I Favor the Villainess 105

Omen of the revolution

Commoners continue demonstrating.
The crowd filling the main street in front of the parliament building is increasing day by day.
The voices criticizing the provisional government and calls for the restoration of the Royal Family are getting stronger.
However, the attitude of the provisional government, including Dor-sama, doesn’t change.

“Yes yes, please line up! There will be enough for everyone!”
“Please proceed slowly!”

Speaking of us, we’re continuing the soup kitchen despite our anxiety over the demonstrations intensifying.
The number of people who are troubled for food due to the tax increase grows, and there are many who rely on this soup kitchen.
We can still manage for now, but if this growth continues, it won’t be long until our food stockpiles are depleted.
We were worried about that, but――.

“The number of people has decreased from yesterday, has it not?”

Claire-sama noticed there were left-over ingredients from those prepared.
There will be days like this once in a while, with this we finished for the day.

“Today it decreased again”

The next day, and the day after too, the number of people who lined for Claire-sama’s soup kitchen decreased little by little.

“What in the world is going on…?”

Soon we obtained the answer to Claire-sama’s question.

―― Resistance established a revolutionary government. A plentiful rationing began.

Before long, a story appeared in newspapers.
According to newspapers, skirmishes began occurring between the provisional and revolutionary governments.

“… My goodness”

Having read the news Claire-sama was dumbfounded.

(… It came at last, huh)

As for me, this flow is within expectations.
In 「Revolution」there were many routes with tragically falling in love with princes as the revolution occurs.
But, there was also a revolution route, where without getting together with any of the princes, the protagonist herself became the symbol of the revolution.
The flow this time is close to involving Claire-sama in that revolution route.
It’s very different from the original in two points, that Claire-sama obtained the support of people and that there are calls for the restoration of the Royal Family.

(If like this I don’t make a mistake in my guidance, surely…)

The realization of my and that person’s1 great ambition isn’t far.

“Rei, are you listening?”

Suddenly having my ear pulled I came to my senses.
Looking at Claire-sama, her face is pale.

“At last a thing like the revolutionary government has appeared? As it is, this country will…”
“It’s okay, Claire-sama. This flow is within my expectations”
“… Is that true?”
“Yes. Claire-sama, please continue with the soup kitchen”
“… I understand”

That’s why, we came to the soup kitchen today as well, but――.

“… Barely any people are coming”
“Looks like it”

In contrast to Claire-sama whose sense of impending crisis was showing through, I answered carefreely.

“It is not looks like it! Has the support of all people not turned towards the revolutionary government!?”
“Perhaps it has. But, that’s fine”
“In what way is it fine!”

And so on, Claire-sama loudly complained.

“Excuse me. This is Claire François-sama’s soup kitchen, am I right?”

Several men came together.
Although they’re wearing commoner clothes, their stuff has top quality.
However, they don’t seem to be nobles.

“That is right, however, who are you?”
“We are people of the revolutionary government”

As the man who appears to be their representative introduced himself Claire-sama’s expression became severe.

“… What business do you have?”
“Claire François-sama. We admire your actions out of consideration for the people. But, from now the revolutionary government will take it upon itself to distribute food. So, wouldn’t you cooperate”
“Did you say cooperate?”

Claire-sama was suspicious.

“You have said you belong to the revolutionary government, right?”
“I recognize you. You are one of Salas’s subordinates, are you not?”

The man didn’t deny.
I didn’t notice, but according to Claire-sama he’s one of Salas’s private soldiers we saw in his office.

“This way is a former Baron Thompson’s soldier, that way is a former Count Yale’s soldier”
“Why are those people in the revolutionary government?”
“Thanks to Claire-sama’s ‘great efforts’, they lost their jobs”
“Everybody had their reemployment arranged?”
“Yeah, we are grateful for that. However, they were employed under better conditions. That is, under former Prime Minister Salas”
“! Where is Salas!”

Claire-sama questioned him, but the man shook his head.

“I cannot say. He is necessary for the future of this country”
“Salas is connected to the empire!?”
“The Naa Empire is collaborating to make this country truly belong to people”
“That is wrong! The empire will make this country their―― mmm”
“What do you specifically mean by cooperate?”

I covered Claire-sama’s mouth and began negotiations.

“We would like you to donate food you have stored. Although we have reserves, it’s always better to have more”

I asked and the man answered so.

“Very well. In exchange, we also have conditions”
“Let’s hear them”

The man calmly nodded.

“Please don’t involve Claire-sama in what the revolution government will do from now on”
“… That’s difficult. Dor-sama is the main member of the evil provisional government. It’s impossible to not do anything to that Dor-sama”

The man shook his head.
However, I’m not giving up.

“I haven’t said to do nothing to Dor-sama. I am saying to please not involve Claire-sama”
“… Hm?”
“You know the activities of Claire-sama until now well, right? Claire-sama loves the people. She is different from Dor-sama and other nobles”
“… That is to say, you want us to turn a blind eye to Claire-sama alone, is that it?”
“That’s how it is”

The man showed he’s pondering over it.
Claire-sama, whose mouth is covered, raised mumu in protest, but there’s no choice but to keep her silent for a while.

“How big is the stockpile that you can offer us?”
“Roughly this”

I produced a rough estimate.
For an instant the man’s eyes opened wide in astonishment, but immediately he returned it to normal.

“This amount is…”
“Then, this talk will have never happened”

If memory serves me right, at this stage the revolutionary government shouldn’t have secured sufficient food reserves yet.
In order to obtain support from commoners, they advertised in newspapers they carry out plentiful food distribution, however more people than expected flooded them, until the reinforcements from the empire come, they have to survive somehow.
I’m taking the advantage of that.

“… Okay. I promise we’ll absolutely not lay a hand on Claire-sama”
“Thank you. If you break your word, please consider the support from XX discontinued on the spot”
“XX is?”
“If you ask Arla Luster or Irvine Luster you’ll understand”
“… Certainly. Then, let’s talk about the transport of the food on another day”

And then we separated from soldiers for now.

“Haahh. Rei! What are you doing on your――!”
“The end justifies the means, that’s what it is. Claire-sama”

I said to soothe the fuming Claire-sama.

“The end?”
“What the revolutionary government is thinking and what they will do. In order to investigate that, we have to approach them”

I continued.

“Offering food is to gain their trust so Claire-sama can approach the revolutionary government”
“I will not side with the revolutionary government?”
“Of course. What we have to do is to tread a fine line between the revolutionary and provisional governments and look for the common ground between them. This is an extremely political matter, in the present state only Claire-sama can do it”
“Only I…?”
“Yes. The maneuvering will be difficult. Can you do it?”

I asked, and Claire-sama,

“Hmph. Who do you think I am. I am Minister of Finance Dor François’s daughter, Claire François? This much is a piece of cake”

said so, smiling boldly.

“Thank you”
“Without knowing your plan I have said something reproachful. I offer you my apology, Rei”
“Don’t mention it”

Really, don’t mention it.

Rather, I should be the one saying it to Claire-sama.

1) I mistranslated mentions of that person in chapters 81 and 91, it’s fixed now

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8 thoughts on “I Favor the Villainess 105

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I can somehow understand where this is going since I’m a reader, but if this is happening in real-time, I guess I won’t be able to keep up.

    God knows the pressure Rei and Claire are feeling right now, although Rei has a different agenda than Claire during the revolution where Rei is for the survival of Claire and for Claire is to stop the revolution and put the Royal family back in line and make the commoner’s lives better to stop anymore discontent with nobility. This is going to be a long road and I hope that if it goes by Claire’s wishes, Rei will be there to support her, as her partner (lover)

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  2. So Dor is probably XX. He seems like a creep, but he raised Claire, so he can’t be all bad. Here’s to hoping he is doing everything he can in some effort to beat back Salas and the empire by making himself out to be the bad guy.

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      1. Look back at when Rei got hired as a maid. I think that Dors isn’t just “XX” but is also “That Person” that Rei keeps mentioning.


  3. I think I know where this is going…
    It’s not that I have seen something familiar…
    But experience told me that it will end like “that”…
    For what it is, it will be a spoiler, so… I’m sorry


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