I Favor the Villainess 98



Claire-sama seemed to be taken off-guard by the name of her house coming out at an unexpected time.

“The recording magical tool in my possession also has the evidence of Dor’s wrongdoings. What will happen to François house, I wonder?”
“It, it is nonsense! Father would never――”
“You are a fortunate girl. Unaffected by your father’s dirt, you were brought up as a shelter princess”
“I will not allow insults towards Father!”

Claire-sama seemed about to attack Salas at any moment.

“Claire-sama, please calm down”
“How could I calm down! Or, has Rei swallowed Salas’s story!?”
“I haven’t swallowed it. But, what Salas-sama said is true”
“!? Wha, what was that…?”

Claire-sama’s face says she’s heard something unbelievable.
Or perhaps it’s a face that says she couldn’t understand my words.

Before, when we talked to Dor-sama directly, she still had hopes that he might be innocent.
But, by coming here, she’s heard there’s the evidence from Salas, and that what he confidently said was nothing but truth from me.
There’s no way she wouldn’t be shocked.

“Just in case, could we confirm it? Whether the evidence of Dor-sama’s wrongdoings is definite”
“Very well”

Salas stood up from the desk and went to the safe on the side.
Hiding the dial with his body he unlocked it.
He produced a recording magical tool somewhat more worn out than mine.

Salas put magical power into it.

―― Did you only reach such amount this month?
―― I am sorry, Dor-sama. As you know, recently the eyes of inspectors are tough.
―― Hmph, shamelessly said. I know you bastard filled your own pockets?
―― Even Dor-sama receives bribes from a great many of nobles, isn’t that right.
―― Do not say thoughtless things. I only receive donations from my supporters.
―― Is that so. Then, I think this will also be the last time for me.
―― No problem. In exchange, you won’t be promoted to a high-grade noble, that’s all.
―― That is troubling. After all, isn’t it a bribe.
―― Take it or leave it.

“It is enough already!”

A heartbreaking voice resounded.
It’s Claire-sama’s.

“… I did not believe it. No, I did not want to believe it…”
“I understood circumstantial evidence indicated Father’s guilt. Nevertheless… Nevertheless!”

I supported the grieving Claire-sama in my embrace.
My chest tightened.

“Now then, shall we proceed to the deal”

However, Salas didn’t seem like he intends to wait even a moment.
He pressingly requested negotiations.

“If you don’t want the evidence of Dor’s wrongdoings to be made public, shall we talk about not revealing the evidence I have here”
“I and Lily-sama have no relation to François house”
“You better stop feigning ignorance. I know how devoted you are to Claire. You couldn’t let Claire die without helping”

Since it’s the truth, I can’t refute it.

“It, it’s not only the two of them, Lily can also accuse Father!”
“You can’t. Not you”
“Li, Lily can!”
“You can’t… You just can’t”

What Salas said is incomprehensible, but somehow it appears to have a basis.

“Now, let me hear your reply”

Salas pressed us for the answer.
When I was about to open my mouth――.

“The answer is no”

The response resounded from within my arms.

“If Father is committing wrongdoings, I cannot stay silent. Rather, I will be the one to accuse Father of his crimes”

Claire-sama’s eyes were still wet with tears, but there was not a speck of cloudiness in them.
Claire-sama is such a person.

“Ridiculous… Do you accept your own downfall?”
“A noble should be someone with strong self-control. Nobles who learned corruption by heart are nothing but parasites that the commoners’ movement talked about”

Hearing Claire-sama’s resolute words, Salas was dismayed.
Even if they’re both nobles, their beliefs are like heaven and earth.
Claire-sama’s dignity won’t be understood by Salas.

“Salas Lilium. If you are a noble, prepare yourself”
“… I refuse”

Salas shook his head in rejection at Claire-sama’s final ultimatum.

“How much effort do you think it took me to get here… I’ll be damned if I will be ruined after coming this far”

With these words a dangerous look appeared in Salas’s eyes.
Claire-sama and Lily-sama put themselves on guard at once.

“Very well. We’ll remain silent”

I forced my way into such tense air.

“What are you saying!?”
“Claire-sama, I’m sorry”

I put my finger at Claire-sama’s forehead and invoked magic.
Claire-sama’s body collapsed.

“Re, Rei-san!?”
“It’s okay. She’s just sleeping”

It’s the same as during the commoners’ movement.
I used the enhanced magic of deep sleep.

“Hmm. You seem reasonable”
“It is vexing to share the opinion with you, but Claire-sama is the top priority”
“I see”

Satisfied with my reply, Salas laughed kuku.

“Then, we’ll both keep silent, there’s no problem with that, is there?”
“There isn’t”
“Can you persuade Claire?”
“Please leave it to me”

Salas was still suspicious, but for the time being he didn’t say anything more.

“Lily misjudged you, Rei-san!”

The censuring voice was of course Lily-sama’s.

“No matter what anybody else says, Lily didn’t want at least Rei… at least Rei to say something like that!”

She rebuked me with tear-stained eyes.
It’s justified.
My actions are by no means praiseworthy.
She’s said to be a saint, to her whose strong morals come from her faith, it certainly wouldn’t be acceptable.

Deep down, I felt flustered.
Come to think of it, I didn’t consider her.

“Ah, please be at ease. Lily can’t do anything”
“…? You said that before, but what are you basing it on?”
“You can think of it as something similar to what you did to Claire”

I don’t quite get it, but being told it like that I can’t pursue it further.


Without giving me the time to call out to her, Lily-sama stormed out of the room.

“Is she really okay?”
“I can promise you that. I swear that she can’t do anything. No, she’s not allowed to”

Well, if Lily-sama said anything Salas himself would be in danger, so what he’s saying must be correct.
There’s no choice but to believe now.
Trusting such a guy makes me nauseated.

“Then, the deal is concluded”

Salas presented his hand.

“I don’t intend for us to get along”
“Is that so… Kuku”

Seeing the sly smile appear on his face, disgust welled up inside me.

“Ah, that’s right. One warning”
“What is it?”

As I was leaving, I spoke to Salas as if I recalled something.

“Tonight, the magical tool will disappear from the safe”
“… You’re saying strange things”
“That’s right, isn’t it. Whether to believe it or not, I leave it so Salas-sama”
“Is that so”
“That’s it for our business. Excuse me”

I lifted the collapsed Claire-sama and left the room.

(Persuade Claire-sama? There is no way)

I was made aware that there’s some IFTV fanart. Enjoy.

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8 thoughts on “I Favor the Villainess 98

  1. Claire is now aware of the deals her father is doing behind the scenes. It looks like Rei is going to do something behind the scenes as well or is it another event in the original script?

    I think the reason why Rei is going to keep silent is because she does not have to do anything for things to come to fruition with regards to these evidences. Looks like she’ll have to shelter both Lily and Claire for a while since the evidence will be missing later…


  2. That fanart is mighty cute.

    Also, there’s the foreshadowed betrayal. This won’t be pretty, but at least Rei is manly(?) enough to stay by Claire’s side and take what she has coming.


  3. Thank you for noticing and spreading the word! Please continue to support both Inori-sensei (Author) and Clay_dduk-nim (the artist who made the fanart). Don’t be shy and try talking to them in Twitter or share your fanarts if you draw! d( O w O )b

    We’d like to see the IFTV community continue to grow as well. ( ^ v ^ )

    Liked by 1 person

  4. wow things escalated, but I hope that the deepest tradition arrives .., so much so that claire can not accept it ….
    I want to see the world burn but I also want the happiness of both. It’s complicated


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