I Favor the Villainess 100


The day after we were attacked, we went to the Royal Palace.
As Claire-sama and Lily-sama together requested an audience with His Majesty, they received the permission right away.
Something like that would be impossible under normal circumstances.

“So, you’ve come”

When we entered the audience hall, His Majesty and Salas were already there.
The Queen is nowhere to be seen.
Rumors say, after Yuu-sama renounced throne succession rights she’s been bedridden.
Moreover, several Royal Guards were lined up.

“You are late. What are you doing making His Majesty wait”

Salas said brazenly.

“I apologize. There was a place we needed to visit for a short while”

Even when faced with Salas’s snide remark, Claire-sama kept her composed face.

“And, what business do you have”

His Majesty asked.
Of course, we reported our purpose when applying for the audience, so this is a play.

“Your Majesty. We have come to accuse Prime Minister Salas of his crimes”

Claire-sama said so confidently.
Salas’s expression didn’t change.

“What are Salas’s crimes”
“Your Majesty. These people only have imaginary false accusations against me”
“The, they are not false accusation”

It seems Salas is planning to feign innocence to the bitter end.
It must be because he knows the King’s supreme authority hasn’t been invoked.
Lily-sama sorrowfully denied him.

“Are you still planning to say I have committed infidelity?”
“No, we will not say that”

Salas made a puzzled face at Claire-sama’s words.
Claire-sama continued.

“Salas-sama’s offense… is inviting a foreign threat”
“… What was that…?”

Salas’s eyes glinted sharply.
Without minding, Claire-sama continued.

“Salas-sama secretly communicated with the enemy nation, Naa Empire”
“Please don’t say foolish things. There’s no way that would be the case”

Good grief, Salas-sama shook his head.
His Majesty is quietly listening.

“Your Majesty. The radical part of the commoners’ movements happening in this country is not due to Your Majesty’s policies. Salas-sama colluded with the Naa Empire to incite them”
“It’s ludicrous. Your Majesty, do not listen to such nonsense”

Salas tried to end the talk by saying that it’s enough for the audience.

“There is evidence. Is that not right, Rei?”

I took it out of my bag.

“No, no way…!”

Seeing the item I held in my hand, Salas was rendered speechless.
It’s a slightly old recording magical tool.
I put magical power into it.

―― If I cause a revolution in the kingdom, the empire guarantees me the top position in the new administration, right?
―― Yeah, rest assured.
―― What’s the concrete plan?
―― Take advantage of the foolish king’s policies. Radicalize the commoners’ movement.
―― Ah, I see. Then it’ll be simple. Masses are stupid.


I stopped the magical tool per His Majesty’s order.
Salas is standing stock still with his complexion turned pale.

“Salas. Do you have any explanation”
“Your Majesty, it’s different! This… is a scheme!”
“Whose scheme is that”
“That is…. That is…”

It’s checkmate.

“Bastards… Why do you have…!”

Claire-sama replied to Salas’s question filled with resentment.

“Of course, it came from the safe in Salas-sama’s office”
“No way! Nobody but me should know the dial number!”
“This person here acted skillfully. Isn’t that right, Rei?”
“Yes. I, or perhaps I should say this child did it”

I opened my bag, and having turned it upside-down shook it.
A jiggly, amorphous, transparent substance fell out.

“De, demon!?”

Due to Salas’s scream for an instant the Royal Guards displayed anger, but His Majesty stopped them.

“Because it’s a familiar, there is no danger. Look, the core is golden, right?”
“Hmm. It seems like it”

Speaking of His Majesty, he’s got the nerve.

I lifted Relaire and showed it to Salas.

“Doesn’t this child resemble anything?”
“What are you talking about?”
“A certain ice curio in your room”
“… Ah”

This is how the trick went.
When striking the fake deal with Salas, I secretly left Relaire in his room.
Then, I had Relaire mix with the curios in his room using the mimetic ability Undine.
As I was leaving the room I told Salas that the recording tool would disappear to make Salas confirm that it’s in the safe, and to make him operate the dial again.
After that I recovered Relaire who had seen that and could do the same thing.
Don’t look down on Relaire as a former demon.
Our child is smart.

“Bastards… You tricked me…!”
“P, please give up, Father!”

The Royal Guards surrounded Salas.
Salas has a medium water aptitude, but he shouldn’t excel at combat abilities.
In addition to the Royal Guards there’s also Claire-sama and I.
There’s no way Salas can break through.

“It is time to pay for your sins, Salas-sama”
“… Kuku”
“Kufu… Kuahaha!”

Salas laughed loudly.
I wonder if he’s gone mad.

“Noo… I’ve been done in. That was truly something. Claire François and Rei Taylor”
“There is also Cardinal Lily”
“No, she should’ve been useless. Try thinking back on it. Whether she has taken action that would harm me even once”

I thought it was nonsense, but for the time being I tried reminiscing.
Then, I noticed that though Lily-sama questioned Salas, regardless of how she acted towards other nobles, she hasn’t done anything substantial against Salas.

“What are you trying to say”
“No, I find it comical”
“How does it feel, being betrayed by a comrade you trusted, I wonder”

Instinctively I looked at Lily-sama.
Speaking of her, her flustered face says she doesn’t understand what her father is saying.
I wonder if it’s Salas being desperate after all.

“Lily, help your father”
“P, please don’t say stupid things! Father, you should pay for your sins properly!”
“I see. Then, you should also pay for them. Your own sins”
“Wha, what have you been saying since a while ago! Lily doesn’t understand what Father has been saying!”

I wonder if Salas expects Lily-sama to betray us this late.
No, something’s strange.

“Lily… You pitiful child… Lord, have mercyKyrie Eleison

The last words must’ve been some keyword.
The moment she heard them, Lily-sama collapsed.

“Cardinal Lily!?”

Claire-sama approached Lily-sama in panic.
I have an intense bad feeling about this.

“Claire-sama, get away!”

I shouted without trying to sound polite.
When I got Claire-sama away from Lily-sama, with a flash of a silver arc a number of Claire-sama’s blonde hairs scattered.
The next moment――.

“Honestly… How awful”

A cheerful voice inappropriate for this place resounded.

“You are…”
“Yo, Rei-san and Claire-sama, been a while since yesterday”

The tone of voice and facial expression were totally different.
Especially the tone of voice, it was exactly like that black-masked man’s.

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26 thoughts on “I Favor the Villainess 100

  1. OMG! So, that’s what he meant a pitiful child… and I didn’t thought that I was correct that Salas is a spy from the previous chapter… Now then, how will Rei fix Lily… Will Lily’s love for Rei triumph or they had to bash her and do some healing on her?

    Liked by 5 people

    1. It’s actually been on my mind for a while now when Salas said that Lily was pitiful… and from the last chapter’s assassins when I commented that Salas was a spy from Naa Empire… I’m wondering if what it meant was that since we’re in a fantasy world, is Lily actually a homunculus or something that won’t live long and with artificial memories? Not sure if that is correct or if she’s just hypnotized or something…

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  2. Salas: “Think about it! Has your so-called friend ever done anything against me?”
    Rei: “Gasp! This explains why she didn’t do anything to help the investigation except tag along and say vaguely supportive things!”
    Salas: “Exactly! She wasn’t ordered to, so-”
    Rei: “Or why she had all those abrupt, mean-spirited outbursts! It was her hidden side breaking through!”
    Salas: “Er, well, that was a somewhat unintended side-effect, but-”
    Rei: “Or why she professed her love for me so openly, spreading discord between myself and Claire-sama, potentially hindering our investigation!”
    Salas: “Eh? She what?”
    Rei: “Or why she kept joining me in the bath, carefully watching for moments where I would let my guard down!”
    Salas: “Um, I certainly didn’t tell her to-”
    Rei: “Or why she would sneak into my room at night and go through my personal belongings, looking for secret notes about the investigation hidden in my diary and clothing!”
    Salas: “I think you’ve somewhat misunderstood my-”
    Rei: “Or why she insisted on lying under the bed while I lavished Claire-sama with my deepest and most intimate affections, gathering information on our weaknesses and compromising secrets!”
    Claire: “Wh- excuse me?!! We did no such thing?!!”
    Rei: “Well, no, but she seemed really into it when I asked her if she wanted to!”
    Salas: “Stop! Stop, please! I didn’t tell Lily to do any of that! I just made sure she wouldn’t be able to actively hinder me! I don’t know about any of that other stuff!”
    Rei: “Oh. In that case… Why was she like that, then? And why is she still pretending to be unconscious?”
    Lily(?), sweating profusely: “Y-yo, Rei-san and Claire-sama! Been a while since yesterday, hasn’t it?”
    Rei: “…Aren’t you just Lily?”
    Lily: “N-no! I don’t know what you’re talking about! I’m Lily’s evil alter-ego!”
    Rei: “Lily, you’re not even doing the voice right.”
    Lily, in tears: “Please just let me have this, okay?!”

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  3. You readers, hello.
    I’m Inori, the author of “I FAVOR THE VILLAINESS.”
    Thank you for always reading.

    One of the readers here taught me this website.
    I did not expect that such a English translation site of my work existed, so I am very surprised.
    Due to pretext for not revealing something, I can not approve this site officially as an author, but I am interested in this sight.
    Thank you for giving me as many impressiones as Japanese posting site.
    I could not understand all the impressions because I can only do English at least, but I read them.
    It was very interesting that there are different impressions from those from Japanese readers.

    For example, in Japan, Manaria is popular so much.
    However, I felt that she was pretty disliked by the readers of this site.
    There are also a number of serious considerations about the story, and I have read it interestingly.
    There are various factors such as the national character and the change of meaning at the time of translation, and it is interesting that these differences come out, I think.

    As you can see, I received different impressions from Japan.
    However, it seems that the voice that you want Ray and Claire to be lovers are not changing almost.
    There seems to be a lot of voices worrying about the future of them too.
    I would like to refrain from saying the final result from me, but I wouldn’t like to disappoint you readers.

    Although “I FAVOR THE VILLAINESS” will end in a while more, please enjoy to the end.
    Thank you.


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    1. Hello, Inori-sensei.
      I’m jingle, the English translator of this work.
      Thank you very much for writing this wonderful novel.

      I understand that there may be various circumstances, I’m just happy being able to spread this work that I’m enjoying so much.

      I’m a little surprised by the amount of antipathy Manaria gathered here as well, so I’m happy to hear she’s been received more positively in Japan.

      Surely mostly everyone is waiting with bated breath to see what happens with Claire and Rei, I certainly am myself.

      I’m eagerly looking forward to see how it ends.
      Once again, thank you for writing I Favor the Villainess and for posting here.


      Liked by 10 people

    2. Thank you very much for this wonderful work! XD

      Without doubt, this is the best isekai Yuri ever and I’m sure I shall enjoy until the end.

      Once again, thank you very much

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Goodness gracious, Inori-sensei?!! Wow!!

      I, for one, liked Manaria. It looked to me like she was acting with Claire’s best interests in mind and was more interested in getting Rei to shape up and seriously fight for Claire than anything else.

      Liked by 1 person

    4. Inori-sama
      I just wanna say thank you for this gloriously well planned and thoughtful series. It’s so nice to actually come across a Japanese series that deals with all the struggles sexual minorities face. I’ve already recommended this novel to all of my friends and should you be able to get an English publisher I am fully committed to buying out the entire series. It’s a rare gem that I want more people to know about, and I cried so deeply at some parts of it. I’m glad you’re writing, and I hope that in future my own novels will live up to the standard you set.


    5. Oh wow that moment when the author shows up in a fan translation of his novel lol.

      Welp being in Japanese none of us here would ever read it but with the english translations we get to know of this wonderful novel and then buy and import a Japanese volume cuz we’re all crazy like that so it’s just increasing sales that wouldn’t have existed before is it not ?

      I personally really liked Manaria she was the impetus/push Rei needed to finally take her feelings towards Claire in a serious manner and try to get Claire to take her love seriously, she left too soon though …..

      Ahhhh I love happy endings I hope this doesn’t disappoint Yuri, Yuri, Yuri make it happen author just have them Fuck already.


  4. omggg inori?!! sama?
    Personally I do not hate manaria_sama, but it’s not that I liked her very much, I feel that I empathize with her and I’m also worried about the future of rei and claire hmmm. I’m really very happy to have the opportunity to have read this beautiful story Thank you inori and jingle !!! You two are great!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Ahhhh Lily appearing so soon last chapter gave this away but still is she being like mind controlled or something ? Rei did say that Salas had that type of power.

    Poor girl


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