance was MOST DEFINITELY there. Both the Fluffy, and Heartbreaking king.
    The Intrigue was there, although it was NOT in the way expected, although was GREATLY appreciated.
    Then came the Action, the Politics, the Plot Twists that were lead to with sprinkled details here and there that only a pre-cog or Sherlock Holmes himself could have truly claim to have seen coming, yet of which all would claim with a face-palm about how ‘obvious’ it was in hindsight.

    This story is honestly a work of art to me, and I have purchased my own copy to help promote the chance that it gets an official paperback print, preferably in English since I still cannot read Japanese. (And even more preferably with Jingle as the translator/credited with the translation. [The work is already done no? Why hire and pay someone else to do it then?])

    So once again,
    Sincerely Thank You both Inori for being the Author of such a beautiful piece, and Jingle for allowing those of us unable to read Japanese to enjoy it right alongside those who can.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. damn it… Now my tear are falling when I realized that this is really the end.
    Why is this so painful even when the story end happily.


    1. But now when I think that it’s not really end, their life still continue, I recover and really feel happy for them now. > <


  27. I read all of the chapters in one day and I must say that this novel had been an incredible reading for me! I absolutely loved every character and I’m just overwhelmed with so much emotions right now. Not many GL novels are translated completely, and majority of them are either dropped or incomplete. ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` ) This was a very satisfying read and an amazing discovery. I will buy a copy of this in a heartbeat if it ever becomes available in english and I will read this again and again. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ Thank you so much for this series Inori-sensei and thank you so much for the translators who worked hard until this very end.ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ


  28. Thanks for the wonderful novel… This is the first yuri novel that i’ved read and it really hooks me up till the end .. Thanks Inori-sensei for the story and thanks also to jingoe for wonderful and fast translate even though I’m not part of the comments… As always, THANKS FOR THIS HIDDEN GEM!!

    Liked by 1 person

  29. This is the most heart-warming thing I have seen in a long time.

    I was expecting myself to start getting bored of it despite getting so far, I want a continuation of this, just their lives, I’m happy, I’m just happy, this is one of the best moments in a LN I have ever seen, I’m happy.

    Thank you for the amazing LN =)
    Rei x Claire


  30. I had some problems with the series such as the last arc being a bit too fast, everything being resolved way too easily, Rei and Claire’s relationship still needing some work, but still I’m pretty satisfied with this ending.

    The Yuri times definitely need some work I mean while we all saw the change in Claire she didn’t really accept Rei right ? Before the whole revolution thing it would have never happened she was telling Rei to marry into royalty and that they’d never see eye to eye in what they though about love/marriage …. I’d have liked it if it truly came from Claire’s heart to I’ve Rei.

    “I wonder if I would be conceited to think she chose living with me over her way of life as a noble.”
    Yes you would Rei seeing as how Claire chose to die and well at the end there was truly no option but for her to live, this could have been made into Claire accepting to stay with Rei but wanting to help her father after knowing the truth and both of them together doing what Rei did alone ….. Ahhh it was a sloppy execution really needed more work.

    Welp I still enjoyed my time with this still the beginning silliness sure disappeared.


  31. As u guys probably know there aren’t a lot of GL novels that are translated.

    I was following this when it was still updating there were probably like 22 chapters that were out the story starts kinda weak at first I really didn’t have a lot of hope for this series.At that time this was one of the few GL series’ that was getting TL’d I dived in without a lot of expectations but I gradually fell in love with this series with the character.I used to wait eagerly for two days,when the update came I sat down to read this with a cup of coffee everytime.

    I felt happy when sth good happened for Rei & Claire.I got sad when sth bad happened,cheered for the good characters,despised the bad ones .During the last part of the series i was really anxious for both of them i was hoping,praying that they would have a happy ending.When the series finally concluded i ended up crying because of how happy i was.

    Inori sensei really planned the plot from the very beginning and didn’t drag the story on like most WN do these days.That’s another part i really loved about IFTV.This really set another bar for the GL genre,the story became unique as the plot progressed and i hope we get more good stuff like this in the near future.Also I pray & hope inori sensei does well with her other works and has a fulfilling life thanks for this series will always have a special place in my heart.


    thanks for reading my looong review just wanted to shout out what this series meant to me.Hope u have a nice day & please give this novel a try bear with it a little at first believe me u wont regret it…


  32. While I think that this novel have some unsatisfactory moments, it’s undeniable that overall this is such an enjoyable read. Thank you for translating it.


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