Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 69

She and the Outcome of the Match

“Hiii, it was terrible…”

Having finally obtained some space I breathed a deep sigh.

As planned, Freed headed for office just now.
That is fine, but for some reason we ended up doing it twice before he left.
I thought he’d be in a hurry after Clara left, but saying “I still have a little more time” he pushed me down with my clothes still on. Only my underwear was removed, and we did it doggy style twice.
I have no idea how he’s so energetic anymore.

“Unequaled, savage prince…”

I cursed him, but the thing is I can’t tell that to the person himself.
On the day I told him that directly I’m sure I’d go through even more terrible experience.
I’d like to not do it any more today. My hips hurt.

Because of that, in the end I had to see him off from bed, but perhaps this also is Freed’s strategy.
… Not allowing me to get up from bed.
If that’s the case, what a frightening strategy. If it weren’t for the hidden stamina recovering medicine, I’d have no chance of winning.

“Kh… I can’t move my body”

When I tried moving even a little my hips and stomach hurt terribly.
I feel stinging pain in places I can’t tell people about.

Or rather, I literally can’t put strength into my hips.
To begin with muscles all over my body had ached, and then I received this treatment two more times.
Freed is absolutely a brutal sadist by nature. I have no doubt. Because, after crushing me in his embrace he smiled with an overjoyed face.
He’s truly an unforgiving man.

As I fell on the bed I thought of what to do after this.
To be honest, I wanted to call for Cain after taking the medicine and recovering my physical strength, but I have no idea when that’ll be. In my condition, taking the medicine is honestly difficult.
It’s embarrassing that it’s obvious what we were doing, but you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.
I better hurry up and escape.
I quickly arranged my disheveled clothes, prepared myself and called out to Cain in a quiet voice.

“… Cain”
“Nn? You called?”

I solidified from surprise as Cain appeared before my eyes at the same moment.

“… You surprised me. Didn’t you come too quickly?”
“Yeah, because Crown Prince’s barrier was removed. I thought I should stand by. Rather, what happened? Princess. It’s gotten amazing outside”

When I asked back not understanding what he meant, Cain nodded yes and sent a glimpse at the door.

“Royal Guards stood everywhere, the security net is impressive. Even court ladies walking in corridors seemed to worry about something”
“… Aah”

Although Cain’s words amazed me, I was convinced.
It seems exactly as Freed stated, first of all he strengthened the security. Surely as soon as I left the room Royal Guards would politely push me back saying “Please return to the room, Princess Consort”.

“Do you have an idea?”
“Yup… I do. But before that, could you pass me the medicine. It’s a stamina restoring medicine. It’s shameful, but I can’t move…”
“…? !! Yeah, I got it”

When I asked with lowered eyebrows, he must’ve guessed the reason for why I’m shamefully lying on bed.
Cain’s face suddenly dyed red.
… Please, stop with that innocent reaction. It’s making me embarrassed.

“… Is your body okay”
“… Ye, yes. Thanks”

I received the medicine that was anxiously handed to me. I gulped it in one go and sluggishness of my body quickly disappeared. With this I can finally move.

“Aah, I was tired. So, Cain. I have a request”
“A request?”

Cain tilted his head at my words.

“Yes. Can you return me to my mansion without being found by anybody?”
“Without being found? Of course I can, but why?”

He was naturally doubtful, so I explained in detail about my bet with Freed.
When he finished listening, Cain turned to me with an astonished face.

“… Why did such a troublesome talk happen. As Crown Prince said, you don’t have to go home”
“Ha? Why!”

I blinked in surprise being attacked in an unexpected place.
I’d never expect Cain to say that.

“Because Princess, you love Crown Prince, don’t you. Besides, thinking about the security, after all it’s way better here. Rather, I think you’ll be absolutely safe at Crown Prince’s side, so I’ll recommend that”
“Something like lo… love! It, it’s different!!”

Being told an outrageous thing I denied it in panic.
That is still in the gray area. Until I reach the conclusion, I want to leave it alone.

“… Aah. The second part completely flew over your head, and you only picked that up. Princess, did you hear what I said about the security?”

While bitterly smiling, Cain asked the flustered me.

“Security… Ah yup, I’ve heard it”
“Yup, so, I was saying it’s better if you stay with that person. But well, Princess is my master. If Princess so wishes, there is no way to refuse”
“… I want to go home”

I fell silent for an instant, but when I put my decision into words Cain broadly smiled.

“Okay, I understand. Then, let’s move with haste. We’ll escape quickly”

Although I felt relieved Cain was fully motivated to show off, I remembered something important. That’s right, I mustn’t forget it.

“Wait a moment. I’ll pen a letter”

As I said that, Cain gave me a curious look that said what’s with that.

“Yup. A letter that I’m going home. Without leaving it behind, it might look like I’ve been possibly involved in a kidnapping”

Recalling my mistake from the last time I explained it to Cain.
I borrowed paper and pen that was on Freed’s desk and smoothly wrote a letter.
Cain was looking at me with great interest, and clapped hands as if convinced.

“Indeed. Normally you wouldn’t be able to slip through that security net. If Princess suddenly disappear, there’ll be a great uproar, huh”
“Because of that I was scolded by Mother once… And done, it’s ready”

I completed the letter making use of flowery words I’d thought up when under Father’s house arrest and sealed it firmly. Securing it with a nearby something that’s like a paperweight I placed it on the desk.

“And I’m done. Now, should we go. What should I do?”

I turned to him and asked if he has any instructions for me.
Cain said that’s right and looked at the ceiling.

“If I was alone, I’d use ventilation above the ceiling. But, I certainly can’t have Princess walk through such a place”
“I’m confident in being non-athletic”

As I clearly announced that, Cain pressed down his forehead and sighed that he gets it.

“Haa. Princess, you do seem clumsy. So I can’t help but be curious as to how you can get up and down a rope”

I thrust a finger before the suspicious Cain with fufun.

“I’ve repeated it every day. I’ve practiced. Practiced! I can do it thanks to doing it for years, but I don’t have any confidence in doing this now!”
“Why do you look so proud…”
“Isn’t it better than pointlessly putting on airs?”
“That’s true, but normally wouldn’t you try putting on airs here?”

Perhaps, but such a thing is meaningless.

“It’s a waste of time. Even if I say I can do what I can’t, the result will be the same. Then, it’s better you grasp the situation accurately”
“… Is that so. Yup, then in the end there’s only one way. Should we leap”

I reacted to Cain’s suggestion with a twitch.

“Leap, is that what you showed me before?”
“Yes, as expected it’s impossible to do at once, so we’ll leap several times in succession. Hold onto me, anywhere is fine”

I remember his talk about making signs, so to not hinder him I wrapped my arms around his waist from behind. I firmly stuck to him and prepared myself for whatever impact will come.

“Alright, go!!”
“It ain’t alright! I said anywhere is fine, but hey… Princess what are you doing! The… they’re touching!”

Cain was splendidly dismayed by being hugged from behind.

“Eh? Cain said to hold on, didn’t you. You’ll be jumping continuously, right? I was worried about being dropped halfway, so I thought I better hold on tight… Did I make any mistake?”
“… Who’d drop you. You could’ve grabbed something else like my arm, so why did you choose to hug me… Ah, if it gets exposed, I’ll be killed no doubt… Haa”
“Killed, that’s an exaggeration. Never mind that, let’s go. If we don’t hurry, I’m scared Freed will come back”

In the worst case, he may come back saying he finished his duties.
It’s the last resort, but fleeing is winning.
Hurry up, as I hurried him, Cain made the signs carelessly.

“Ah jeez! I get it! We’ll go like this!!”

The scene changed immediately.

After repeating it several times, I succeeded in escaping.






“… Unsurprisingly I’m beat. Princess will be safe with the guards providing security, so I’ll go see granny for a while”

After escorting me to the mansion, Cain told me that somewhat listlessly.

Since a while ago, he’s been pressing down on his eye with his fingers.
I was worried whether it was abnormal, but apparently it hurts if the secret art is overused.
It seems it wouldn’t be like this if he got used to it, but as it hasn’t been long yet, it still turns out like this.
I was relieved because there wouldn’t be a problem if I just gave him time, but Cain’s gesture of pressing down his eye was very similar to the pose I made when I used a PC in the previous life too much, so pardon me for laughing.
I haven’t seen them, but I wonder if there are eye drops in this world.
It seems they’d be greatly effective for Cain now.

“Sorry. Thank you for doing your best. Because of you I’m saved”

I really came back smoothly without any problems.
It’d absolutely be impossible for me alone.
Certainly, I thought of using everything I could, but asking Cain almost feels against the rules.
When I thanked him for being saved, Cain shook his hand while the other was pressing the corner of his eye.

“I ain’t need thanks. It’s my job to make master’s wishes come true… Woah, a slight headache came. After all, I’ll be going to granny’s place to get some medicine”

A headache while overusing eyes. I smiled bitterly thinking of where I’ve heard those words.
Even though I think I understand his feelings, before I noticed he seems to have gotten close to Ms. Delris, and since he’s going to her, I spoke to him.

“Could you pass Ms. Delris a message if you’re going to her? I want to tell her I’ll be coming to visit soon”
“Got it. Then, I’m off”

I wonder if his headache is so intense as Cain nodded with a grimace, and the next instant disappeared from before me. I guess it hurt that much.
When I became alone, I thought of what to do next.

“Nn, I guess there’s nothing but to write a letter that I’ve arrived”

You can’t tell of my whereabouts from the letter I’ve left behind.
It’ll have a meaning only after I properly communicate that I’ve arrived at the mansion, this will settle the match. You could say it’s exactly a victory declaration.

“I wonder what I should write”

I took my favorite letter set from a desk drawer and picked up the pen.
Since I didn’t know who may see the previous letter, I wrote it formally in accordance to the Royal Court etiquette, I made use of techniques that’d please my seniors to maximum degree.
I intend for this letter to be delivered directly to Freed, so perhaps I should make it simpler.

“Nn, I decided”

I stopped my hand from spinning the pen and sat at the desk.
I only penned a few words.
As I looked with contentedness at what I finished writing I smiled with satisfaction.

I firmly sealed it and called not for the steward but a butler.
Called Zechs Carmine, he’s been serving our family as a butler for a considerable time, from the era of the previous head of the family, he’s a person who’s both refined and excellent. He conscientiously smooths down his gray hair that’s approaching white and wears always classy butler clothes. As is often the case with butlers, he didn’t get married and said he wants to serve the house to the best of his ability. He’s the one servant who I had close by since birth and can trust.

“Milady, have you called”

As he came in response to the summon, I only handed him the letter I composed.

“Zechs, deliver this to His Highness the Crown Prince. Please hurry it up”

I said it like it’s a trifling matter, but properly speaking it’s not allowed to directly send letters to the Crown Prince. But still, I’m his fiancée. As expected, I’m endowed with at least that privilege.
Being told to inform the Crown Prince, the butler’s eyebrows twitched for an instant, but he received the letter from me like he was convinced.

“I will deliver it to the Crown Prince no matter what”
“Yeah, please do”

After confirming Zechs left for the castle I finally sat down on a sofa in my own room.

With this I’ve done all that I should have.
Now, what will Freed think when he sees this letter.

“I wonder if I was slightly unfair…”

When I calmed down, the feeling that I may have done too much crept in.
Thinking that like that I’d be trapped I used the emergency measure of asking Cain, but to be honest I wanted to do something by myself.
It’s just that I had zero confidence to escape through that security net.
While I was leaving I stole glimpses at it, and the thickness of the security honestly drew attention.
Although Freed’s serious words that he won’t let me escape took unpleasant but understandable form, just how seriously did he set up security against a single young girl.
It was perfectly immature.

“Well… Well, we’re the same in this regard… I guess?”

We might be just a little alike in our foul way of doing thing.

Soon, an evening party sponsored by the Royal Palace is scheduled.
In any case we’ll meet at that time, and I’ll be kidnapped again. That’s why until then I think of fully enjoying my freedom.
… Whether he can endure until the evening party is the question.

“… I wonder if it’s impossible”

I don’t understand how it came to this point, but his obsession with me is considerable. I feel he’ll promptly come pick me up. Well, if that happens, it’s also okay. Let’s think of what to do when the time comes.

I listlessly raised my fist.


… For now I tried enjoying my victory.

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    1. Freed’s going to train her well. But I’m sure he’ll allow a long leash; after all, he does get more satisfaction in passionate “revenge” (sexing her up), in addition to enjoying the fact that she does challenge him, keeping him interested and entertained. Moreso since she doesn’t quite match the common acts of a prim noblewoman, which he finds boring.

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    1. My though exactly. He seemed to be aroused by the pressure of her breasts against hi s back. But, more than that, the Prince will call in Will to discover how she really escaped. Cain may become a
      criminal and even a fugitive


  1. I wonder if she’ll fess up her method of escaping.. rip Cain roflmao

    ‘lost the battle win the war’ or ‘win the battle lost the war’? I’d argue that the war is already lost, Lidi is just taking her pleasures now before Freed chained her for real 😂😂😂😂

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  2. using Cain was not unfair, deploying all the Royal Guard could be considered as such! >.< I thought she wanted to use Cain from the very beginning… but really how could she even think it is unfair when Freed had absolutely everyone in the castle at his beck and call to stop her

    Thansk for the capter!


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