Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 49

She and Shinigami 1

Ms. Delris took a bite of not strawberry, but white daifuku, and looked amazed.

“Hee!! It has an unusual texture. It’s the first time I taste something like this”
“Ufufu, isn’t that right. Everybody who eats it for the first time is surprised”

I’m pleased by Ms. Delris’s reaction. It’s quite a good feeling. She had another bite.

“Nn? What’s this thing inside?”
“It’s red bean paste. Roughly speaking it’s azuki beans and sugar boiled together. I think it’s unusual because it’s not available in this country”
“Red bean paste, huh. It’s completely different from the sweets I normally eat, but I could get addicted to this taste… Yup, delicious. I took a liking to it”
“Is that so? If so, I’m glad!!”

I smiled at Ms. Delris who nodded while munching.
Even if she’s never eaten it, I’d thought she’d be pleased with this sweetness.
Of course I don’t speak for each and every one of us, but women are generally weak to sweets.
It seems Ms. Delris is no exception.
Ms. Delris, looking totally pleased, this time picked strawberry daifuku from the box.

“This is? I recall you called it strawberry daifuku”
“Yes, it’s a new work I made this morning!! Ms. Delris, you’re the first one to taste it!!”
“Is that okay? Bringing something so precious to such a place”

When I was asked if I wouldn’t like to eat it, I shook my head.

“It’s fine. Ms. Delris, I’m indebted to you for everything!! Of course, I want to eat sweets, but I made them for the person whom I wish to eat them. Because they were made for Ms. Delris, please don’t mind and eat them”
“It’s becoming more and more of an honor”

Happily smiling, Ms. Delris nibbled on the strawberry daifuku.

“Fufu. I have confidence in them”

I talked to Ms. Delris who solidified.
This reaction means she undoubtedly likes them.
When I spoke to her confidently, Ms. Delris fixedly started at the strawberry daifuku.

“… I can’t believe it… It’s so delicious”


I spontaneously made a guts pose in my mind and showed a full-faced smile.

“Right? I also love strawberry daifuku. I’m glad it was to your liking, Ms. Delris”

Haa, Ms. Delris sighed in admiration and looked at me with respect.

“You… That’s an amazing secret skill”
“Thank you for the compliment. I’m glad you enjoyed it”

Generous praise feels good.
When I see people delightedly eating like this, I think as expected I can’t stop making sweets. Aright, let’s also give my best the next time.


Satisfied with Ms. Delris’s reaction, I was thinking of new products, when I heard a muffled voice from behind.

“Ah, seems he finally woke up”

Ms. Delris said so as if it’s a trifling matter.
When I understood the meaning of these words, I stood up.
Hurriedly I returned to his side.

Lying on something like a black bed, he had a confused expression, still his eyes were clearly open.
With that I noticed.
His slender features still retained boyishness, yet there was a little gallantry mixed in them, I very much look forward to him becoming a fair-skinned beauty in the future. Following the bridge of nose on his small face there’s nothing boorish like a mustache. Perhaps because he was mindful of his eye that can’t see, he grew out long bangs on the left side.
The curly black hair was evenly trimmed short at his back.

“Good morning. Do you remember who I am?”

When I approached and called out to him, he was taken aback and looked at me.
His vigilant eye seized me.
I was so surprised by the clear red I held my breath.
When that eye recognized me, his complexion turned surprised.

“You’re the one from earlier!!”

Hearing those words, I became relieved that he remembers the meeting with me.
I wondered what I’d do if he asked who I am.

He seems unable to understand his current condition, so I began to talk to make him feel safe.

“It’s okay. The curse disappeared. Aren’t you glad”

When I said so with a grin, he looked at his chest with an “Eh”.
After confirming there’s nothing there, he sat up in panic.
I can tell he’s considerably trained by his jumping movement.

He examined his body thoroughly, and when he realized there’s no abnormality, his expression turned even more confused.

“The hexcraft formation is gone?? … Why??”
“That child helped you”

Seeing him look even more surprised than before, Ms. Delris came over and pointed at me.
In response, he stared at me with suspicion.

… Oou, I’m uncomfortable.

“You did…?? How… The ‘Curse of Sahaja’ is undispellable, isn’t it?”
“It’s something…. Ah, or rather, it’s a secret. Isn’t it fine, you were saved”

I stopped myself from answering honestly.
I remembered Ms. Delris’s advice from a while ago that I better keep it a secret. After I spoke evasively, I looked at her to see her narrow her eyes as if to say that’s fine.

“Certainly, it disappeared, however…”

Ms. Delris asked him, who tilted his head at my strange reply, a question.

“After all it was the ‘Curse of Sahaja’. It seems you’re considerably resented. Who in the world are you?”
“I am!!”

He reflexively responded to Ms. Delris, but he stopped.
He shook his head, straightened himself and, looking at Ms. Delris, spoke.

“Sorry. Even though my life was saved I haven’t offered thanks. Is she the one who saved me?”
“Yeah, I’m helpless against the ‘Curse of Sahaja’. It was truly this girl who helped you”

He nodded at Ms. Delris’s reply with sincere eyes.
Then he faced me, and deeply bowed his head.

“I am sorry for this sort of posture. I am deeply grateful for having my life saved”

Being unexpectedly faced with proper attitude I panicked.
Flustered, I shook my hands.

“Ah, you don’t need to humble yourself. Don’t worry about it, I just did what I wanted”

Although I said it seriously, he didn’t nod.

“I cannot do that. I was about to die… I was prepared for death. I don’t understand the method, but it’s a fact I was saved. I want to return the favor. If there’s anything I can do, tell me”

Heavy heavy heavy――――!!!!

He said I’ll do anything with an expression filled with determination and leaned towards me.
I wasn’t expecting something like that. I only saved him on a whim.
I shook my hands in a fluster.

“I really don’t need that. I saved an injured person. Isn’t it natural? I would be inhuman if I had no intention of saving a person who collapsed in front of me”

Even so, he didn’t draw back. He leaned forward and appealed.

“However, you protected me from that disagreeable young lady some time ago, didn’t you? My body couldn’t move so I didn’t see everything, but I understand it was you who did that. Moreover, you saved my life, I simply can’t ignore that. I have no intention of being ungrateful”
“I didn’t protect you!! I just couldn’t stand what she was doing!! Helping you was only a side-effect!!”
“Even so, it’s a fact you helped me”

… Oou.
… A stubborn guy. A stubborn guy he is.

Neither of us gave an inch. As a result, our talk hasn’t progressed one bit.
Having lost my patience, I used the final card, being his lifesaver.

“Aah, enough. Then, your benefactor is telling you it’s unnecessary, so listen to what I’m saying!!”
“No, but, then!!”
“… For now, why don’t you introduce yourselves”

Fed up with our unproductive exchange following parallel lines, Ms. Delris provided a helping hand.
Both I and he stopped in an instant. Come to think of it, certainly, I haven’t heard his name.

Perhaps having realized the same thing, he could only squeeze out ‘Ah’.
In panic he straightened himself and once again bowed his head.

“Sorry. I haven’t given my name to my lifesaver. I’m called Cain… As the matter of the curse became known, I shall confess, I belonged to Sahaja’s Assassin’s Guild ‘Red’. That curse was placed by the guild master when I escaped from the guild”

Cain spoke of having belonged to the Assassin’s Guild plainly.
It was too natural, I have no idea how to respond.
Despite my confusion, I returned my self-introduction.

“I am Lidiana… Call me Lidi”
“Got it. Let me thank you again, Lidi. I was truly saved… Being cursed by that man I gave up on living. Despite being so close to fulfilling my father’s last wish. You gave me the chance to fulfill it, for that I’m deeply grateful”

A promise with his father… huh.

He pressed his hand against his chest as if to grasp something important.
Then bowed and shook his head.

“Even though you said kill me, your eyes didn’t look like they gave up on life. That’s why I saved you. That’s all”

As a matter of fact, it was a coincidence I could save him.
Since I myself don’t quite understand what I did, I’m troubled being thanked.


“… Yup. I’m truly happy I was saved”

He told me with a smile filled with emotion.
I want to say that’s obvious, but Cain squinted as if seeing something radiant.

“What’s the matter?”
“No, I just thought how many years it has been since I had a proper conversation with another person”

I urged Cain, who shook his head in self-derision, to continue his story.
What did he mean by not having a conversation in years.

With a faint smile Cain answered my doubt honestly.

“It’s been a long time since a person talked with me normally like that. What I usually had can’t be called conversations. I was found disgusting and that’s it… That’s why, since a while ago I’ve been thinking it’s strange you offered me help”

The ruby looked at me challengingly.


“… Don’t tell me, you aren’t disgusted by me?”

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