I Favor the Villainess Summary

Recollection before the Last Chapter

  • Enrollment
    Corporate slave OL Oohashi Rei transmigrated into the world of her beloved otome game 「Revolution」.
    The preference of Rei, who’s a homosexual, aren’t the princes who are capture targets, but the villainess Claire François.
    Rather than being discouraged by Claire’s bullying, Rei receives it gleefully.
    She fully enjoys another world transmigration while being observed by the three princes: Rod, Yuu, and Sein, and astonishing her roommate Misha.
    Also, Rei succeeded in obtaining the position of Claire’s maid by “talking” with her father.
    While spending every day in happiness of taking care of Claire together with her coworker Lene, Rei began the struggle to avoid Claire’s eventual ruin.
  • Order of the Academy
    Rei, Claire, Misha, together with the three princes became members of the Order of the Academy that’s the governing institution within the Royal Academy.
    Although through the Founding Festival Claire’s bond with Rei deepened a little, Claire still had a way to go to acting dere.
  • Commoners’ movement
    The campaign called Commoner’s movement, advocating for equality of every citizen, spread within the academy.
    With the courtyard incident where a certain noble attacked a commoner, the movement grew fiercer.
    Behind that movement was the Naa Empire’s spy who instigated Orso older brother and younger sister to work behind the scenes.
    Although it was Claire and Rei who prevented the attack on noble children inside the academy, Orso family faced the crisis of extinction.
    As the compensation for resolving the incident Rei and Claire appealed to spare Orso family’s lives, despite Prime Minister Salas Lilium’s opposition the king granted their wish, and Orso family was banished from the country.
    Claire experienced a painful farewell with Lene, but she opened her heart to Rei just a little.
  • Love scales
    Sousa’s Kingdom’s First Princess Manaria Sousa arrived as an exchange student.
    She’s Claire’s first love, and she tried creating a rift between Claire and Rei.
    Manaria denied Rei’s notion of “I don’t mind being only a maid as long as Claire is happy”.
    Claire and Rei suffered a crisis due to a trivial misunderstanding, but through a rematch with Manaria using the love scales, the distance between two closed in quickly.
    Claire began showing dere to Rei, and Rei began honestly thinking of wanting Claire to become her partner.
  • Holidays
    During the holidays, the two decided to return to the port town Euclid that’s Rei’s hometown and where Claire’s summer villa is.
    Rei invited Claire, who was dispirited after her father Dor preached how an ideal noble should be, to her home.
    Rei was welcomed in her home town.
    Among those doing it was an adventurer Louis who had fallen in love with Rei.
    Claire felt hazy.
    Being warmly welcome in Rei’s home, Claire witnessed the difference between lives of nobles and commoners first-hand.
    The two of them tried enjoying their holidays, but a ghost ship appeared off the Euclid’s coast, blocking off the outside world with magical fog.
    To solve the situation, a ghost ship assault team was organized, Claire and Rei also participated.
    The mastermind behind the ghost ship was Louis, whose mother’s life was taken hostage.
    Wishing to eliminate the tragedies brought about by poverty, Claire tackled the poverty issue of commoners.
    Rei wanted to support such Claire.
  • Church
    Although Claire began tackling the poverty issue of commoners, the clues were considerably hard to find.
    To discover the workings of the Spirit Church that extends a helping hand to commoners, Rei and Claire visited the cathedral.
    There the two of them met Cardinal Lily.
    She’s homosexual just like Rei, and by a strange coincidence fell for her.
    When the three of them talked about love, Rei’s past became clear.
    To return the favor of being taught the workings of the Church, Claire and Rei decided to participate in the Oferring Dance.
    In addition, the truth that Yuu was a woman was revealed.
    Rei began acting so that Yuu can live true to herself, and so that her close friend’s, Misha’s, love is fulfilled.
    Although Rei succeeded in having Yuu declare she’s a woman during the Offering Dance performance, she was accused of being responsible and arrested.
    Bauer’s King Rousseau took her out of the jail and announced she’d be deprived of her membership in the Royal Academy and given a duty of the King’s special official.
  • Royal Palace
    Inside the kingdom, doubts about Sein’s birth and rumors about Sassal Volcano were rife.
    Among them, Rei set out to expose corrupt nobles under Rousseau’s orders.
    Together with Claire and Lily she exposed corrupt lower-grade nobles and tried to expose one fraud after another by using plea bargaining.
    It achieved some results, but it didn’t lead to exposing the essential Dor and Salas.
    However, Rei and co. got in contact with Resistance and grasped a lead on Salas and the late Queen’s infidelity, and under the pretext of the King’s supreme authority they approached Salas.
    Salas threatened that if he is destroyed, François house won’t get away with it, and for the time being Rei yielded to Salas’s threat and made a deal.
    Salas sent assassins to silence them, among the assassins was the black-masked man who appeared during the Commoners’ Movement arc, but somehow they got repelled.
    The deal with Salas was only for appearances’ sake.
    With the familiar’s, Relaire’s, efforts on top of that, Rei and co. succeeded in cornering Salas with the crime of inviting a foreign threat, but they were forced into a hard fight against Lily controlled using suggestion.
    Before the battle could conclude, Sassal Volcano erupted.
    It happened earlier than Rei had assumed.
    The Bauer Kingdom fell into chaos from the worst-case scenario of the unexpected eruption.
    Who encouraged Rei who fell into stupor was none other than Claire-sama, who gave accurate instruction to recover the kingdom.
    Rei renewed her determination to support Claire, but right then arrived the news that the whereabouts of the first heir to the throne, Rod, were unknown.

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  1. Dude.. I hope you understand. Checking if there has been an update every day twice a day has finally started to pay off. Thank you. So much. You are a god send.


  2. >while being observed by the three princess
    (Cl– she’s not a princess) Yuu, Manaria, who’s the other one– it’s actually princes


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