Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Side Story 18

Shinigami’s Wish

“That child is the princess of this country’s foremost ducal house”

When I asked about her whereabouts, the witch returned such words.



Despite barely making it out of Sahaja alive, the curse was advancing.
I felt the snakes twine around my body.
At first I only felt them around my waist, but as the days passed, they spread and now covered my whole body.

―――― Death is drawing near.

I knew that without needing to be told.
The pain increased day by day, and despite being uninjured, from this morning I began smelling blood.
That might already be it for me, there were enough signs for me to think so.

It’s already been a week since I entered the Wilhelm Kingdom.
I don’t know my exact location.
Because I can see the Royal Castle in the distance, I can understand I’m somewhere near the Royal Capital.

Despite limping, I still advanced step by step.
I came so far only thanks to Father’s last request, but it hurts so much I want everything to end.

And, I bumped into someone.

Disappointingly, my body fell forward.
I already have no energy to get up.
A woman who’s perhaps a noble is saying something.
I couldn’t speak already, but I somehow managed to at least hear her voice.

… I regretted listening.

She became irritated by me not responding, and eventually she ordered someone.

Probably I’d be forcibly raised or beaten up.
I thought with unclear mind.
… I don’t really care. I’m dying anyway. It doesn’t matter what happens anymore.

Having given up I closed my eyes, but somebody cut in between them and me.

I confirmed with my blurred vision the figure who protected me.
She’s also a woman. Although her clothes are plain, she’s probably also a noble.
I wondered why a noble would protect me, but she cornered the woman in the blink of an eye.

Both women looked at me. The hood I was wearing had slid off exposing my eyes.
I thought I was careless to have that hated eye visible when my body couldn’t move.

In fact, the first woman violently rejected me calling me disgusting.


Roughly breathing, I cast my eyes thinking so, but I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard the line of the woman who saved me.

“It is not the reason to abandon a person you know is injured”

Saying so, she drove off the woman who rejected me and began asking about my state.
Before I knew it, another presence appeared.

Perhaps it was her guard or something. Having received the order, the man began checking my body for abnormalities.

It’s an unescapable curse――――.

I slightly opened my eyes at the guard’s words.

That’s right, there’s only death left for me.
In that case.

―――― Kill me.

I conveyed to her who was looking at me anxiously with movements of my lips.
Despite my state, I became captivated by her beautiful violet eyes.

I wonder how many years it’s been since I’ve been looked at with genuine sympathy.
I thought it’d be satisfying being nursed by such a person. But――――.

“Do you want to die?”

When she replied so, my eyes unconsciously widened.
She had a frightfully serious expression as she fixedly stared at me, and as if having made up her mind she spoke.

“I got it. In that case, I’ll do something”

I don’t understand why she told me that.

Even so, when she gently stroked my head, my body naturally relaxed and my eyes closed.
It’s just like the feeling of a hand from my childhood.
I felt tears well up at this warm feeling.


I thought like this it’s fine if I don’t wake up anymore.
If I wake up only despair awaits, I’d rather pass away in this moment of brief happiness, what’s wrong with these thoughts.

Before losing consciousness in her arms I certainly felt so, then I entrusted everything to her.






I heard somebody talking.
Having been woken up by those voices, I found myself in an unfamiliar place.
It smelled like medicinal herbs.
With no idea what happened to me, I was perplexed.
It doesn’t seem like I was captured. I was relieved having confirmed my hands, feet, and body were all free.

When I woke up, I came to realize that it was her who had helped me some time ago.
Seeing her sympathetic look I couldn’t believe her when she said the curse was removed, so I checked my whole body in fluster.

“The hexcraft formation is gone…”

There was no discomfort like snakes tightening around me anywhere.
I became speechless feeling free for the first time in a while.

“That child helped you”

I was surprised by the voice of the old woman.
She did?
No way, how.

Although I asked, she only evaded and didn’t tell me.
I thought it’d be rude to ask my benefactor any more, so I backed down and thanked her once again.
She saved my life that couldn’t be saved no matter the effort.
I asked what demands she had of me.

And yet she only returned that it was a natural thing to do.
In her eyes there were no demands for me, only the relief that I was saved.
I couldn’t believe it.
Is there really such a person.
Even when I looked her in the eyes, her attitude remained unchanged. On the contrary, she praised me with a beautiful smile.
I felt like I was treated as a person for the first time in years.


Afterwards we quarreled, but in the end, she didn’t agree to me returning her a favor, and left saying I should take care.
She said whatever she wanted.
She smiled beautifully as she said saving me was the reward.


I realized I was completely taken away when I was asked by the medicine witch.
To the witch who jokingly asked if I want her as my master, I naturally replied that I’m fine trying it.
I surprised myself with these words.

I haven’t thought of that.
What kind of person would be suitable to be my master, such worries I thought of as necessary were completely blown away, before I noticed I replied positively to the witch.

I see, I want her to be my master.

Even when she knew who I was, she treated me as a normal person.
She never denied me, rather she smiled and accepted me.
How good it would be if I could be at her side and protect her.
I was made to realize that.

But, I must ascertain it with her.
She must also want it.


When my strength returned, I decided to go to her.
Seeing I want to go there, instead the witch gave me honestly surprising information.
The foremost ducal house’s only daughter. The Crown Prince’s fiancée. The future Queen.

I never would have thought she’s be such a person.
But, in that case, she may need it.
I’ll certainly be useful.

Dressed in my clan’s clothes, I headed for the mansion where she lives.
While running with lowered posture, I lightly pressed on my left eye.

In this left eye is stored the secret art magic formation of my clan.
It can only be used after finding a master and releasing the seal.
But, it can be used just once without the contract in order to test the potential master.

I’ll test her with it.

How will she react seeing Hiyuma’s secret art.
Seeing the red eye shine, I wonder if this time she will avert her eyes in disgust.
I want to believe she won’t.
But, I can’t say it’ll be okay with certainty.

If she dislikes it, if she tries to use me ―――― she cannot be my master.

If that happens, it can’t be helped. I’ll give up on her and leave.
I’ll set out on a new journey. To search for a master I have yet to see.

While running, I’ve already tragically resolved myself.

Honestly, I want to stay at her comfortable side without saying anything.

But, I want to protect her, who treated me like a person, with my own hands.

To do that, I have no choice but making her my master.



That’s all I want from her, who brilliantly stole my heart.


I’ll admit it. After all I cannot think it can be anyone but her.


And, I wish she also accepts me and becomes my master alone.

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15 thoughts on “Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Side Story 18

  1. this boy is pitiful _(:3 」∠)_
    his first love is dense and her fiancee is very possessive, I don’t think Freed will allow other men to get near if he know ╮(´・ᴗ・` )╭

    it’s a pity even tho this boy is very cute and innocent I’d like to see his love bloomed (´・ェ・`)

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  2. …so you’re going to look for her in the middle of the night with glowing red eyes (or eye). Genius pal. How are you going to do that? Peek into her room in the dark so that only your eye can be seen from the 2nd floor? You looking for a master or trying to start a new ghost story? lol.


  3. Thank you for the Chapters!! I appreciate all the time and effort you took to translate this novel 😭✨ You’re the reason I’m looking forward to tomorrow even though there’s school and lot of homework😂 I know you’re not going to read all this long comments but I still want to say this word of gratitude 🤗✨ (Sorry if my english is bad)


  4. With Freed as the husband Lidi will need help in ending off his enemies and unwanted suitors. This is a hard win for Lidi. But, she could use a skillful bodyguard.

    Thank you


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