Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Side Story 22

The Court Lady’s Eternal Worry 4

His Highness and Princess Consort returned to his room.

Having received the report from my subordinate I looked up at the clock.
It’s just past noon. There’s still enough time until the victory celebration party both of them need to attend.

“If you are coming with me to serve Princess, you especially need to make sure to not disturb them. Until we are called by His Highness, let us arrange Princess Consort’s preparations and stand by”

When I spoke to court ladies, each nodded with a serious face.
These five court ladies looking at me are who I chose personally. It’s been decided one day they will serve Princess Consort.

The selection criteria were simple. Those who don’t make eyes at His Highness. Those who don’t envy Princess Consort.
Those who can serve these two with all their heart.

Those five were the few capable people who cleared these conditions.

“Head Court Lady, is the relationship between His Highness and Princess Consort good?”

A court lady who wasn’t aware of His Highness’s relationship asked so.
Others also looked immensely curious.

“I’m aware His Highness has declared he doesn’t need concubines. I also was there when we went inside His Highness’s room. However, with only second-hand information I cannot discern the truth. Head Court Lady was there to see their state in person, right? If that’s alright, could you teach us how it is in reality?”
“Let’s see…”

I smiled wryly at the court ladies looking at me with sparkling eyes.
It’s conveyed they are inpatient to listen.
Usually, with “There is no need to think about unnecessary things” I’d rebuke them to stop, but I considered it a little now.

… Certainly, it’s not good to only believe rumors.
Especially those five who will eventually come in contact with that couple can’t have incorrect knowledge beforehand.
Having arrived at such conclusion, I decided to divulge some information.

“Very well. It is necessary that you know the truth…. As rumors say, His Highness is extremely in love with Princess Consort. It could be said His Highness doesn’t want to separate from Princess Consort even for a moment”
“My, after all the rumors were true”

When I relayed the situation from before, court ladies had dreamy looks.
I warned the girls who were like that.

“Therefore, be careful about your attitude towards Princess Consort. If you act untactful, you will incur His Highness’s displeasure”
“However, Head Court Lady. It’s a political marriage, isn’t it? Would that really happen?”

I corrected another court lady when she raised a doubt that it’s supposed to be an engagement decided by their parents.
If I don’t explain this, I have no doubt she would incur His Highness’s displeasure.

“This is what His Highness said himself, this marriage is what His Highness desired. Therefore, absolutely do not misunderstand”

Lovely, with such a cheer court ladies sighed, and I remembered His Highness’s state from a month ago.
His Highness who showed no interest in romance with women, for the first time desired one.
It took one look at His Highness’s attitude towards Princess Consort to come to understand how true were His Highness’s words about not needing other women.
No matter how beautiful a maiden was brought, His Highness won’t even bat an eye.
I can say it with confidence.

Always sporting a calm smile, His Highness’s feelings had been hardly disturbed.
That His Highness showed various expressions in front of Princess Consort.

Among them, the most incredible was the sweetly charmed face.
Seeing this embarrassing display of affection I couldn’t hide my surprise.

Speaking of Princess Consort who’s loved this much, somehow she doesn’t seem conscious of it.

Even on that day she readily fled from His Highness.
The shock I received from His Highness’s words of love despite that remains etched on my memory.

She looks exactly like my close childhood friend, but it seems they only resemble each other in appearance.
She was more of a tomboy that I imagined, her nature seems frank.

She’s not fascinated by His Highness’s good looks either. She’s absolutely interacting with him naturally.

Despite my surprise at her who could do it so easily, I realized it’s not a bad thing, rather it gave me a favorable impression.
Of course I see her in favorable light as she’s my close friend’s daughter, I can’t deny that. I’m aware.

Nevertheless, to let her be a splendid Princess Consort I want to support her as much as I can.
I think that’s enough.

What can I do. I chose these court ladies thinking so.

While I was looking at court ladies squealing in an uproar His Highness contacted me telepathically.

I smiled as I received a request for Princess Consort’s dress and responded certainly through telepathy.
I clapped my hands to get court ladies’ attention.

“The request arrived from His Highness. We will now select Princess Consort’s dress. After 30 minutes we will head to their room to prepare Princess Consort, please keep it in mind”

As I received the court ladies’ proper answer, I thought just a little about what to do about the spectacle that will unfold.

It’s wonderful His Highness is on good terms with Princess Consort, but regrettably that sight is bad for heart.
Characteristic post-act languidness that increases Princess Consort’s allure, and His Highness lovingly hugging such Princess Consort.
Either of them is the last thing the innocent court ladies should see.


As a matter of fact, I was seriously worried, but it seems it was a needless anxiety this time.
When I opened the door at the specified time, despite resting on His Highness’s lap, Princess Consort’s clothes were properly arranged.
As Princess Consort breathed a sigh with a strange expression, I tried my best to not pay attention to wrinkles on her dress.
On the contrary His Highness seemed in high spirits. Out of curtesy I decided not to investigate what happened.

Not seeming to mind court ladies, they exchanged a passionate kiss, reluctant to part.
Be that as it may, once preparations are finished His Highness will come back to Princess Consort right away, so my astonishment at their exaggerated display wasn’t small.
But, thinking they are so in love, it could only be called pleasant.

The court ladies embarrassed by the pair’s appearance flushed and hung their heads.

I thought they were innocent children, but they won’t be able to work if they turn this red.
They’ll have to get used to it, even if they don’t want to.


I sent a strict glance at the court ladies.
As the girls straightened themselves quickly, I nodded that’s fine.
Now, time to show our skills.


We must dress up Princess Consort to His Highness’s satisfaction.

As I fired myself up, I spoke to Princess Consort who saw His Highness off.

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4 thoughts on “Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Side Story 22

    1. Not just public, but private too. Recall that they will have to intrude on them whenever it’s time to get Lidi up and presentable. Even if it means coming in and witnessing Lidi completely ravished and unable to move after Freed has had his way with her (especially while in Uniform).

      I mean, the dude releases so much vitality (read: semen) that Lidi had to either try and hold it in, or let the excess fall out when she attempted to escape from the masquerade ball, so her new attendants are going to get an eyeful whether they want to or not (much less whether Lidi wants them to know or not; those sheets don’t clean themselves you know).

      They’re going to need a lot of bath salts; maybe some magic medications too. Just to ensure that Lidi can at least move “enough” for whatever greetings and small talk she’ll need to make as future Queen, and not stumble because her lower half hurts from too much loving.

      At best, Lidi can only hope that her ninja escort isn’t present when the maids come in; also witnessing the same results of any evening passion.

      On an aside, it makes me really wonder if this is also why the current Queen was said to have a slight look of fatigue every time she makes an appearance. The Bloodline is potent as hell. No wonder the Kings normally take a harem, and likely why it was permitted to continue; I’m sure even some Queens of the past were only to happy to have a break. And here’s Lidi demanding she be loved exclusively. Poor girl didn’t realize what she’s getting into. XP

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