Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 43

Translator’s note: I’ve decided to change the ‘King’s Flower’ to the ‘Royal Flower’.

She and Her Older Brother 2

… That story again, huh?
Being reminded of the harsh scolding from few days ago, I became a little sullen.

“Older Brother, you’re aware of it, right. Then, isn’t it enough?”
“I only know the facts. You went to the masquerade ball and slept with Freed there. But that ain’t what I’m talking about. What I mean is, why did you do such a risky thing?”
“I had no other choice.”

If something else had come to my mind, I’d have done that.
I answered honestly, but Brother wasn’t convinced.

“As if. You are too impulsive. No matter how much you didn’t want to marry into royalty, what idiot came up with the idea of sleeping with an unknown man?!”
“… Me?”

As I tilted my head, Brother raised his voice. Noisy.

“That’s why I’m saying you’re impulsive!! Has no one tried to stop you?!”
“Not a chance. Because, I didn’t want to consult with anyone.”

Even I understand I’d be admonished.
It was roughly like that when I told Will a few months ago.
Brother obstinately yelled.

“There shoulda be other ways. Like, asking an acquaintance rather than a man you don’t know!!”
“Acquaintance… I don’t have any other male acquaintances other than Will though.”
“So had you asked Will…”
“… Will again?”

I’m getting slightly fed up with Brother saying that name.
Why is everybody immediately bringing up Will?

“Father also said it, why not Will? In the first place, what kind of expression would Will make if I asked him to take my virginity? It’d be too awkward to see him again.”

A man whose face I didn’t recognize was a far better choice.

“No, rather than about virginity, you shoulda asked to be made his bride…”
“Stupid brother. You’re joking too much. I wouldn’t even think of that.”
“You were like that…”

I looked suspiciously at Brother who let out a tired sigh.

“So? Why did Freed catch your eye?”

After thinking over Brother’s words, I answered. I don’t really have a reason to keep it a secret.

“Why? I’d heard he’s a playboy so I thought there’d be no future trouble. I assumed he’d accept the invitation to mess about for one night. And, I was certain he’d be skilled at sex. After all, if I were to do it, I thought it’d be better if it felt slightly good. Ah, but even though I couldn’t see his face I’d hate if he was an old man. But as women evaluated him highly, I thought I wouldn’t feel visceral disgust… Huh? Did I do anything wrong?”

Brother was looking more and more astonished by my words. Finally, he pressed down at his temple and shook his head with a sigh.

“… Thinking about your goal I don’t think there’s anything wrong, but my little sister’s criteria are amazing.”

What’s wrong if it’s correct?

“Lidi, what did you actually think after seeing Freed?”

Now that I was asked, I remembered our first meeting.

“He had an obviously different aura. I thought I was lucky, since he came my way when I thought of calling out to him?”
“You tried to call out to him yourself…”

Brother groaned in a hopeless voice. Etiquette… He’s trying to say something, but I don’t understand well.

“Older Brother?”
“Aah, I got it. Either way you wouldn’t catch anybody except Freed. Just in case that old man took countermeasures”

I don’t get what he means.
While I was full of doubt, Brother had an expression like he alone understood.

“I get your point. So, promise. You’ll never again do something so foolish.”
“I won’t.”

There’s no point in doing that. I nodded that it’s fine, but it didn’t relax Brother’s suspicious expression.

“I wonder. I was shocked when the old man told me to investigate. You really only have useless energy.”
“Shut up.”
“And? Today you used that useless energy to run away from Freed here?”

The atmosphere suddenly changed. I frowned at my Brother who made an intrigued expression.
Seeing me like that, Brother laughed again.

“After all, you were scolded by mother? Did you notice even our moderate mother had to discipline you? In the first place, the whole family knows of your feigned innocence.”
“… After all you knew.”

I wondered if she knows while listening to Mother’s sermon. So after all, she does.
Without minding my embarrassed expression, Brother patted my head.

“We’re family. Of course we’d know, right? I’m more surprised that you thought it hadn’t been exposed until now.”
“… Yeah.”

Certainly, I’m happy because it means they understand me, but I feel embarrassed since I thought I was hiding it.

“You were scolded for going home without saying anything, right?”
“Yup. But I reflected… Next time, I’ll do it more skillfully. That was the issue, right?”
“Ha? Eh, is… that so… No, that’s right. That’s exactly right!!”

When I asserted that I understood what Mother said, Brother looked taken aback, but then he smiled broadly and nodded that’s exactly right.

“It seems you fooled that Will guy this time, but how will you succeed the next time?”
“Fooled… Hey… Isn’t that too harsh??”

I said, flustered from hearing the unexpected words.

“It’s not harsh, it’s the reality. I bet Freed will be surprised around this time.”

Brother seems to be somehow having fun.

“It’s what he deserves for trying to lock me up.”
“He said he won’t let you go? Oh, you are seriously being loved. Older brother is amazed.”

With the marks of ownership being pointed at again, I heavily groaned. Please spare me.

“What’s there to be shy about this late. Even though you carry marks of ownership… That’s right, what do you think about the ‘Royal Flower’?”

Hearing these words, I remembered the “Royal Flower”. Come to think of it, there’s such a thing.

“Nothing special. If I had to say, I’m glad it’s not a tasteless flower symbol. A blue rose can just be seen as a slightly stylish tattoo, right?”

There’s no pain, and it’s not a nuisance.
If it was a real tattoo pain should have lingered for a while.
As that’s not the case, it’s not really a nuisance.
But Brother shook his head with that’s not it.

“… Look, that’s not it, didn’t you think things like I dislike it or it’s disgusting a little?”
“I don’t understand what you are saying. Doesn’t every princess consort receive it? It’s no use even if I disliked it, isn’t it?”

It’s already in the past.
That’s why I truly couldn’t understand what Brother was saying, and when I asked, my brother’s mouth opened agape. Then, he began scratching his hair.

“… What. I didn’t need to worry… Well, that’s right. Thinking about it, there’s no way you would touch a man you didn’t like…”
“Older Brother?”

I called out to my Brother who was muttering something by himself without looking at me.

“… What’s this. After all it’s mutual love, huh. I didn’t have to worry about anything. Shit. I wasted time thinking you’re depressed over being forced to marry against your will.”
“Ha? What are you saying, Older Brother. About Freed, I don’t really…”

I became flustered by Brother’s words that made it seem as if it’s a mutual love.
Brother made a mysterious face.

“But, you’ve been embraced by that guy? What’s more, many times. Naturally, you consented?”
“Eh? That’s true, but…”
“I understand by looking at you, you didn’t really mind being embraced by him, right?”

I nodded, unable to deny anything.

“Have you said that to Freed?”
“I have.”

I said that I don’t know if I like it, but I don’t find being touched or embraced unpleasant.

Hearing that, Brother let out a big sigh.

“Aah… Well, that guy will run wild… Hey, Lidi. You also, think a little. Did you think it was okay to be embraced because that guy is handsome? If so, you secured yourself a handsome guy.”

I got irritated by Brother’s way of speaking.

“Ha? What are you saying. Stupid brother. I’m not interested in Freed’s face.”

Certainly, I do think he’s a very handsome man though.
Yes yes, Brother soothed me when I glared at him.

“I don’t get why you went this far, huh… Ah, but such an opinion might make it interesting. The appearance that Freed brandishes and is seen as superior. Ah, yup, after all I can leave you as is.”
“… I don’t understand what you meant, but I do understand you’re terribly looking down on me.”

Irritated, I aimed a fist at Brother’s stomach, but it was easily caught. Vexing. Brother looks to be in an amazing mood.

“No, I’m not looking down. I’m praising you, praising. To naturally lead that Freed by the nose, you’re plenty incredible. As expected of my younger sister.”
“… That doesn’t make me happy.”
“After all, I have to see it firsthand… Alright, I’ve decided!! I’ll come back here next month. Please, stay as you are, okay? And, entertain your older brother.”

I found it strangely irritating to be requested with a full-faced smile and a pat on my shoulder.

“… Never return again, shitty bro.”
“It’s just us two siblings here, right? Don’t be so cold, my cute younger sister. Besides, Freed will be back next month, so it’s just right.”
“… What are you talking about?”

I felt something out of place in Brother’s words, so I asked a question. What does will be back means.

“You’re already a concerned person, so I’ll tell you earlier. There’s been Tarim’s movements at the northern defensive line. Freed will depart in 2 or 3 days.”
“He’s the Supreme Commander of the army. Ain’t it natural?”

Naturally, the words Brother said didn’t reach me.
Freed is departing?
After repeating it many times over in my head, I finally understood.
Realizing there’ll be war, before I knew it, anxiety washed over my whole body.

Freed is the Supreme Commander of the Chivalric Orders. It’s a well-known fact that every winter a Crown Prince goes to fight against Tarim forces advancing south.
This year too, the time has come. That’s how it is.

―――― But.

“Freed… will go to war?”

When I noticed, I was grasping the hem of Brother’s clothes.
My hands were unseemly shaking.
As I clung to Brother and looked up at him, my eyes were met with a surprised face.

“Older Brother?”

When I called out to him, he made a terribly troubled face and roughly stroked my head.
It hurt, but I didn’t mind at all.
Rather, I felt an invisible kindness that made me want to cry.
Then Brother muttered.

“… Ah, that guy will be okay. You also know that Tarim advances every year. That guy is so strong it’s stupid. He won’t lose. He’ll nonchalantly come back next month. You don’t need to worry like that.”

Even if I’m told that, anxiety that once appears doesn’t disappear easily.

“It will really be okay?”
“It’ll be fine. You’ve also heard rumors of the ‘Flawless Crown Prince’, right? Between you and me, Freed is particularly specialized for combat. I’ve seen him a while ago, and he’s in perfect form that I’ve never seen before. Wanting to see you with all his heart, he’ll surely clean up in the blink of an eye and come back. But well, when he comes back excited after the battle, you’ll have a hard time.”

He absolutely won’t let you go until he’s satisfied, okay?

When it was whispered into my ear, I turned pale. As expected, I can understand what he meant.
Woah, that’s… a little.

When I understood my dreadful future, I reflexively returned to myself.
Seeing such me, Older Brother smiled, suggestively and contentedly.

“Well, that’s why you only need to stay as you are. Then, I’m going. Tell the old man I’ll be back next month.”
“So you were serious about coming back.”

I thought he was joking, but it seems I was wrong.

“Of course. Then Lidi, don’t do anything unnecessary while I and Freed aren’t here.”
“Could you not call people troublemakers?”
“Isn’t it close. That’s right, I think that Will guy will also leave for the war with Tarim, do you worry about him as well?”
“Of course. Isn’t it natural?”

After all Will goes there every year.
It’s impossible not to worry.

“… I see. Haha. I’m looking forward to my enjoyment next month!! Later.”

Just as he entered, Brother unexpectedly left the room.
Seeing him off I thought.

That Brother will come back next month??
Even though for this one year I had a rare opportunity to live peacefully?

Remembering when Brother was in this mansion I was attacked by dizziness.
Brother is truly excellent, but more than that, he’s a difficult person.
At any rate, his base is like that.
Since long ago, when I regained the memories of my previous life, I’ve been suspecting Brother also had a previous life.
Only our family and surroundings know how Brother is, because his feigned innocence is perfect you absolutely couldn’t discover it by looking from the sides. But, I’m secretly impressed that he can serve as a close aide to the Crown Prince with that personality.

Brother, who loves teasing people and enjoys poking his nose into trouble, came back.


I can’t stop sighing.

… Thinking about the next month, I felt my mood turn gloomy.

Editor: Valeria

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  1. I have to wonder whether Lidi is more concerned that she’ll be held down and ravished thoroughly, or if she’s more concerned that she’ll end up jumping Freed’s bone after having him come back all dressed up in military wear, with the scent of battle still on him.

    That aside, it’s nice to see that Lidi does have some honest feelings for Freed, despite the whirlwind romance they had, and the attempted escape out of his bed after he ravished her well.

    It’s also pretty funny to see that her own family were apparently aware of what she did. I’m really interested in her parents’ own love story; since it seems that both her parents had a unique romance too, considering her mother was less-shocked about Lidi’s sneaking off to the masquerade ball, and more angry that Lidi bothered to escape Freed.

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  2. Aw yis, another chapter~! Thank you so much! I love you!! A chapter a day is amazing, can’t wait for more!!!! Thank you for picking this up!


  3. Thank you for the chapter!
    Will……I can’t even say it anything anymore.. ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )

    Rather than that, Lidi’s onii-sama is so wonderful! ><
    I absolutely love the way they interact!

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