Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 70

He and His Particulars

“You’re late. Enjoyed the last night?”

I sighed as Alex greeted me like that the moment I entered the office.
He was finishing a huge pile of documents at his office desk while he said that.
I was aware I pushed the morning office work on him, but I felt complicated being frankly told so. Especially since it’s her older brother’s words.

“… That’s right. I could enjoy the time with only the two of us”
“Please tell Lidi to not worry as I’ve talked to old man. And? Is my little sister coming home today?”
“I don’t mean to send her home”

When I returned those words to Alex, I bet he laughed with his eyes still on the documents.

I recalled the time when we were snuggling just a while ago.
She brought up something like betting.
I absolutely didn’t feel like letting her out of my grasp, so after Clara withdrew I pushed her down once again.
I penetrated Lidi who said my body hurts, I don’t want more from behind and while making her intensely cry I finished into her twice.
As a result she couldn’t move anymore, satisfied I gave her a kiss and left, but still I couldn’t help but be anxious.

The security structure is perfect. She also can’t move.
How strange that I’m not convinced of my victory even with that.

Precisely because she makes me feel this way I find her so lovely.
Every time I’m outwitted I come to love her more, I wonder if she actually noticed.

When I sighed again, Alex tilted his head.

“You look unexpectedly depressed considering it’s the morning after reuniting with your beloved fiancée. Perhaps you were rejected by Lidi?”

I scowled at Alex whose words I wouldn’t want to hear even as a joke.
Alex only shrugged his shoulders. He really has a pleasant personality.

“There’s no way, I wouldn’t allow it. Lidi is mine… That’s not it, there are well, various reasons. I bet with Lidi on her going home…”
“Haa? Bet?”

Being pestered by Alex to explain it in detail I told him the whole story from a while ago.
When I finished talking, Alex said “Bothersome couple” while looking at me with a fed-up face.

“And? What did you do?”
“I doubled the number of Royal Guards and issued an emergency alert. Since it’d be troublesome if she disappeared into the general area, I’ve also posted several people who know Lidi’s face”
“Oioi, ain’t the scale considerable”

I ignored Alex’s face twitching and explained further about the security system.
Judging from Lidi’s appearance she was pretty confident. She told me I could use anything. There’s plenty of possibility of her doing something unimaginable.
To deal with that, first of all I used the basic human wave tactic.

“I’ve already had Lidi escape twice. I don’t think I’m being overly cautious”
“That’s just like my little sister. But you too are being reckless. No matter what VIP came you wouldn’t go that far deploying a security system”
“She’s my most important person. I’ll do anything to not let her go”

If only I win this bet Lidi will be on my side.
She brought it up willingly, and I won’t let her change the promise.
If possible, I’d want her to remain here willingly, but if I have to win her bet for it, so be it.

“… Yesterday, Andre came”

I ran the simulation in my head again to see if there was a hole in the security system, Alex muttered these few words.
‘Andre’, the name I feel the least like hearing now.

“… Yeah, he no longer has any connection to me”
“He couldn’t secure the ‘Royal Flower’ and was expelled from the Royal Family… How many years have passed already?”
“… I wonder? I didn’t think he’s still alive”

I thought he’d dropped dead long ago.
When I spat that out, Alex made a bitter face.

“If you can’t secure the ‘Royal Flower’ you’ll get banished as a punishment…. Huh. You can’t say the reason, right?”
“Yeah. Please think that’s how royalty is. Be relieved, it’s not a particularly outrageous reason”
“Got it”

I couldn’t tell more to Alex who’s not royalty.
Because Alex understands, he didn’t ask for it either.

Without the ‘Royal Flower’ there’s a possibility the runaway divine power will spontaneously go off engulfing the surroundings, I couldn’t possibly say that.
Banishment into the outskirts is only a measure to limit the damage as much as possible.
Of course there’s a possibility it won’t explode, but such a dangerous person cannot be left in the Royal Capital.

“Why did that guy come?”
“Who knows, he seemed to come greet me, but rather he picked a fight with Lidi”

Recalling the last night’s thing I would rather not remember, I couldn’t stop myself from being displeased.
Not understanding the meaning of my words, Alex asked back.

“Ha? With Lidi?”
“It seems he wanted to see what kind of woman my fiancée was… As always that guy bears a grudge against me”

Come to think of it, he had a face like he swallowed a bitter bug.

“You’re not at fault there, it’s that guy’s former fiancée that’s at fault”
“It doesn’t make sense to explain that to somebody who won’t try to understand”
“I guess. Considering how that guy is, it’s easier if he resents you”
“… It’s an annoying story. I don’t want him to be involved with me or Lidi”

Being told that from the bottom of my heart, Alex sank into silence for a while.
While scratching his head, he brought up a seemingly difficult subject.

“… There’s a report for you. This morning my subordinates contacted me about the soldiers guarding Andre’s house, who were observing him. Five elites. Everybody was killed”

I gasped.
With this well-timed topic brought up my head started working at highest speed.
This topic at this timing can’t be a coincidence. Besides, since yesterday I thought something is going on.

“… That’s why he came, huh”

I found it strange.
As Andre was, he wouldn’t be able to come to the Royal Palace without us knowing.
Especially with the powerful surveillance system that was set up.
Despite this, why.
When I nodded, Alex with still intense face said.

“I also found it strange. That’s why I had it investigated. I attached observers to that guy. That shouldn’t have been just his selfish behavior”

He stood up, and after taking a report from his breast, spread it on his desk.
While quickly scanning over it I discussed my doubts with Alex one by one.

“… The culprit’s aim is?”
“I’m going through internal lists right now. There are five bodies, but there’s a common feature in how they were killed”
“Common feature?”
“Yeah, the head is gone. Everyone’s was taken away. Because of that it took time to identify the victims”

I tried to understand what exactly he meant by head being gone.

“… By any chance, were they cut off?”
“Probably. The location was a nauseating spectacle. I can’t say anything as I ain’t seen it”

Separating human head is not something simple.
It takes time and effort, I can’t think of it as a smart measure.
There’s some meaning behind it, I could only think that.

Despite thinking so, I brought up another possibility.

“What if there were multiple perpetrators?”

Kill in the same way to feign it being one person.
That’s also a good method to use.
Alex chewed his finger while pondering about that.

“I wonder. Certainly, I can’t imagine one person cutting that many heads. It’s hard to confirm. We’re in a difficult spot”
“The objective is also unclear. Just what does the culprit benefit from releasing Andre”

If divine power were to spontaneously go off in the Royal Capital certainly the damage to our country would be large, but that shouldn’t be known. It’s eerie not knowing what the culprit is thinking.

“Andre himself probably isn’t the culprit”
“He wouldn’t be able to act like that”

As I clearly asserted that, with that’s right Alex agreed.

“Then, what about contact with outside? Is it possible?”
“Impossible. There’s a powerful barrier erected around the whole building to seal magic and magical arts”
“… In that case, Andre couldn’t work with someone”

Alex nodded as to agree with my words.
It’s an anti-royal barrier. It’s not easy to break.

“I see, then Andre isn’t the main culprit… Neither of Andre escaping, nor of Andre nonchalantly coming to the Royal Castle. It’s a rare chance to escape, and yet”
“After all he was used by the culprit, otherwise he wouldn’t do that, would he. Probably that’s what’s most possible”

Otherwise, I don’t think he’d expressly come to the Royal Castle.
He should know he’d be caught and brought back. Still he came.
There definitely must be some purpose in it.
Whether he’s manipulated or doing it of his own volition, I don’t know.

“And, what about that Andre?”
“Esteemed Uncle settled it”

As I briefly explained, Alex spoke while thinking.

“Can you ask about his story?”
“… It’d be difficult”
“I bet”

It’s very like he’s already transferred.
Besides, he’d never confess it to us.
Even if he were to be killed.
Listening to my story Alex sat down on a char and rested his chin in his hand seeming to find it bothersome.

“Damn it. I wish it would end without a hitch”
“That’s an impossible sentiment. It’s too suspicious. For now, just increase caution towards Andre”
“Roger. For now, I’ll stay in office as normal. I can’t do anything more now”

As we finished talking, I took a sidelong glance at Alex who’s staying at his desk and looked up at the clock.
I felt the time pass slowly.
I want to return to my room quickly… Before Lidi is gone.

At the exact timing I reluctantly resumed work at my seat, the door was knocked on.
After answering that I allow entry, an old-looking butler calmly entered.
I found it suspicious that a person I’ve never seen entered this room.
Before coming to this room he should’ve undergone various checks. I think he’s a suitable person to be here as he’s passed through them all, but I can’t recall him at all.

“Nn? If it isn’t Zechs”

As Alex raised his voice seeing the person before us, I understood who he is.
Vivoir house’s butler.
With that title, certainly it’s more than possible to come this far.

“It must be important for you to come this far. Do you have business with Alex?”

When I understood who visited I asked for his business.
Alex tilted his head, muttering I wonder if something happened.
Nothing seems to come to his mind.
Being told that, with a gentle smile of an old man he stated his business.

“No, by orders from Milady… Lady Lidiana I have a letter for Your Highness. Would Your Highness like to receive it”
“From Lidi?”

I received the letter from the butler who deeply bowed.
I could only have an unpleasant premonition seeing her beautiful handwriting for the first time.
Unconsciously I once again looked at the clock.
It’s only been few hours… No way. Impossible.

Dumbfounded, I listened to Alex questioning the butler about the circumstances.

“Zechs, have you been told that by Lidi?”
“Yes, Lord Alexei. It was a matter from Lady Lidiana to His Highness. I was instructed to hurry, so I came here directly”
“I see, thanks for the hard work… Then Lidi is at the mansion”

I felt dizziness as the butler nodded to these words.
I felt hopeless knowing the letter’s content without opening it.

After sending the butler home, I broke the seal with trembling hands.
I knew the contents, but I couldn’t not look.
On the writing paper decorated by elaborate watermarking only one phrase was written.
Such was written in the flowy handwriting.

‘I win’


Alex, who with my permission was looking at it from behind, spurted out.
Although I knew about the matter, I never would have expected her to write it like this.
Those words are so much like Lidi I lost strength.

“… Aaah, she got away”
“Wahahahaha!! Amazing, she really got away! Rather, how did she avoid that security net? As expected of my little sister!!”

I ignored Alex who burst into laughter and once again looked at the latter.
A strained laugh escaped me while looking at her victory declaration.

“Really, how did she run away? I went all out setting the security net, and yet”

I shook the paper and amazed asked Alex.
As I inquired him in a clueless voice, Alex shook his head.


“Just so you know, I ain’t related? She couldn’t mobilize our family agency, it was just a while ago when you heard of betting, right?”
“I understand that. But I never would have thought she’d escape”
“I bet. She pulls off such unexpected things from time to time”
“Sometimes I feel like I’m always being played with”

I breathed a sigh, not sure if I should be amazed by or praising Lidi splendidly going home just as she’d told me.
Truly, she always has me twisted around her little finger.

“Now then, should we go meet her”
“Don’t hurry with going so much. She won the bet. You too could compromise a little”

To his words of worry for his little sister I returned it’s okay.
I don’t know what means she used, but as Alex said, Lidi won the bet with me. There’s no mistaking that.
That’s why no matter how much I miss her, I have no intention of disregarding that.

“Anyway, the next evening party is close. It can’t be helped, I’ll endure until then”
“That’s a reasonable position. Ain’t it fine?”
“Honestly, what will my fiancée do to make me fall in love with her even more?”

Lidi tricked me splendidly. I don’t remember being so easily and thoroughly deceived even when fighting enemy countries.
Not only is her appearance beautiful, not only does she cutely cry when she’s being lewd, even that part of Lidi caught me.
I love her too much, I really feel like I’ve gone crazy.

I slipped a chuckle thinking of her.

After all, I can’t allow myself to be like that alone. I must get her to fall like this too.

“… You, your words and expressions are disappointing”

As he laughed from his throat, Alex said so amazed.

“Really? I just thought of how I fell in Lidi all over again”
“That’s scary. Truly, she had a troublesome man fall for her”
“Do you oppose?”

Asked so, unexpectedly he readily shook his head.

“No. I said I won’t oppose anymore… There ain’t no reason to”
“Well, I can watch you wrapped around her little finger for a while. That makes it interesting”
“I’m not an exhibition, but well, fine”

It wasn’t because of the line about being observed out of curiosity, but I changed my mind about bothering her.

… Because of the promise I’ll let you go free for now.
But, there’ll be no next time.

Next time I’ll absolutely capture you, thinking so the corners of my mouth lifted and I laughed a little.

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8 thoughts on “Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 70

  1. Man, Freed’s actions remind me of a certain hentai line. “You’re resistance only makes me harder!”

    I mean, it’s true. The more Lidi manages to do something unexpected, the more Freed loves the chase, and the harder/hornier he gets. There’s no two ways about it. He enjoys the chase, and enjoys delivering the punishment even more.

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  2. This Black must be a party to Andre’ appearing in the castle. Has Andre’ discovered a way to snatch the king’s flower? Is Freed the big target that Black is set to take down next?

    Thank you for this translation!!!!!


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